Live Chat

Triple your conversions by resolving most complex customer queries in real-time.

Enabling deeper customer

Conversation stitching

Access and merge conversations with bots and live agents across multiple chat channels involving the same user.

Contextual auto-routing

Send queries to the right agent the very first time with context-based conversation routing.

One-view inbox

Manage all your conversations across 14 Messenger, WhatsApp, and 12 other chat channels in a one-view inbox.

Extensive integrations

Leverage our integration framework with standard third-party apps and support for JSON Rest APIs.

Reporting  & analytics

Track and improve agent efficiency and customer satisfaction scores with real-time dashboards.

Real-time administration

Takeover conversations, manage queues, schedule work hours and holidays, and monitor agent availability and conversations

Personalize all your customer
engagements in real-time

Unlimited agents!

Experience Engati Live Chat, free for 30 days!
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How can live chat enhance
your support process?


Shortens wait times

Unlike phone calls, live chat allows you to converse with multiple customers simultaneously.


Reduces bureaucracy

Why go through multiple agents when you can reach the right one the first time?


Improve agent productivity

Analyze CX data, including SLAs with our dashboards. Track FAQs and create answer templates.


Protect your systems and data

Disable file uploads for untrustworthy users and ban abusive & malicious users.


Users won’t have to repeat responses

Your agents will get all the context they need from transcripts of past conversations. 


Automate repetitive queries

Our bots handle repetitive queries, allowing your agents to handle the complex ones.

Reimagine the customer journey