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How Engati’s chatbots can help you

Case study



With the huge inflow of repetitive queries coming, it was difficult
to scale and attend to these customers in real-time.

With Engati’s omnichannel feature, they were able to deploy the bot on Facebook Messenger was able to handle 3x users than the agents


Queries were answered by the bot


Reduction in response time


Users Handled By bot

How Qassim University modernizes education

With thousands of followers across multiple channels, it was difficult for Qassim University to engage users and answer their queries promptly.

With Engati’s no-code conversational modeler, Qassim university's bot caters to questions regarding admissions, scholarships, student communities, faculties, etc.


of queries answered without agent assistance


users handled by the bot


improvement in response time

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How Engati’s chatbots can help you

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