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What is CRM?

CRM is short for Customer Relationship Management. It includes the tools and technologies. that are used by organizations to store leads, nurture them, convert them into customers, and retain them. 

Customer relationship management combines business strategies, software, and processes for the purpose of acquiring new customers, nurturing them, and forging long relationships between your company and your customers. Essentially, customer relationship management is critical to increasing your customer lifetime value.

The objective of CRM technology is simple: make it easier to manage and strengthen your relationship with your customers, thereby causing your business to grow at a faster pace.

They help you stay connected with your customers, maintain context from past conversations, and make work easier for your marketing, sales, and support team. CRMs aid you in personalizing your interactions with your customers throughout the customer lifecycle.

They can be used by multiple departments within your organization, not just your customer support team. Sales, marketing, even your recruiting team can use it to manage relationships with external parties. 

CRM systems ensure that anyone in your organization who needs information about your customers and their interactions can find it in one place with great ease, as long as they have authorization.

CRMs even provide you with dashboards to monitor analytics and insights from sales, marketing, support, and even social media in one place.

Your support team can use CRMs to track pending service requests, your sales team can track the customer’s entire history with your company and use it to increase the relevance of their pitch, and your marketing team can use the data from the CRM to understand customer journeys, and optimize their campaigns. CRM Software for sales even help in increasing the accuracy of your sales forecasting efforts.

They are especially useful in today’s omnichannel environment, where a customer can hop across channels and still expects you to have context from past interactions across various touchpoints.

Source: Bussiness 2 Community

Which are the most popular CRMs?

Some of the most widely used CRMs are:

  • Salesforce
  • Hubspot CRM
  • Zoho CRM
  • Oracle CRM

However, there is an extremely wide range of options available and you should take time to find the one that works best for you and integrates with your existing marketing, sales, and support software.

What does the CRM do?

A CRM offers you a centralized place where your company can store data and information about customers and prospects, keep track of interactions with customers, and even share that data among team members. Just like the system’s name implies, it makes it easier for businesses to manage their relationships with their customers.

A CRM makes it possible for your team to personalize interactions with your customers because the system shows your team every past interaction, service request, preference, and every single detail that you know about any particular customer. It basically offers your team a holistic view of your customers and helps you interact with them in a manner that is more relevant to them.

A CRM helps you to simplify and streamline business workflows, letting multiple departments find the information that they need in a single system.

You can use the system to track every message sent to a customer, every call you’ve had with them, all the meetings you’ve had with them, and every single presentation that you have delivered to that client or prospect. You can even add notes on the CRM, schedule follow-ups, and figure out the future steps that you should take.

This helps you get into your prospects’ and customers’ minds, understand them on a deeper level, close more deals, and even identify and act on cross-selling and upselling opportunities.

What are the elements of CRMs?

Here are the main elements of a CRM system:

Lead Management

This involves tracking sales leads and managing their distribution. It focuses on capturing and managing more leads in order to increase sales revenue.

Here's the comparison of 7 best lead management softwares! Check it now.

Sales force automation (SFA)

This involves sales forecasting, identifying potential customers, interacting with them and processing sales. It also has a focus on opportunity management and aids in finding revenue possibilities.


CRMs help marketing teams understand the customers and create highly effective marketing campaigns.

Analytics and Business Reporting

It helps you visualize and understand data and also shows you where your business is standing at a particular point.

Customer Support

CRMs help support teams understand individual customers and figure out how best to handle their queries. It also helps them identify outstanding support issues.

Workflow automation

It helps automate and streamline processes, allowing staff to focus on more important, higher-level tasks. It even helps your employees work in harmony with automated systems.

People Management

It can even be used to ensure that the right people are given the right tasks, ensuring that the jobs that are assigned match your employees’ skills and capabilities.

What is CRM testing?

CRM testing refers to verifying that your CRM software operating correctly and working according to business objectives. It is carried out before and after the CRM system is installed, updated, or upgraded. 

While CRMs could be used out-of-the-box, most businesses would need customizations in the CRM, integrating business workflows for multiple departments, and even connecting a medley of enterprise applications with each other. Every customization and integration makes the CRMs more complex, making it necessary for the CRM to be properly tested.

Examining the quality of data is critical because your CRM system will only be as good as the information fed into it. But CRM testing is now much more than this. It even focuses on making sure that each component works, all departmental workflow integrations are synchronized, and business objectives are supported. Basically, CRM testing is extremely important to help you understand whether your CRM software is handling customer and prospect information in the right manner, thus supporting your businesses’s objectives and goals.

CRM testing is done to ensure that your CRM works the way you intend it to, thus offering your team a seamless experience so that they are empowered to create an amazing customer experience.

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