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What is live chat? 11 reasons why you need live chat now!

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November 15, 2023
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Reasons to get Live Chat

Imagine you had an enormous personal-life crisis on your hands. One that you have no idea how to fix. What’s the first thing you’d do?

You reach out to your best friend for advice, right?

Now, what if you send her a whole bunch of messages and get no reply? What if, 4 hours later, you receive a message saying, “I’m so sorry, I didn’t see these. You should have texted me on WhatsApp; I barely ever use Messenger.”

You’d be fuming, right?

Then why would you think it’s okay for you to treat your customers like that?

Missing out on messages is inexcusable. And no, the ‘too many channels’ excuse doesn’t count. You need to engage your customers on the channels that they prefer. And you can’t afford to miss a message.

You need a solution that allows you to engage all your customers quickly, on the channel they prefer. You need a solution that brings conversations from all your channels into single unified view.

Customers need immediate support. They need Live Chat!

live chat statistics
Live chat statistics

What was once an accessory has now evolved into a necessity.

What is live chat?

In a nutshell, it’s the future (and the present) of customer service. It’s a way of communicating with your customers in real-time and answering all their questions without delays. And the best part? Your customers don’t need to make a lot of effort to engage in these conversations.

It feels natural. It’s easy. Customers get their issues resolved promptly over a quick chat session.

Interested? Let’s dive right in!

Reasons to use Live chat for customer support

The question in your mind probably is, “Why should I use live chat? What’s the point?” Here are a few good reasons why customers love it!

Reasons to use live chat!
Reasons to use live chat!

Increases conversions

According to Forrester research, more than 30% of customers expect live chat on your website. If they have questions about your offerings and can’t find answers quickly, they’re going to lose interest faster than you can bat an eyelid.

Forrester also says that if they don’t get their questions answered instantly, 53% of customers will abandon their online purchases.

Customers who use live chat are 3x more likely to buy these
How live chat increases conversion and ROI

On the other hand, according to American Marketing Association (AMA), live chat answers customer questions instantly and removes buying objections, resulting in customers becoming more confident. This leads to a 20% increase in conversions for B2B companies.

But, that’s not just restricted to B2B companies. According to Invesp, chatters tend to spend 60% more than non-chatters.

Live chat increases conversions
Live chat conversion statistics

Builds relationships

How many times have you had impersonal customer service interactions? Despite conversing with the company previously, you still need to repeat yourself and tell them about your issues every time you interact with them. 

With live chat, your agents have access to recent conversations and have context regarding these interactions. With Engati Live Chat, they can even make notes about the customer and pass them on to the next agent who converses with the customer whenever that conversation takes place.

This allows customers to get personalized treatment, which lays the foundation of a relationship and keeps them coming back.

63% of customers are more likely to return to a website that offers live chat.
- EMarketer

Allows for localization

Only 25% of netizens speak English. You can’t expect your customers to feel comfortable interacting with you if you don’t converse with them in the language they prefer.  

With a multilingual live chat platform like Engati, you can route conversations to agents depending on the language and area of expertise so that customers won’t have to keep waiting to talk to an agent who speaks their language.

Localize conversations with live chat

Customers love it

It’s an open secret. Customers prefer chat over other support channels. As a clear example, 63% of millennials prefer to have their basic support questions answered over chat rather than other channels.

Let’s see how they compare.

Live Chat v/s Email v/s Phone Calls

A lot of businesses think customers prefer phone support. They have no idea how wrong they are!

Forrester studies have shown that customers don’t want to call customer support. They don’t want to talk to companies over the phone.  

While writing a structured email feels like too much effort, calling customer service can feel intimidating.

And if that wasn’t enough to deter them, the hold time certainly is. The average human’s attention span is now down to 8 seconds. Why would you even start to imagine that they’d be happy to wait 5 minutes on hold?

EConsultancy shows that 79% of consumers prefer live chat because it allows for instant responses. Furthermore, live chat does not require their complete attention, allowing them to multitask.

Another major disadvantage with email customer support is that it does not allow the agent to ask questions to understand the customer’s needs better. 

Imagine waiting 8 hours for a response and then getting one in the form of a question. To avoid annoying customers in this manner, agents just end up trying to provide solutions without fully understanding the customer’s problem.

And to make it worse, they won’t even be able to realize whether the customer fully understood the solution. Now, they need to send each other yet another set of emails, stretching it across 16 additional hours. And in most cases, this could get solved in 5 minutes over live chat.

Customer Satisfaction Ratings across channels
Customer Satisfaction Ratings

Check this article out for a detailed look at how chat stands against phone and email support: Chat v/s Email v/s Phone: The customer support war

Benefits of live chat support

Live chat software can prove to be very valuable to an organization. Here are a few of the benefits that come with it.

Benefits of Live Chat
Benefits of live chat


Answers complicated questions

With a chatbot, you can answer a majority of your customer queries. All the routine, monotonous ones don’t need a human to handle them.

But, when the customers do ask a rather complicated question, you can’t say, “Please call us up” or, “please send us an email”.

They don’t want to do that.

With live chat, the most complex customer questions could be answered in real-time, without any delay.


Increases agent productivity

Over a phone call, an agent can serve just one customer at a time. Over live chat, it's not uncommon for agents to serve seven customers simultaneously.  

Engati Live Chat is loaded with features that help you boost the productivity of your live agents. Our dashboards even help you measure agent productivity so that you can take action to improve it.

Consider this.

Your agents spend a lot of time typing out repetitive responses. It’s unnecessary.

By using Live Chat in tandem with response templates, agents can resolve queries in seconds with barely any typing. This allows them to focus their energy on more complex questions.


Reduces customer support costs

According to Forrester, live chat customer service is 17-30% more affordable than phone support.

A customer service representative costs $13.75 an hour. If you hire three representatives full-time, it comes up to $2062.50 a week. 

Customer support also has costly operating costs. The cost for maintaining a toll-free number, calling charges, etc., all add up.

Using a live chat solution is way more cost-effective. And since you have a single agent handling multiple customers at a time, you could make do with a smaller more efficient team.

Our live chat platform only costs $19 per agent per month. And this covers maintenance fees, operating costs, even labor costs!


Increases trust

In an ATG study into global customer trends, 90% of consumers said that seeing the live chat widget on the website inspired confidence in the site. It made them believe that they could get support whenever they needed it.

When you access conversation history or integrate your live chat system with your CRM, you’ll understand your customer in a better manner. You can guide them and recommend products and services that are suited to them and solve their problems.

It becomes less about you and more about them. 

And now that you’re looking out for them, they’ll trust you more. They’ll see your agents less as salespeople and more as advisors.


Raises CSAT

You already know that customers prefer using live chat. But here’s the kicker. Studies have shown that offering live chat support has raised companies’ customer satisfaction scores by an average of 34%.

Customers were also satisfied with how quickly their queries get resolved, with resolution times reaching as low as 30 seconds. 

92% of customers feel satisfied after using live chat
Live chat improves customer satisfaction according to INC


Creates up-selling and cross-selling opportunities

With live chat, you have the chance to introduce customers to other offerings that they could benefit from. You’d be making personalized suggestions based on the history of their conversations with your agents.


Provides a deeper understanding of your customers

Live chat helps you understand your customers in ways a telephonic conversation just cannot. Engati’s Live Chat software provides you with analytics and insights that help you grasp what your customers want, allowing you to improve your offerings as well as your service.


Reduces cart abandonment

Cart abandonment is every e-commerce operator’s worst nightmare. But it’s solvable.

You already know that 53% of online shoppers would abandon their carts if they didn’t get immediate answers to their questions.

Imagine the impact you could have by just setting up live chat support. That little chat widget in the corner could inspire trust in your customers. It could have a powerful impact on your conversions.


Contributes to brand credibility

Customers that are satisfied with the service your business offers will be less likely to switch to competitors. 

According to Zoho, 26% of businesses that offer Live Chat saw increased user satisfaction and retention. They also saw a 19% increase in revenue and a 38% increase in conversions. 

Providing them with the option to converse over live chat increases their trust in your brand.


Improves customer experience

The process of making purchases and getting customer support becomes frictionless when you implement Live Chat. It’s not a pop-up that urges customers to make a purchase, nor is it a bridge to direct customers to other channels. It’s a life preserver that offers support when a customer needs it.


It’s convenient for both customers and agents

If speed is king in a digital world, convenience happens to be the emperor.

Reading through FAQs and jumping between platforms is inconvenient for the customer. But if they have a Live Chat widget in front of them, they can quickly sort things out. 

20% of millennials prefer Live Chat because of the convenience it offers.

Agents, on the other end, also don’t have to jump between platforms to reach customers. With a one-view inbox, they always have access to context from past conversations. This allows issues to get resolved instantly. 

Advantages of having live chat on your website

Can you use live chat for anything other than customer support?

Lead generation

Sure, you can have a form on your website. Here’s the thing though, it’s probably going to get ignored.

It’s not your fault. As consumers, we’re so bombarded with forms and buttons that our minds start to filter them out. They’re essentially like ambient noise to us at this point.

One of the best ways to get them to share information with you is to have a live chat software window overtly pop up on the corner of their screen, grab their attention and engage them in a conversation.

Once they’ve spoken to your agents, they’ll be more comfortable sharing information with you.

Answering last-minute questions

How many times have you wanted to buy something online but had a question at the very last moment and couldn’t find an answer for it quickly?

What happened next?

You moved on, right? That’s how we’re wired. As a species, we now have shorter attention spans than ever before.

So, if your customers have questions, you need to provide them with answers in real-time. They’re not waiting.  

Forrester has even shown that 53% of consumers abandon their online purchases if they don’t find instant answers to their questions. Live chat can be very useful in combating cart abandonment.

Selling complex offerings

Regular, routine purchases may be easy. But others can be somewhat confusing. Take insurance as an example. Organizations like Qatar Insurance Company and Tokio Marine realized that their customers need help.

They understood that it didn’t make sense to force customers to navigate multiple web pages to find their ideal policy. So they got in touch with Engati and deployed chat systems to deliver recommendations and drive sales.

Live chat can simplify your customers’ lives, especially when it comes to making complicated purchases.

Increasing customer lifetime value

An eMarketer study has shown that 60% of consumers would return to a website offering live chat support.  

That’s what great customer experiences do; they keep customers coming back for more. The customers know that they’re going to be treated well and get fantastic support when they visit your site, so they’ll return for further purchases, increasing their lifetime value.

But that’s not all.

They’ll bring others along with them.

Studies have shown that 97% of customers will share the word about great customer experiences. And they’ve also demonstrated that 70% of them will spend more money with companies that provide excellent customer service.

And since customers prefer live chat to emails or phone calls, it’s a very potent method of increasing your customer lifetime value (CLTV).

If you’re looking to cause a spike in your CLTV, you need to raise these three metrics:

  • Average Purchase Value (Total revenue/ number of purchases made by your customers)
  • Average Purchase Frequency (Total purchases made by customers/number of customers)
  • Average Customer Lifespan (Average number of years your customers would continue making purchases from your business)

Customer lifetime value formula
Customer lifetime value equation

Here are a couple of ways in which live chat helps you raise these metrics

  • Create cross-selling and up-selling opportunities, it allows you to increase both your average order value and your average purchase frequency.
  • Empower your agents to be friendly and empathetic to your customers. This creates an emotional connection between your customers and your brand.

With these, they’ll now make purchases more frequently and do business with you for an extended period.

Reducing customer acquisition cost

Live chat can help you reduce your customer acquisition cost (CAC) in multiple ways.

It allows you to scale up your lead generation activities. 

If your agents have to call every single lead individually, you’re wasting a lot of time. Your agents would only be able to handle one conversation at a time. According to the Harvard Business Review, the average lead response time is 42 hours. That’s ridiculous.

Imagine getting a response 42 hours after you signed up for a service. You’d either have found another provider or completely forgotten that you signed up.

Slashing that wait time down to 5 minutes could give you a 21x increase in qualified leads. 

Live chat helps you do that. Instead of your agents handling just one conversation at a time, they can now chat with multiple leads simultaneously. That’s saving time and getting you more qualified leads without having to hire more agents.

Engati Live Chat even allows you to look at your user’s recent activity on your website and see which sections got them confused enough to reach out for help.

It helps you understand which parts of your website need to be optimized for clarity, giving your visitors a streamlined customer journey.

Collecting feedback

What’s the most common response you get when you send your customers a feedback form? 

The answer: ________________

Nothing. It’s ignored.

Forms just subconsciously feel like way too much effort. Your customers tend to quit before they even get started.

Live chat is a perfect way to get over this obstacle. It gives your customers a chance to provide feedback in the way they want to - conversationally.  

It also allows you to get into your customers’ minds, understand their pain points, needs and expectations. 

But, it can be even easier. If you don’t want detailed feedback, you don’t need to take your customers through an entire conversation.

Here are two powerful, low-effort ways to collect feedback with Engati Live Chat.

You can enable the ‘Request feedback on resolution’ option to immediately receive feedback from your customers after your agents mark the query as ‘Resolved’. 

Feedback can either be provided through a text button or a thumbs up/down button.

Thumbs up/down icons are presented along with the chat response as a quick, easy, and seamless way to provide feedback from customers. You can also customize the behaviour after receiving feedback from your customers.

Feedback Node

We also introduced a new node for our Live Chat software customers to help with collecting feedback. Engati offers two types of rating systems.

You can configure the widget to use star-based rating, where the scale can go from either 1-5 or 1-10.

Or you can go with an emoji-based rating system. The emoji scale can range from 1-3 or 1-5. 

Feedback collection chatbot
Feedback node

Increasing customer retention

If you’re looking to increase customer retention, the first thing you need to fix is your customer support process. You need to respond to queries immediately without compromising on personalized experiences.

Live chat allows you to do more than just answer their questions. It gives you an opportunity to understand your customers. It empowers you to ask follow-up questions, get into your customers’ minds and create hyper-personalized customer experiences.

The next step in boosting your retention rates revolves around fixing the most frustrating part of customer support - getting re-routed.

How annoying is it to continuously be transferred across agents, all of whom are saying, ‘Sorry, I can’t help you with that. Let me transfer you to someone who can.’?

It’s frustrating. All that’s on the customer’s mind is, “Why couldn’t they send me to the right agent the first time?”

With Engati Live Chat, that’s possible. The system contextually auto-routes queries to the agent who will be best suited to answer and resolve them. 

Step three is all about being where your customers are. WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Slack, Telegram, or WeChat - wherever your customers choose to engage with you, their experience needs to be seamless. You can’t afford to miss a single message on any channel.

Engati Live Chat can help you with that. It pulls all your conversations across multiple channels into a OneView inbox. It also stitches these conversations together using unique identifiers like the user’s phone number and email address. This ensures that your support agents always have context from past interactions and your customers never have to repeat themselves.

The fourth step towards higher customer retention is about speed. Typing out every single response is an unnecessary waste of time. Most of the messages that your agents send are repetitive. Instead of typing them out over and over again, your agents could just use editable pre-saved templates. This allows you to get both - speed and personalization.

Botstore Chatbot templates
Augment your live chat support with chatbots

Here’s where it gets even faster. You don’t need your agents to answer every question themselves. An intelligent chatbot can answer a majority of inbound queries.

This helps you answer queries quicker while allowing your agents to dig deeper into the more complex questions.

Increasing retention is all about giving your customers fast, seamless, and fantastic experiences and live chat can undoubtedly help you do that. It empowers you to make your customers feel comfortable doing business with you, increases their trust in you, and makes them more likely to stay with you for the long haul.

which businesses benefit from using live chat?
Businesses leveraging live chat benefits!

Here's another live chat guide that'll dive deeper into measuring the efficiency of live chat.

Best practices for live chat support

Here are a few things to keep in mind when it comes to live chat. Follow these best practices to create fantastic experiences for your customers:

Live chat best practices


Chat in your customers' preferred language

If you don’t speak their language, your customers will look at you as an outsider. They won’t trust you, which obviously means that they won’t buy from you.

With a live chat system like Engati’s, you can engage your customers in 54 languages, including, but not limited to, Portuguese, Spanish, German, and Right-to-Left (RTL) languages like Arabic, Persian, Farsi, Urdu, and Hebrew.


Explain in layman's terms

You and your team know everything about your product. But your customers don’t.

Stop trying to explain everything in technical terms. Instead of sprinkling jargon around in an attempt to appear intelligent, explain everything to your customers in a manner easy to understand.


Don't restrict yourself to text

Go beyond text. Make the experience as engaging and helpful to your customers as possible. Leverage images, videos, gifs, and even emojis in your conversations with them. Make the experience more human, rather than making it entirely transactional.

<product screenshot>


Use reply templates

The longer the wait, the lower the odds of making the sale. With our 8-second attention spans, a customer isn’t going to stick around too long to get a response.

It does not make sense to have agents repeatedly type out the most commonly sent messages. To save time, they should make use of pre-saved reply templates. They can just click on them and send them without needing to type them out manually.

With Engati Live Chat, in addition to the default quick replies pre-existing in the portal, you can have your own quick responses relevant to the customers you most commonly interact with and the messages you most commonly send.


Use automation along with Live Chat

Here’s an even better way of speeding responses up. Your customers would get help whether your agents are available or not. Using an AI chatbot along with live chat services is a fantastic way to be there for your customers 24/7.

If your website visitors can’t find the answer to a question, 55% of them will abandon the site. Live chat can combat this. This may be part of the reason why live chat helps to increase conversions.


Don't make your customers repeat themselves

The most annoying thing for customers is to have to repeat themselves. They just told one agent all about their problem over one channel, and now the other agent engaging with them over a different channel has no idea what’s going on.

With Engati Live Chat, you could link these conversations together across multiple channels and access recent conversational history. This allows you to always know what the customer is talking about and what they’re dealing with.

Now, you have context in every conversation and don’t need to ask your customers to repeat themselves at all.


Pay attention to analytics

The data speaks; pay attention to it. The rich analytics and insights available with Engati Live Chat can show you how your team performs, giving you an idea about what you need to improve.

You’d even be able to monitor SLAs and see which agents are your top performers.


Route conversations intelligently

One of the most significant benefits of live chat support is that you can route conversations intelligently, based on skills and categories.

The customer won’t have to hop from one agent to another, hoping to reach someone who can answer her question. The conversation can be intelligently routed to an agent with the expertise to handle it.


Integrate it with your CRM

When you integrate your live chat system with your CRM, you’ll get a bird’s eye view of all your customer interactions.

It helps you understand your customers more deeply, allowing you to curate your offerings to meet their needs.

Your agents won’t have to go back and forth across systems to access the information they need. It will all be in one place and help them make better decisions, increasing the odds of conversions.

3x Your Revenue With Chatbot And Live Chat
Schedule a demo

Here’s how to Add Live Chat to Your Website in Just 7 Minutes

Add live chat to your website in 7 minutes

Get an account with Engati

Once you’ve signed up with Engati, click on “Live Chat” to set up your new product.

Set up your product

You'll reach a menu where you can fill in details like:

  • The name of your product
  • Your product logo
  • The URL for your product website
  • A short bio describing your product

The bolded items on the list are mandatory fields. After filling this in, scroll down to the general settings menu.

Engati Product Setup
Engati product set-up

Adjust your general settings

Here, you can set up your primary language and time zone. The primary language is the default language for every conversation. If you have a customer base that primarily resides in the Middle East, you might want to consider adjusting the time zone to that region and setting your language to Arabic. Engati offers RTL support to make communication with your Arabic customers as seamless as possible.

You can also set up responses for times when all of your agents are busy, when the conversation gets transferred to another agent, and the message for when the conversation is over.

And finally, you can set up the maximum wait time and decide whether you want to receive feedback after a query gets resolved.  

You can also edit these details in the Configure menu.

Engati live chat setup

Time for a make-over - Adjusting your channel settings

After confirming these settings, you’ll be guided to the channel setup menu. Here’s where the real fun begins. Here’s where you can configure the look of the Live Chat window. Add colors, fonts, and icons to align your Live Chat support window with your brand’s aesthetic.  

You can also configure the channels of deployment. There are over ten channels to choose from, including WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Telegram, Slack, and more.

Set up your team

Add your team members and assign channels and categories to them. You can assign different agents to different groups, set up work timings and SLAs.  

Once you’ve added these settings, review all of your details, and your setup is complete. You’re now ready to start using Live Chat.

Live Chat Integrations

With Engati’s digital CX solutions, we’re giving our customers the power to do less with more. We’ve introduced integrations with powerful applications like Freshdesk, Google, JSON API, and more. 


The most common use case for chatbots is for customer support. You can use them to help your customers get answers to the Frequently Asked Questions whenever they get stuck. However, there may be some queries that are too complex for your bot.

So we introduced integration with the Freshdesk Ticketing Platform. You can now integrate your Freshdesk account with Engati to allow customers to create tickets, get ticket details and update existing tickets over the bot.

Setting Freshdesk up

You can set up the Freshdesk integration in the Integrations workflow. First, you need to go to the Integrations tab.

Live Chat Integrations on Engati platform
Engati Cloud Platforms

Select Freshdesk, and press the Add account button. Add an account name, click “Authorize” to open a pop-up window. Enter your API Key (which you can find in the Profile Settings section from your Freshdesk account). 

Then enter your Subdomain Name, i.e., the name of the account you used to access Freshdesk. Click on Save, and you’re good to go!

Configuring your Freshdesk account

Once you’ve authorized your account, you can now add Freshdesk nodes.

Configuring your Freshdesk account on Engatis platform
Connecting Freshdesk to Engati

First, go to Build, followed by Paths. Choose an authorized account from the dropdown menu, and click Next

Now, you can select actions to be performed on your account. Currently, we provide actions for:

  • Create Ticket
  • Get Ticket
  • Update Ticket

Once you select the action, it fills up the rows that are required to complete the actions. You can assign different attributes for each row concerning the information required.

Ticket creation on Engatis platform
Creating a ticket with Freshdesk x Engati

Once you’ve assigned attributes for the node, your Integration is ready. All incoming tickets will have a corresponding ticket ID that will be saved in the attribute {{}}.


You can also integrate your Zendesk account with Engati to create and retrieve ticket details and update existing tickets from your chatbot. 

Setting Zendesk up

Integrate Zendesk via the Integrations workflow. Select Zendesk once you’ve logged in with your Engati account, and press +Add Account. Add an account name, and click “Authorize” to open a pop-up window.

Apps for integration
The integration dashboard

Enter your Email ID, API Key, and the Zendesk Subdomain Name, which you can find on your Zendesk account. Click Save, and the process is complete! 

Once the Integration with an account is completed, the integration APIs can be used within the Conversation flow using the Zendesk Node under Build > Paths > Nodes (Integration Node).

Configuring the Zendesk node

Once you’ve logged in and authorized your account, go to Build and then Paths to add a Zendesk node.

Connecting Zendesk with Engati
Connecting Zendesk with Engati

Once the account is selected, you can then choose one of these actions:

  • Create Ticket
  • Get Ticket
  • Update Ticket

Once selected, you can assign different attributes for each row depending on what information is required. Then your integration is ready!

Zendesk - Create Ticket
Setting up attributes with Zendesk x Engati


Zapier is a cloud service that provides API Integrations with a large number of other Cloud Services. All you need is an account with Zapier, and you’ll be able to Integrate Engati with any of the Zapier Integrations.


Chatbots are commonly used for engagement with potential prospects, where they can collect information about the lead. This information needs to be stored, which is why we introduced Salesforce integration. This integration provides capabilities for recording Leads, Service tickets, and Inquiry Functions.

Note: Salesforce direct integration is supported only for the following editions.

  • Enterprise Edition
  • Unlimited Edition
  • Developer Edition
  • Performance Edition


To make our platform a truly no-code platform, we introduced integrations with JSON API. Check out the JSON API bot tutorial for more information.

Some powerful live chat features that you definitely need to try

We’re all about progress. Launching new features to improve your customer experience is one of the things that excites us to our core.

Because of this, within just two months of launching Engati Live Chat, we already have a whole slew of new features for you (with even more coming soon).

These updates focus on making your customers’, your agents’, and your supervisors’ lives easier. Check them out:

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For your customers

Quoting messages

First up, your customers will be able to reply to specific messages from the agent by quoting these messages.

On live chat, every reply counts!

This feature is available on webchat and mobile applications and will help create a more streamlined conversational experience for your customers.

Even your agents will be able to address specific messages and questions without confusing customers with this feature.

Live chat message quoting
Quoting messages on Acme's chat window powered by Engati


Increase your customers’ confidence in you by sending them a transcript via email.

Your agents can set this up to automatically happen after every single conversation or only choose to send transcripts after specific chats.

For your agents

Sorting messages

Your agents can now increase their response speed by organizing the one-view inbox more effectively. They can sort these messages by unread and recent messages to increase their responsiveness.

Browser notifications

Your agents won’t miss a single message. You can enable browser-based notifications for new messages as well as new conversation requests, ensuring that your customers’ queries are answered without any delay.

Agent tagging for improved team collaboration

Engati Live Chat feature allows your agents to save notes about a particular user that can be accessed by any agent who converses with that user in the future. But, we’ve made it even better. Your agents can now tag each other in these notes and work together in a better way.

tagging other live chat agents in notes
Encouraging team collaboration on Live Chat

User filters

Your agents can now filter users by ‘New users’ (who had their initial conversation with your agents on that day), ‘Active Recently’ (who’ve conversed with you in the last seven days), and ‘All Active Users.’ But that’s not all. Your agents can even create their own filters to suit their needs.

Live Chat User Filters
Enabling user filters

User view

Agents can navigate to user view by clicking on the user name from the OneView inbox.

Here they will be able to access information about the user as well as insights and analytics about the conversations the user has had.

Live Chat user view
User view on Engati Live Chat

User availability

We now have a way for your agents to know whether your users are online or offline. 

Based on whether they’ve sent you a message in the past 5 minutes, your agents will be able to see a green dot on the users’ avatars, showing them that they’re online.

live chat user availablity status
Active conversations on Engati's OneView Inbox

Bot conversations

If you’re using Engati Live Chat along with our chatbot module, your agents will be able to see all the conversations that your users are currently having with your bot.

The agents can even take over these conversations whenever they deem it necessary.

For your supervisors

Greater insight

We’ve made it easier for you to manage your customer support team, even while working remotely.

In addition to our pre-existing dashboards, we’ve added two new ones to give you deeper insights. These dashboards will display analytics on conversations by channel and conversations by date.

Channel section of the analytics dashboard
Channel Analytics

live chat analytics by date
Analytics sorted by date

Increased transparency

Your supervisors will now be able to manage your team and your conversations more effectively.

Whenever they open a conversation, they will be able to see which agent is handling it.

Along with the user’s name, your agents will also see a heading that says ‘Managed by (Agent Name)’ when they open a conversation.

Chat window
Chat screen

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The 4 most common live chat mistakes (and how to fix them)

Far too many companies make these mistakes while serving their customers over live chat. Fortunately for you, your company will be prepared, and you'll be able to utilize your live chat system to its full potential.

Looooong waits

We, humans, have a minuscule attention span. But it gets even shorter when we’re getting on a chat system. After all, if we wanted to wait, we’d just send an email.

If having your live chat system on 24/7 is not plausible for you, you should have a chatbot ready to serve customers while your agents are offline.

The fantastic thing is that these bots can answer most of your customer queries on their own, leaving very less no. of queries requiring the attention of a human agent.

Also, they’re incredibly easy to train. WIth our DocuSense technology, you can avoid manually entering FAQs and have your bot pull information directly from a document, parsing 12 pages every 8 seconds.

Making it too formal

Agents that are too used to sending emails tend to carry the same formality level into their live chat sessions.

This ends up with them writing long chunks of text that just intimidate the customers.

To make it worse, these excruciatingly long messages take more time to type and force the customer to wait longer. It defeats the purpose of a chat session.

Customers want a quick and straightforward chat session, don’t overcomplicate it. This doesn’t mean you can go super casual either. You need to find a middle ground.

Forcing customers to repeat themselves

If your customer has just answered an agent’s (or bot’s) queries and is transferred to another agent who asks the same questions, you’re in a mess. 

You’ve got the answers. Why ask again?

You need to be able to store the conversation history for agents to refer to. Engati Live Chat can help you here. We allow you to stitch conversations across multiple channels and multiple agents so that your agents always have context. They can always access recent chats.

Making them hop through multiple agents before reaching the right one

Imagine this: You’re laying the finishing touches on an important project that you need to submit in two hours. You’re almost done and can taste the satisfaction of finishing it off. But then, your system crashes.

Fighting through the frustration, you reach out to customer support. The agent chats with you, asks you five questions, and then says, “Hey, I’m sorry, but I think Jason from IT would be able to help you better”.

So you’re transferred to Jason; he talks to you, understands your issue, and says, “I’m afraid this is an issue that you’d need to take up with another department. Let me get you in touch with them”.

Even if they do eventually solve your issue and you do get your work done in time, odds are that you are seething from having to get transferred across agents. And the whole time, you were wondering whether they’d help you or end up transferring you to yet another agent.

If only they routed you to the right agent the very first time. That would leave them with a happy customer, not one who’s contemplating leaving them.

Here’s where Engati can help. Our intelligent, context-based routing system sends customer queries to the agents with the expertise to handle them the very first time. It makes for a smoother experience and reduces customer effort and friction.

TL;DR Summary

Live chat doesn't just allow you to answer complicated questions. It makes prospects more likely to make purchases.

It even allows you to build relationships with your customers, in their language. That's one of the reasons why it outranks email, phone calls, social media, and apps in customer satisfaction ratings.

It inspires loyalty in your customers, showing them that you will always be there to help them. In doing so, live chat interactions increase your customer lifetime value.

By integrating with your CRM and other support systems, it helps you hyper-personalize your customer experiences.

Through its dashboards, live chat even helps increase transparency in your sales and support teams. It helps you do both — identify your star performers and strengthen any weak links.

Most of all, it helps you streamline experiences for your customers. Engati Live Chat routes them to the right agent, instead of forcing them to hop across multiple agents.

In summary, it results in higher sales for you, and better experiences for your customers: a complete win-win situation.

Engati Team

At the forefront for digital customer experience, Engati helps you reimagine the customer journey through engagement-first solutions, spanning automation and live chat.

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