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4 ways AI chatbots are transforming customer experiences

Rahul Garg
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October 3, 2023
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AI chatbots are transforming customer experiences

Enhancing customer experience has always been the finest business practice. If customers are gratified with the brand, they are likely to stick around it. Long-term customer relationships guarantee seamless business growth.

To ameliorate customer experience, it is vitally important for businesses to render inimitable customer service. These days, AI chatbots are deemed as a tool that can aid in creating amazing support experiences.

As per the survey conducted by Oracle, 80% of brands will be using chatbots by 2020; while a study by Ubisent states that 35% of customers want brands to deploy chatbots in customer service operations so that impeccable solutions can be delivered in a jiffy.

Here’s how AI chatbots uplift customer experience


Chatbots don't need breaks or sleep

For enriching customer experience, you must be ready to provide support service as per the convenience of customers.

This means you should run customer service operations round-the-clock, which isn’t easy and cost-effective. Here, the significance of never-sleeping chatbots increases as they are cost-efficient and able to provide farfetched solutions continuously.

Plus, chatbots eliminate the need of having a large number of customer service reps working in different shifts, and this points to notable cost savings.

Another factor that makes chatbots worthy to be brought in customer service operations is they don’t make silly mistakes, unlike human support agents. Thanks to artificial intelligence, chatbots are able to learn from historical conversations, which as a repercussion, ensures optimized solutions for customers during next support interactions.

Just in case chatbots fail to address customer’s issues, they instantly transfer the service interaction to a human agent to ensure the delivery of unprecedented solutions.


Chatbots don't keep customers waiting

By and large, customers try to solve product-related issues on their own. No matter what, they will take the help off the internet or skim through previous service interactions. But the question that takes place here is, ‘Why do customers put so much effort when they can easily avail desired resolutions from the company?

Well, the answer to this very obvious question is very simple: Customers don’t want to wait that they are supposed to do at the start of the service interaction.      

With chatbots, the average hold time can be reduced to an extreme level because they swiftly respond and take almost negligible time to access desired information from databases. To put it briefly, chatbots don’t keep customers waiting.  


Chatbots guarantee personalized customer experience

While handling customer service operations, your aim should be on creating personalized customer experiences while also maintaining excellent customer outreach. This is so because when you go the extra mile for customers to deliver unrivaled solutions, positive WOM is likely to increase, which consequently, leads to incredible brand equity.

However, creating stupendous service experiences isn’t easy as you have to dedicate your time to deliver customized solutions. This sounds like a challenging job when you have a myriad of support requests to respond.          

Again, customer support chatbots come into the play as they excel at gathering vital data related to customers from service interactions. This helps them in the pursuance of delivering personalised solutions. On the off chance that chatbots have to transfer service interaction to a live support agent. They send all the pertinent information all along in order to ensure the delivery of personalized resolutions.


Chatbots promise long-lasting customer relationships

Companies handling customer service operations expect their support agents to do their job in a way that ensures a robust customer base. It is important because long-lasting customer relationships pave the way for staggering business growth. In this case, chatbots can help as they have the ability to revolutionize the way organizations involved in customer interactions.

Chatbots help brands to fulfil customer desire by giving prompt response and farfetched resolutions. This, as a positive consequence, leads to uplifted brand loyalty.

Owing to artificial intelligence, chatbots are also able to give human touch during service interactions. This again, leads to high CX levels.

Embrace AI

All in all, chatbots are what companies require to give swift and frictionless solutions to customers’ questions. It is true that a large number of customers still prefer traditional phone support over solutions given by AI-powered chatbots. But the time is not so far when customers of all ages accept chatbots with open arms.

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Rahul Garg

Rahul Garg, a content writer, has been working at Go4Customer for a year. He is passionate about exploring call centre services and technologies. As far as other hobbies are concerned, he loves to watch psychological thrillers in movies, listen to retro music, play racing games, etc. We like to underline the fact that he never compromises with the quality of his write-ups, no matter which situation he is in. Drop him a line at rahul.garg@cyfuture.com

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