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Recruitment chatbots: Can they solve your hiring problems?

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October 17, 2023
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Recruitment chatbot

Everything starts with a conversation, especially in recruitment. Communication plays a key role in the selection and hiring of candidates. In many businesses and organizations, chatbots are often the first point of contact. Chatbots in recruitment have been growing in prominence. What remains a curiosity among the recruiters is, how would these chatbots be in the next 5 years? Let’s touch on some of the most basic questions recruiters have about HR chatbots and explore explore the future of AI in talent acquisition looks like.

Recruitment chatbots

Do recruiters use bots? No! But, if you’re a recruiter, you will understand the tedious issues you face while doing your job. While the main goal of a recruiter is to find the right talent amongst the huge masses, modern-day recruiters are also compelled to do a lot more than just talent hunting. They’re piled up with additional responsibilities like strategizing business goals, setting benchmarks, gauging the competitor’s moves, and much more! There has to be a tool that takes care of the repetitive tasks so that your recruiting team can focus better on complex decision-making work like enhancing their recruitment strategy. This is where AI recruiting bots come to the rescue.

A recruiting chatbot automates HR tasks. These bots are specifically designed to support your HR team with the selection processes, filtering job seekers, onboarding users, sending candidate information to your talent acquisition teams, analyzing results, conducting administrative tasks, and much more! The process of attracting, filtering, and conducting interviews has always been ‘human.’ But with the evolution of AI, both business owners and HR departments have started using chatbots to streamline recruitment.

How can chatbots streamline hiring?

Recruiters are often overburdened with candidate applications. Filtering through them, sorting, and shortlisting can be a very time-consuming process. With this, they also have to make calls, send emails, and schedule interviews, leading to employee burnout. But what if I told you all this could be easily automated? Chatbots perform all these tasks. So yes, they can definitely streamline hiring.

The system of referring to a potential employee is still prevalent in most parts of the world. This could be a major cause for the disruption of meritocracy. Chatbots can help hire the right kinds of people with the right qualifications. Companies can save a lot of time and money on recruitment and paraphernalia, simply by deploying a chatbot.

Recruitment chatbots can help in:

  • Hiring candidates
  • Collecting feedback from employees
  • Sorting attendance, salaries, documents of employees
  • Answering queries internally and externally
  • Scheduling appointments for employees and other routine tasks

How does it improve the hiring process?

Hiring Chatbots

The recruiting process has always been sluggish. Chatbots can fasten this process by automating the repetitive tasks and making it easier for the HR team to move forward with the selected candidates. Let’s read some of the ways your chatbot can do this.


Filtering candidates

Chatbots help filter applications by comparing each candidate’s qualifications and skill set required for the post. It automatically collects data, filters, and sorts it out for the HR to easily pick the ones they think set the job profile perfectly.


Qualifying candidates

Chatbots are rich in analytics. A chatbot can ask your candidate various questions about their skills, qualifications, and experience. This helps rank the whole group from the most to the least fit for the role you’re looking for. Once this is over, the recruiter can now have a filtered list of candidates with their online resumes to schedule an interview with.

Here's a good article on how recruiters can use resume parser!


Clear and easy communication

Chatbots are easier to reach out to and are trained well to carry out interactions without many errors. Even in cases of any error, you can train your bot again not to repeat it. Chatbots are the easiest way to communicate clearly. It is the quickest way to receive the information you need, without having to wait for someone to do it for you.


Building rapport

Chatbots are a great tool to build bridges with your candidates. With features like NLP and NLU, chatbots are able to carry out contextual conversations. They’re also smart enough to ask your candidates specific questions and record all the information for future conversations. This makes chatbot conversations more human-like and builds a better rapport with your candidates. 


Enhancing the candidate experience

Providing a great candidate experience is vital in most of the recruitment agency trends. And recruitment chatbots are all about better candidate experience! Hence, it’s able to provide these agencies something that lets them stand out of the crowd- its best assistance. 



A chatbot can be a great replacement for your FAQ. While building the bot, you can feed it the necessary information. When integrated, your chatbot can provide your candidates and clients with all the information in a question-answer format that helps the user to direct interaction.

Benefits of recruitment chatbots 

The interest in chatbots is increasing due to the benefits it holds for both recruiters and candidates as well.

Benefits of recruitment chatbots
Recruitment chatbot benefits (Source: TalentLyft)


Chatbots are easy to communicate with

peopleHum's HR chatbot - Phia
peopleHum's Intelligent Assistant "Phia"

With Alexa and Siri booming in the market and being normalized in our personal lives, candidates these days find it a bit more comfortable talking to a chatbot in the initial stages of the application process. 

In a recent survey, it was found that 58% of the candidates prefer communicating with AI technology and recruitment bots, basically voice chatbots. And 66% rely on chatbots to schedule interviews and the necessary preparations. By engaging with candidates through their application process, businesses are seeing an increase in the number of higher-quality applications.


Automates the recruiter's administrative tasks

Chatbots automate processes like -

  • Collect information from candidates like their resume!
  • Ask screening questions like knowledge, experience, skills, etc
  • Rank candidates on metrics such as qualifications, recent activity, and much more
  • Answer FAQs about the job and the application process
  • Schedule an interview with the human recruiter.
  • All this information can be collected from thousands of people, all at the same time and this information can be stored in the data storage section.

Automation saves time

By automating a large part of qualifying and scheduling candidates, chatbots reduce the work of recruiters. Recruitment chatbots can also engage candidates better, dramatically reducing the cost of hire and time to hire. However, it’s important to keep in mind that chatbot automation can only help human tasks but cannot replace them. 


Improves candidate engagement and experience

Recruitment chatbots

Intelligent AI chatbots that consistently deliver personalized responses play a major role in candidate experience. The conversation flows more seamlessly when the recruitment bot is updated regularly with information about the company and the job. These quick replies allow the candidate to apply for the position without hesitation and improves your employer branding. 


Provides multilingual support

Say you’re an international company with candidates applying from all over the world. It is impossible to keep staff working 24/7 and even more challenging to hire staff to support multiple languages. Instead, use a multilingual chatbot. The chatbot can understand and answer questions in different languages, creating a fantastic first impression for candidates and allowing them to apply and communicate more freely.

Are chatbots going to replace human recruiters? 

Well, this has to be the most asked question of all, hands down! But the answer will always be a big fat - ‘NO’! We all read some crazy theories of machines taking over men, but it practically seems to be impossible. Chatbots are designed to assist humans, which it does effectively. But it can never replace the human element needed in a few things. 

Recruitment has always been a more human-oriented line of work, so human involvement is necessary. The whole purpose of chatbots was to help humans automate a few repetitive tasks that were time-consuming and frustrating. While chatbots can help you filter candidates, handle initial communication, provide details, etc. you can invest more of your focus upon emailing, scheduling and conducting interviews, qualifying candidates, and much more tasks that require your involvement.

How will recruitment chatbots change hiring? 

80% of the companies have admitted that they would want to involve chatbots and artificial intelligence in their businesses to automate tasks.

As machine learning evolves, it will be able to do a lot more than its current functionalities. An effective chatbot is here to make your life easier and speed up your hiring process. Recruitment chatbots are the ideal conversational agents for a busy recruiter, taking up all the repetitive tasks and leaving the recruiter with time to strategize better and qualify candidates.

Key Metrics to monitor for recruitment chatbots


Quality of applicants

Take a look at who is interacting with your recruitment chatbot. Are they interview-worthy? 

Based on the number of relevant candidates acquired from the chatbot, how many ended up converting to an employee? Use this as a tool to measure the effectiveness of how the chatbot is screening through candidates.


Chat engagement and candidate NPS

Are your employees enjoying chatting with your bot? Based on this, how likely are they to spread the word of the job opening? Explore this for different demographies and different positions. Perhaps freshers interested in technology enjoy the chatbot, but can the same be said for a seasoned HR manager looking for other opportunities? 


Time saved

It’s established that chatbots will save time, energy, and resources, but these have to be quantified. One way to measure is to observe how many tasks the chatbot has accomplished in a period of time and compare with how long your hiring teams would’ve taken to do the same.

The best recruitment chatbot templates to use

Here are some of our chatbot templates that you can use to construct yourself the best chatbot in recruitment.


HR Recruiter

This is a chatbot template that helps prospective job seekers with details on job openings, recruitment processes & details about the organization. It also gathers details from interested candidates and sends an email to the HR team.


HR assistant

This bot design can help with your candidate’s questions about the company and solves issues like reimbursement claims, applying for leave, creating an event, look for a profile, list of holidays, and much more! 

HR Policy - This bot showcases different HR policies to your candidates and lets them raise any concerns or issues they might have. The bot also involves authentication before allowing any user to talk to it. The end-user of the template can link their own authentication portal or make their regex to ensure the correct employee uses the bot.


User onboarding

Skyve helps customers start projects using the power of crowdfunding. Their bot serves a dual purpose of explaining their product and onboarding, depending on what you require. 


Recruitment bots won't steal the recruiters' jobs. They will actually help them do more. These bots will empower recruiters to focus on higher-level tasks while answering candidate queries faster than ever before.

Essentially, they'll create better experiences for the recruiters and the candidates while helping the company review more applications and find the perfect fit for the job.

If you want to build a bot for either of these use cases do take this chatbot template out for a spin!

For more information on chatbots, visit us and check out the Bot Marketplace for more multi-purpose chatbot templates

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