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chatbot for education

Chatbots for Education 

Learn how to build chatbots for Education use cases

chatbot for education
The Big Idea
How can you assist your new age students? An app requiring many clicks and navigations is not the answer. It is a generation that is fluent in conversation interface and smart educational chatbots can help. 
A Chatbot implementation is further more cost effective than an app. With further cost savings from automated support, chatbots are a clear option. Students & teachers, can use educational chatbots for getting notifications, taking surveys & completing assessments. Prospective students can have a lot of information on their fingertips. Overall capabilities include: 
- Provide Course Structure, Fees & other details
- Automate & improve subscription to online courses 
- Scorecards for Students & teachers 
- Automate administrative tasks for teachers & students 
- Training students with personalisation
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Top 3
Industries by usage of Chatbots include Education
Natural Language Processing
data sources
Data Sources 
Integration Hub
Broadcast Notifications
Organization to Teachers
Share Lecture Schedules
Update Course-related Information
Request Student Feedback
Request Attendance Records
Survey Feedback
Organization to Students
Assistance in Course Selection
Assistance with Applications
Pay Online Fees
Get Student Feedback Report
Share Examination Updates