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HR Chatbots: 7 Ways to Automate your HR activities & save time

Engati Team
Sep 7
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HR chatbot

99% employers believe employees should have easy access to HR information.

[According to a survey by ServiceNow]

Only 12% of employers admitted that THEIR EMPLOYEES have easy access to HR information.

There’s something fundamentally wrong. How is that possible? Or is it…

What happens when an HR leaves?

Are all HR processes documented?

Is all internal communication recorded?

When are HR processes updated?

Are updated HR processes conveyed to employees?

and so on and on…

Is there a solution to this problem?

Can technology provide a solution to this problem?

Can chatbots be the solution to this problem?

BAM! Take a minute & think how HR chatbots can solve all the above problems.

HR’s will love you if you get this implemented.

What is a HR Chatbot?

HR chatbots replicate the role of the HR in the company. They help automate HR operations like recruitment, onboarding, development and maintaining and enhancing employee engagement etc. The AI powered HR chatbot can help give better responses by collecting conversational data and enhance the employee experience.

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Where are HR Chatbots used?

HR teams are the heart of any organization. HR chatbot can automate repetitive tasks and allow managers to utilize their time on more important tasks that require human attention.

What are the benefits of the HR chatbots?

Faster filtering and Onboarding

Hiring has always been a time-consuming job, but there has been a significant decline in the total time invested in this whole process.  Chatbots can help in the onboarding process by filtering candidates, qualify them, communicate  for follow-ups, and even schedule interviews. This cuts down the time taken for HR representatives to select through a list of candidates and schedule interviews for them. An HR chatbot can do it within minutes and handle a large sum of candidate applicants simultaneously.

The average time to hire new employees has reduced
The average time to hire new employees has reduced

Handling incoming queries from candidates

HR chatbots can handle the repetitive questions asked by the incoming candidates. Hence making time for other responsibilities. The bot can be used to cross question the candidates and collect additional data.

Turns employee on-boarding into less of a chore

Organizations that are rapidly scaling are desperate for a solution to train the new hires. While the advent of Learning Management Systems (LMSs) and Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) are helping alleviate this, they are expensive solutions tHR bots can help keep the on-boarding cost low and is an easily replicable onboarding process for multiple roles from software engineers to digital marketers.

Employee onboarding chatbot
Employee onboarding chatbot

Simplifies referral processes

HR Chatbots solutions have now started accepting referrals from your employees. It can also remind you of the existing roles which are vacant and push you to add a referral for that role. With developments in AI and machine learning the possibilities are limitless.  

Provide fast and customized employee support

Job applicants and employees both want answers very quickly. A potential applicant needs instant answers to questions about the company and where they stand in the process, and HR chatbots can easily provide answers with the help of their Q&A feature.

‍Upload FAQs to your AI powered HR chatbot once, and through a combination of machine learning and natural language processing (NLP), the chatbot can be trained to answer all questions 24/7 with no fatigue or wasted time.

Reporting issues around employee confidentiality

There definitely are necessary problems around privacy and confidentiality that a company should address. However, HR conversations, by their nature, tend to involve sensitive and private data. Companies will befittingly address these problems by providing users and organizations with adequate management over their information.

Usually, the HR chatbot is always-on, extremely engaged, very customized — the good unit of Human Management. HR groups that adopt human resources chatbots can realize themselves obtaining nearer to success, accomplishing the various impossible tasks and conflicting goals that their organizations place on them.

Chatbots are set to enter our work lives in the form of HR chatbots or virtual assistants—an emerging technology that promises to provide a more personalized employee experience for workers while automating a lot of tedious administration for HR departments.
- Capterra blog on HR Chatbots that are disrupting employee experience.

Reinforcing organizational culture

With HR chatbots, engaging with employees is much easier and can be done more frequently. Employee engagement can be personalized at a large scale while being cost effective.

Employee satisfaction can be measured through chatbots, as chatbots ensure anonymity, HR teams can collect more reliable data and address or initiate appropriate actions.

Check out this guide on workplace mentoring!

An answer to issues regarding employee confidentiality

HR departments should strive to provide a safe space for their employees. One way that organizations combat this issue is by allowing employees to have complete control over their data using an HR chatbot. Any data that is shared with the chatbot stays with the chatbot, meaning no other eyes have access to this sensitive data.

Easily accessible and available at all hours

HR bots help human resources become more accessible to employees. HR teams can provide instant responses to common queries. Complex queries can be taken care of by the human representatives, and chatbots can assign them to the employee automatically to take over the chat. Having access to the best HR chatbots can empower the HR teams, allowing them only to intervene and respond in sensitive conditions.

‍Tracking leaves

Employees can use the HR chatbot to track their attendance andnad check their paid leave balance. They can even apply for leave directly over the HR bot instead of having to open up the HR portal and apply for leave through it, making it very easy for employees

HR chatbot for applying for leave

Reviewing annual performance

Annual performance review can be a challenging and time consuming task. With AI powered chatbots, HR can conduct annual performance reviews much more conveniently for both HR and the employees and accumulate more precise data.

Create more efficient processes with real-time analytics

An HR chatbot can be used for more than just answering employee questions. There is also the opportunity to use these bots to gather employee data to make informed decisions and create more efficient processes

Goal tracking

HR teams can use the chatbots to track goal completion for teams and individual employees. This can be particularly useful for performance appraisals.

Effectively engages all employees

Employee engagement is the main focus of most of the human resource representatives and teams today.

Employee Engagement is a strategic priority for HR
Employee engagement is a priority for HR representatives

Statistics show 88% of HR teams consider employee engagement a strategic priority for their organization.

What is the ROI of HR chatbot?

HR Chatbot are changing the way HR operates. Modern-day HR teams have a quite a challenging job with seemingly conflicting objectives. Human resource management is not limited to the administrative and transactional roles of only hiring, firing, and payroll management. Today's HR teams are more than just that; they have transformed into becoming strategic business partners, employee experience designers, brand builders, communicators, and catalysts in change management, etc.

So, many teams turned to recruitment automation and AI tools to carry out people management seamlessly. HR chatbots promise a great ROI. They can automate repetitive tasks in seconds in comparison to an HR team that may take hours. They can also automate HR-employee interactions across various mediums. Imagine your employee needs help with the company policy or apply for leave; they can go directly to your HR chatbot, type in the request and get the work done in minutes without wasting their or your time. Though HR AI chatbots act as information providers, their functionalities are evolving onto complex tasks, such as filtering through recruitment applications to save time and boost productivity amongst HR teams.

Examples of how HR Chatbot is transforming the workplace

Here are the two best HR chatbot examples that you should definitely check out:



Phia is a marvel in HR conversational automation, and Employee Engagement. A chatbot by peopleHum, Phia makes employee engagement a breeze, simplifying surveying, task updation, leave application, FAQs and querying, and more. Built on the Engati platform, the intelligent assistant comes with its API integration module which makes it easy to hook into any back end HRMS or employee information system. It's available in multiple languages, helping businesses from around the world.

Phia HR chatbot
The Phia chatbot helps with employee engagement

But that's not the best part- With Phia, there's no need to create FAQs. All you have to do is load all your compliance, policies, and guidelines and other material onto Phia. Its self-learning engine creates the context and she is ready to answer any question that your employees have on any aspect covered in the document. It manages this feat through the use of our DocuSense technology.


Altisource - AskHR

Altisource Portfolio Solutions is an integrated service provider and marketplace for the real estate and mortgage industries. It focuses on helping servicers, originators, and investors minimize their costs and mitigate their risks while maximizing their results. It’s AskHR chatbot helps their employees across The United States, India, and Uruguay find answers to their HR-related questions and even access the forms and policies that they are looking for.

Are you ready to  streamline your human resource  support?

HR chatbots not only help in automating various routine processes but also enable seamless communication possible across many channels and under a huge range of circumstances. HR chatbots allow the HR teams to have a closer look at their employees and take necessary actions at the right time. Also with the introduction of WhatsApp Chatbot, it has contributed a lot towards employee engagement, internal communications, employee on-boarding, talent management, and hiring. An HR chatbot does not just automate the Human Resource functions but also changes the way the human resource department operates, enhancing HR functions dynamically.

To build your HR chatbot, we’ve got the perfect chatbot template for you to integrate on your channel directly!

How HR bots have helped change organizational cultures?

HR chatbot automates most of the tasks for the HR team. This leads to quicker  and higher employee engagement. Organizations can use HR chatbots to develop overall employee experience, this helps create a sense of belonging amongst employees, lowering employee turnover rate.  Employees themselves get time to focus on their tasks and don’t feel dependent on anyone else. This also leads to higher productivity.
Which automatically means revenue growth.  

High employee engagement helps companies

The HR bots also help in refining and streamlining the hiring process. Chatbots can screen candidates and ensure the right candidates are being called for interviews and hired. This helps the organization hire a better working force and inturn increases the output.



What is HR automation?

HR automation is all about using AI and automation tools to free your HR teams from routine, monotonous tasks and allowing them to focus on activities and issues that actually need their expertise. It can increase the HR department’s efficiency, and reduce the amount of time and money that the organization has to spend on manual HR planning and processing.



Do recruiters use bots?

Yes, recruiters widely use recruitment bots to screen candidates, interact with them, help them understand what would be expected of them if they get selected, and even to get insights into the behaviour of the candidates. It even helps save time and money for the company. These bots might be deployed on channels like WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Telegram, Twitter, Instagram, or even on the company’s website.


How is a chatbot used in HR?

HR chatbots enable HR teams to engage with each employee individually. It can maintain regular contact proactively with each employee throughout the year and assist them in various aspects. They can also detect any issues that need escalation or human intervention. Chatbots are also used in HR for recruitment activities, and to help employees get access to policies, forms, and documents, as well as to help employees track their attendance and apply for leaves.


How can Chatbots improve employee experience?

Chatbots can improve the employee experience by answering their questions 24/7. These bots provide employees with answers to queries regarding employee benefits, scheduling, insurance, vacation and sick time. They even offer fast, personalized replies to their queries, thus creating highly positive, satisfying employee experiences.

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