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September 18, 2023
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Contextual chatbot

Remember the day she said, “It’s not about what you say but how you say it”? When you feel like you’re trapped in some deep trouble that could have easily been avoidable had you put in a little more effort to set out more context. In fact, it’s disconcerting to even understand a conversation if you are given no context at all. It’s vague and confusing.

Therefore, context saves conversations and strengthens connections for your business. That’s why every successful business uses contextual marketing and sample business plans to build brand awareness, attract more customers, and increase sales percentage.

When it comes to brand reputation there’s nothing that can beat Apple, it’s a behemoth with more brand value than any other business. However, there’s one more brand that has been acing the game since the 19th century with its business brand strategy and contextual marketing campaigns.


Coca-Cola builds brand awareness through contextual marketing
Coca-Cola's contextual marketing

An excerpt from a Coca Cola Expert Interview

The journey of Coca-Cola began back in 1886 and since then it has come a long way. The focus always remains on specialising and personalising a range of product packages for different occasions and needs. Moreover, people-based marketing makes it possible for them to tailor their messaging and refine it in a way that provides more context to the consumer. This context is dynamic in nature just like consumer behaviour. For example, how different personas will respond to different contexts. On a Monday morning, you are an employee trying to get your work done. Same day in the evening you are a friend trying to help another friend with a project. Later at night, you are a daughter having a conversation with her father about a family get-together.

“Companies underestimate how important it is to truly make that connection in whatever marketing they’re doing, to show who they’re serving, why, and the benefit. They need to understand the role their products or services play in customers’ lives and the benefits they offer, which could include convenience, fun, or the opportunity to build relationships. As a business, you must put your customers and prospects in context to target messaging effectively.”
- Laura Rueckel, Group Director, Integrated Marketing, Coca-Cola North America.

In her interviews, Rueckel talks about empowering customers in a way such that they are able to meet their goals. How else would it be possible for them to manage average global daily servings worth 1.9 billion servings per day? Take a look at some of their marketing campaigns.

1941: ‘Coke’ becomes the official trademark of Coca-Cola1971: Releasing their world famous campaign ‘I’d like to buy the world a Coke’2011: Launching another successful campaign ‘Share a Coke’

Here's a good read on building your brand strategy!

Business or no business - Context makes everything simple.

They work towards simplifying stuff. Boasting about their product or disapproving a competitor’s product is never a part of their strategy. All they give is a context to their consumers so they can relate to it.

“We’ll simplify the brand for our customers.”“Instead of urging consumers to buy more, we’ll communicate that we want to buy it for them.”“Sharing is caring. Let’s build stories around it and encourage customers to not 'share' and not 'buy'.”

This is mostly what I personally feel about what the Coca-Cola team might have thought. They are consistently telling us that it’s all about building a connection, maintaining a relationship, and giving real-time context to customers and prospects. So, whether you want to set up a customer solutions team or let chatbot technology manage customer support, you have to ensure that you give your customers enough context.

What is context in communication?

  • Contextual Marketing helps successful business salespeople, who engage 20 to 25 out of 30 prospects, differentiate themselves from ordinary salespeople, who are able to manage not more than 3.
  • Chatbots use context to connect with visitors by getting to know about visitor preferences, choices, behaviour, and expectations. This is shown to increase customer engagement with chatbots from 2% to 30%.
  • Contextual Marketing bring in 41% more engagement, which further leads to a greater percentage of conversion rates.
  • Building a context with every question, in fact, earns you the right to ask for personal information from a customer.
  • Context brings more meaning to a conversation where the chatbot remembers what the customer is looking for and later won’t have to repeat the requirements every single time.

How to train your chatbot?

Creating and Training your chatbot to have more contextual conversations with your customers brings more meaning to your brand. Returning as well as new visitors to your website would know that you care about what they are looking for. Personalisation makes them have more faith in your brand so that they wouldn’t have to worry about judgements. This will give them more confidence to talk to your business chatbot and look for more.

Result? Greater engagement, longer time on site, lower bounce rate, and increase in the rate of successful business conversions. You will witness a significant increase in your sales numbers because customers want to buy from brands that they trust. Even at a later stage, you increase your prices they would want to buy from you because they trust you and your services.


We live in a digital world where businesses run on reviews and ratings. When you train your chatbot to have context in communication while having conversations with customers and prospects, you can rest assured that they will be impressed. Towards the end of every conversation you can train your bot to ask visitors for their reviews. Accordingly, you will gather enough data to work on improvisations and better training. Customers want to find the conversations with your chatbot contextual and meaningful and if they do, they will keep coming back to find out more.

For more on chatbot training and context in business, please visit Engati!

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