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Why your Shopify store needs automation?


Average growth in conversions on marketing campaigns


Costs saved by automating customer support operations


Businesses have already started running marketing campaigns through chatbots


Brands use conversational marketing for sales automation

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Automate your business on WhatsApp with Engati

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How Engati’s solutions can help your Shopify Store?

Manage conversations across channels in a One View Inbox

Who says having an omnichannel presence is very difficult? Manage all conversations across various platforms like WhatsApp, Instagram, facebook, Telegram, with the OneView inbox.

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Grow Sales from Social Media

Showcase product catalogs, on multiple social channels like WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram etc. Use your social media not only to engage but also to boost your sales.

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Convert faster with product catalog and recommendations

With our NLP, show product recommendations based on the customers’ specific needs and improve your conversion rates.

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Retarget customers with campaigns and notifications

Recover abandoned carts, exit intents. Segment customers on intent and engagement. Run promotional, personalized campaigns across channels

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Transform Conversations to  conversions from Ads

Running ads on different platforms? Engati has you covered everywhere. Engage with your audience, create connections and increase conversions.

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Respond to conversations on the go with the mobile app for Inbox

Don’t keep your customers waiting for responses, answer queries conveniently with the Engati mobile app, anytime and anywhere.

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An app that works for all Industries


Use automation to help users find their size, reduce returns and exchanges. Use Instagram and Facebook automation to reply to pricing and other queries instantly

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Home and decor

Recommend products to match user need. Use automation to answer any product or pricing queries. Capture leads and serve customers even when you are not awake

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Help your customers find the right products and buy them on auto-pilot. Engage your community with tips and reminders for more repeat business

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Food and drinks

Acquire, engage, fulfill and re-target customers by sending custom notifications on multiple chat channels and SMS. Personalize customer experience using automation

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Provide product recommendations, specifications and enable customers to buy using conversational automation across multiple chat channels

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Run your practice from appoinments to consultations to prescriptions on auto-pilot.  Engage with tips  and reminders for a healthier and happier community

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Showcase all your latest & the best designs to engage your customers & enable international orders to expand your customer base and reach

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Enhance customer engagement, improve conversions, retain more, and drive sales. Leverage the power of automation for your business.

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Automate your business on WhatsApp with Engati

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Case study

Derailing COVID-19 with CovidAsha

Connect users seeking immediate assistance to providers of critical supplies such as medicines and oxygen easily

Omnichannel artificial intelligence bot available in 7 languages to provide immediate assistance across popular social media

Case Study CovidAsha Image


day Go-To Market Time


daily active users find solutions helpful


users preferred communication via messaging apps

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With built-in templates, drag-and-drop design, and an intuitive UI, you’ll be building custom bots in no time.

Why Shopify store owners love us

Ruhi Mansha

Founder, Toddler Theory

Pramod Prakash

Co-Founder and CEO, Instalogist

Achint Sanghi

Co-Founder, Gramhal

Abdallah Ghanem

Chief Financial Officer and Managing Partner,Protein United Company

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