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Chatbots In Sales and Marketing

Artificial Intelligence has completely evolved chatbots in recent times. They have become sophisticated and versatile and can handle customer queries by themselves.

But that's not the best part. They not only handle customer queries but also play a role in marketing initiatives and increasing engagement. They would seamlessly push your customers through the sales funnel. Isn't that exciting?

1. What is a Chatbot?

A chatbot is a computer program that is developed to simulate human-like conversations with customers. In simpler words, they are automated virtual assistants that can communicate with humans. You can find them almost everywhere on the internet, specifically on websites and messaging apps.


Though they might have some limitations, with the pace at which AI is evolving, there soon ought to come a time where it would be hard to differentiate between AI-chatbots and customer service representatives.  


2. How do chatbots work?

Chatbots use machine learning and natural language processing algorithms to learn from any given set of data. NLP is the computer's ability to understand and process human interactions and communicate it in a way that is understandable for humans.

This way the interaction seems more like a human to human communication. The ability of chatbots to answer your questions in real-time makes it difficult to guess who's on the other side.


3. How do chatbots help businesses?

Chatbots are basically self-help tools that businesses use to communicate with their customers. They help businesses deliver an enhanced customer experience. This helps in driving additional sales and engagement.

Using simulated conversations, a chatbot can provide a seamless customer experience to your customers over chat.


4. Do Chatbots increase sales?

When used well, chatbots will increase your revenue. They encourage customers to try on different packages that the company has to offer. Chatbots play an instrumental role, right from customer support to drive in sales. They help their customers throughout the journey on all fronts.

5. What are the advantages of Chatbots?  

Chatbots provide companies with the luxury of handling multiple customers at once. They help you in saving a lot of operational costs and time, in terms of training an employee as well.

It also helps customer service representatives maintain good morale as chatbots take away a ton of their work pressure. They only need to focus on important and complex issues, as chatbots can handle the rest.

Plus, the added bonus of no errors makes chatbot a perfect fit in providing excellent customer support.


6. How do you use Chatbots in Marketing & Sales?

  • Offer a personalized experience to users:

Having a conversation with someone who knows you by your name can completely change the nature of a conversation. Chatbots feed on data from all the channels available and interact with you as if they already know you.

When a user makes an inquiry, the marketing chatbot can not only answer it accurately but can also take it a step further by offering personalized shopping advice. The chatbot can use existing data to find the user records and make a suggestion based on the preference and interest of the consumer.

  • Engage with your audience:

Chatbots not only engage with your customers but build a strong relationship with them as well. They play a huge role in retaining customers which makes it an important part of marketing strategy.

A chatbot keeps your customer entertained for a longer duration of time, as compared to a video or an infographic.

A chatbot can catch your customer’s attention and keep learning through regular interactions. It can also send in relevant information about your brand or the latest product/service launched. It acts like an up-seller for the company.


  • Helps you reach a wider audience:

Chatbots can interact with limitless audiences virtually. Their presence across multiple platforms allows them to help the most number of people interacting with their business. This opens up opportunities for you to increase your sales.


  • Gather and analyze customer's data and feedback.

Your chatbot not only handles interactions but also collects valuable information from them. No one likes to fill surveys. But with chatbots integrating surveys into casual conversations, collecting data has become easier.

Other than that, with the help of machine learning tools, chatbots can analyze feedback and other information into data, and this data can then be used in understanding the customer better. It's easier to plan and set goals once you know your customer inside out.

It helps in remodeling your marketing strategy based on your customer’s preferences. This helps in creating more inbound leads.


  • Send important updates through notifications:

Consumers are spammed with hundreds of emails and texts daily. This makes it difficult to send relevant messages to your consumers. Chatbots are smart enough to send personalized messages to your users, giving your target audience a higher chance to read your message


  • Make communicating with your brand more fun.

Artificial intelligence allows chatbots to provide quality information while keeping it fun. With the live chat platform, chatbots can keep the interactions fun and casual with their customers.

Chatbots are smart enough to deliver you results from something as simple as an emoji. These types of chatbots make marketing fun, casual, and easy, making it enjoyable for customers as well. Chatbots also do a good job of promoting content from your website and increasing site visits.


  • Makes your brand proactive.

Chatbots are good conversation starters. Usually, brands have a passive approach to interactions, which might not create a good first impression. Good communication is very important to build a strong relationship with consumers. A chatbot greets you with a welcome message creating a good first impression.

This also allows brands to look more proactive, sending a positive message to the consumers. This builds a good brand reputation and increases interaction, having a positive impact on sales.


  • Gently push your customers through the sales funnel.

Lead nurturing is one of the most important parts of marketing for any business. The only problem with his strategy is the time it takes to do it.

Marketing Chatbots allow you to gather customer data and turn them into personalized messages. They also guide consumers and stick with them throughout the journey.

Marketers are currently working on a lead-nurturing campaign as it's effective to gather information from users. This helps them tailor their marketing efforts as per their user requirements and increase business efficiency in the process.

  • Keep your social media presence fresh.

Expecting your team to answer every query on the internet is not only difficult but also unrealistic. Plus, it is time-consuming. With your chatbot working for you 24/7 it can help your company fill this gap. This helps your brand keep its social media presence fresh and active at all times.

7. Benefits of using chatbots in your business:

  • Facilitates live communication.
  • 24/7 customer service.
  • Saves your time & money.
  • Reduced people-to-people interactions with consumers.
  • Eliminating unimportant & time-consuming tasks.
  • Offer a smoother customer experience
  • Enhanced customer satisfaction.
  • Eliminating interactive voice response (IVR) Systems.
  • Humanizing your brand.
  • Targeted marketing.
  • Constant development in machine learning & AI over time.

8. Conclusion.

Marketing and sales have evolved and would keep evolving. If you don't evolve and stick to traditional methods, survival would be tough over the long run.

The clock is ticking and it’s no surprise that chatbots are becoming popular. By implementing a chatbot into your marketing strategy you can learn more about your audience. This would allow your marketing team to attract new consumers and get your sales growing.

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