Banking chatbot

A chatbot template that caters to your banking needs in an interactive manner. It provides account related information, on going offers, helps you get an update on your cheque book and also takes you to travel booking facilities.

Template Details

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Team Engati




Bill Payments

Allow users to recharge and pay their bills via Stripe integration, a PCI DSS compliant payment gateway.


Answer queries by allowing the bot to parse and provide relevant information from the documents using docuSense.

Generate quote

Generate and share a quote by integrating the bot with cloud-based or on-premise legacy systems

Case Study

How XACBank streamlines financial services


Since XAC Bank aims to provide comprehensive financial services with dignity and speed, they needed a solution that could keep up with their customers’ demands.


XAC Bank creates and trains its solution to answer queries around the nearest ATMs, internet banking, loans, cards, etc. with the help of Engati's conversational modeler.It scales engagements, improve accessibility and presence for users.

How XACBank streamlines financial services


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