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September 8, 2023
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As a kid, you probably accompanied your mom to a store, to buy clothes. The salesperson in the store would come and talk to your mom, show her clothes according to her preferences, suggest something she would like, and ensure she would buy clothes from his store.

But this was 25 years ago and now everything is changing. With the world moving towards digitalization, even businesses have adapted accordingly. Even though it’s very convenient to sit at home and make purchases, online businesses still lack the personal touch, which used to make traditional business easier. Communication is very important for any business. Chatbots help with exactly that, they help stimulate customer  conversations, helping businesses build stronger customer relationships. 

But building a chatbot customized specifically for your needs is difficult.

So, it raises the question- how can startups & small businesses get started with chatbots?

What exactly are chatbot templates?

Chatbot Templates are pre-built intelligent chatbots that you can directly use to integrate with your website. These ready-to-go templates can be modified according to your needs and launched on your website with minimum effort. Every business is different and has a wide range of requirements that it expects an AI tool like a chatbot to execute. 

Hence, bot templates come in many varieties and continue to grow innovatively as the world progresses into more opportunities. Though their basic function might be automating interactions, they have their own set of functionalities and come in infinite use-cases.

How can you build your own chatbot?

When it comes to building a bot for your websites, there are two ways to go about this. You can either create a bot by coding, or you can opt for a no-code platform to build your chatbot. These DIY chatbot platforms have all the background work done, from coding to training, to ensure the chatbot runs smoothly.

Hence the rise of DIY Chatbot platforms, the ultimate salvation for beginners and non-technical users without much knowledge in programming and coding. Incorporating Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing into the platform, which are the key aspects, leaves you with creating the conversational flow and the tasks you want the chatbot to perform.

Thus, designing these bots is as simple as dragging and dropping them from a set of pre-defined templates, coupled with some scope to modify and customize them for your specific business objective.

Accessing chatbot templates - Engati's Bot Marketplace


At Engati, we offer over 200 chatbot flow templates with a demo, available features, business type, and pricing. Here’s a list of all the bot templates available for different sectors.

Finance and Banking: 

Credit Card Application Bot, Loan Calculator Bot, Bitcoin exchange bot, Currency Exchange Bot, Tax returns bot, Investment calculator Bot, stock market bot etc. 


Insurance lead generation bot, Emergency claim filing bot, health and life insurance chatbot, mediclaim chatbot, quote comparison chatbot, Insurance agency chatbot.


City services chatbot, Customer support chatbot, Police incident report chatbot


Appointment schedule chatbot, prescription refill chatbot, physical therapist chatbot, Medicine ordering chatbot, Homecare services chatbot


Admission chatbot, Syllabus chatbot, Application chatbot, student portal chatbot.

Real Estate 

Lead generation chatbot for property developers. Chatbot for co-working spaces, Home-selling chatbot, Broker chatbot,


Attorney claim filing chatbot, Chatbot for attorneys, Chatbot for immigration services. Chatbot for law firms.


Travel agent chatbot, hotel booking chatbot, flight booking chatbot, travel insurance chatbot.

HR & Recruitment  

Chatbot for HR services, Interview chatbot, HR and payroll chatbot,


Chatbot for Hotel deals, Restaurant finder chatbot, food delivery chatbot, Hotel customer chatbot.


Lead generation chatbot, Marketing chatbot, customer support chatbot

We've been adding more and more bot templates to the bot marketplace based on new user case studies and user requests. 

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Categories of chatbot templates offered on Engati

Engati provides you with a wide selection of ready-to-use chatbot templates that can help you take the first step towards building your own Chatbots 

A peek into Engati's chatbot templates

Categories of chatbot templates on Engati

1. Customer Support Chatbots

Chatbots in customer support can:

  • Gather feedback and save customer data for future references.
  • Effectively engage an unlimited amount of web users at the same time.
  • Provide automated 24/7 support.
  • Chat for hours without the need for human supervision.

‍Click here for the Template - Customer support chatbot template

2. E-Commerce and Shopping Chatbots

  • Marketing products by engaging customers with carousels, images, videos, or CTAs
  • Chatbots can collect user data to create a personalized experience for every user, and help your business provide a better customer experience
  • They can send notifications like discounts, offers, etc, and make recommendations 
  • They manage customer queries and save you the customer support costs and mishaps

Click here for the Template - E-Commerce and Shopping Chatbot template

3. Education Chatbots‍‍

Now for the students, education chatbots can do the following tasks:

  • Chatbots can be the ideal course selector during the admission process
  • A chatbot today can help a student browse through the college website, answer FAQs, help with the application, course fee, and many more details
  • They can browse through the courses available at the university/school. Once the course is selected
  • The chatbot can further assist the student to apply at the school/college website

  Click here for the Template - Education Chatbots‍‍ templates

4. Entertainment chatbots

These chatbots can be used for:

  • Theaters can deploy these bots to get booking and schedule posting
  • Tickets can be bought over these smart bots
  • Entertainment providers can engage customers with activities and games 

 Click here for the Template - Entertainment chatbot templates 

5. Finance Chatbot

With the help of finance chatbots, companies can:

  • Collect information from customers required for insurance or other policies 
  • Customers can seek information and ask questions about the bank offerings
  • Can calculate loan amounts, and request EMI plans and other bank offers 

  Click here for the Template - Finance Chatbot‍ template

6. Marketing Chatbot

Chatbots are a great tool for marketing.

  • They can be used to conduct market research through quizzes and surveys
  • It can also help in social media marketing, and market your product/services seamlessly among your online customers. 
  • You can find a vivid range of marketing chatbot templates in this section, procured for different specified sectors and purposes of the present industries.‍

‍Click here for the Template - Marketing Chatbot‍ template

7. HR Chatbot

An HR chatbot can act as a mediator between the employee and the HR team within the organization. The chatbot can provide the employee with all the necessary details and be easily accessible for any queries at all times. They can also manage employee leaves, check salary statements, schedule meetings, etc.

  Click here for the Template - HR Chatbot‍ template

8. Travel Chatbots

Chatbots have taken over the travel industry. Travel agencies and airlines use chatbots to build the perfect experience for their fellow travelers. Travel chatbot templates can assist your customer book flights, hotels, vehicle rentals, and even a yacht! They can also help your agents plan an ideal trip end-to-end for your customers based on their preferences and also act as a tour guide, recommending places to visit and nearby events throughout your customer’s journey.

‍Click here for the Template - Travel chatbot template

Top 10 most downloaded templates

1. Product Recommendation

2. E-Commerce Support

3. HR Recruiter & Assistant

4. Automating Lead Generation

5. Loyalty & Referal Programs

6. Cinema & Ticket Booking

7. Banking Chatbot

8. Travel Planner

9. Career Counselor

10. Logistics

How to download chatbot templates for free

Follow these simple steps to create a bot for your website using our free chatbot design templates:

  • Step 1: Visit Engati and towards the top of the page, you’ll find ‘Bot Marketplace’ among features, blogs, partnerships, demo, and more.
  • Step 2: Click on Bot Marketplace and browse through all the templates available. Choose a template that fits your needs and watch the demo to see how your bot is going to look like.
  • Step 3: Download the chatbot template for free!You can customize the conversational flow and make use of ‘intelligent nodes’ to enable images, videos, carousels, multilingual features, and much more to make your bot smarter.
  • Step 4: The templates are skeleton structures of your bot, so feel free to personalize it with your own themes, customized logos , company name, etc.
  • Step 5: There are 14 channels that you can deploy your chatbot on, including - Website Chatbots, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Twitter, Viber, Line, Telegram, Slack, Kik, WeChat, Mobile Apps- iOS and Android, Skype and Skype for Business.
  • Step 6: Go to ‘deploy bot’, copy the code and paste it into the HTML code of your website, preferably between the body tags. And voila! Your chatbot is ready to roll!

Case Studies

1. How Skippi optimizes sales with WhatsApp deployment


2. How Danube improves customer support with Engati


3. How Coolberg runs effective Marketing Campaigns


We have 110+ templates for every business need!

People have always been thrilled by the idea of talking to a robot, so you can take this fact to your advantage and reap maximum benefits with a robust chatbot. With Engati, you can build a bot that stands out from the crowd. Make your chatbot’s conversational flow witty, integrate multilingual features, or make it voice-enabled! With our library of intelligent nodes, you have the ability to do more than just providing a traditional FAQ system. 

Visit the Bot Marketplace to browse through the 110+ best chatbot designs and build a bot that stands out from the rest!

Explore many more smart templates or your chatbot conversation flows at our Bot Marketplace!

With so many chatbot templates at your disposal, you can also create a WhatsApp chatbot within few steps. All you have to do is register with Engati to get started.


Can I change a chatbot template?

Yes, chatbot templates are highly customizable. You can either use the basic template or change/replace some flows/paths based on your requirement.

Is it easy to edit a bot template?

Very easy, you don't need any coding skills to edit a chatbot template. The drag and drop feature on Engati's no code chatbot platform makes it very easy for beginners to try out, in minutes. You can change the written text or even change the flows of the bot and customize it to suit your needs.

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