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Agent Interaction

1. Who is an Agent?

An agent is a person who has been legally authorized to work on behalf of another person or an entity. An agent may be employed to represent a client in discussions, consultations, and other dealings with third parties or customers and clients.

2. What is the role of an agent?

The main general responsibility of an agent is to aid the client or customer in the sale or purchase of a product or service. This responsibility includes dealing with customer queries and complaints which leads to retention of customers and brand loyalty.

3. What is Agent Interaction?

An agent interaction begins when the agent sends the first message to the customer query.

Agents end up requiring more knowledge from the customer or more time for the developers to take a glance at the problem. Sometimes, they mess up and hand out the wrong answer, which ends up extending the exchange to other agents.

  • The average number of interactions an agent requires to resolve a query is a measure of how well the agent knows the product or service, and how good he is at communicating that to the customer.
  • The average number of customer interactions for a particular customer’s tickets shows whether the customer is a new user or a power user and if they are understanding or aggressive.

It’s always advisable to keep the average agent interaction low, as it is directly proportional to customer disappointment/frustration. 

4. How is the Engati platform helping agent interactions?

At Engati, the Agent Dashboard on the Live Chat platform provides analytics to help you understand and track the efficiency of agents in answering users’ queries. 

1. Availability 

The Agents tab can be accessed below the Dashboard Section. Only the supervisors can view the Agents option under the Dashboard.

2. Metrics

The key metrics for each agent are as follows -

  • Inbound Requests are the number of inbound requests (new requests – both new conversations + re-opened conversations managed by both bot and agent) for the chosen time span.
  • Resolved Requests is the number of inbound requests resolved.
  • User Feedback is calculated as a percentage of positive feedbacks divided by the total number of feedbacks received.
  • First Response SLA% is the percentage of inbound requests where the first response time is within SLA requirements.
  • Resolution SLA% is the percentage of inbound requests where resolution time is within the SLA requirements.
  • Average first response time (in mins) is the average time in minutes for the first response of inbound requests.
  • Average resolution time (in mins) is the average time in minutes for resolution of inbound requests.
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