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How to give your chatbot context and improve CX without coding

Engati Team
Sep 19
2-3 mins

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Improve CX without coding

We've recently launched Contextual Conversation to enhance the way users talk to the chatbot. Here’s what the context feature is all about, why we have launched it and how it will benefit the user.

What is context?

Context allows the user to have an informal conversation with the AI chatbot using pronouns. The intent in each message is identified and carried forward across multiple messages. Contextual feature helps shape the speech according to the need and environment.

See an example of a conversation -

User: When can I start the machine learning course?

Bot: You can start the course at any time, as per your availability

User: What about the fee?

Bot: The fee for the Machine Learning course is $49

Although the second question doesn’t mention the specific course, the bot is smart enough to understand that it’s talking about the Machine Learning course from the previous message. We establish this by tagging that course as an “intent” and carrying it forward until a new intent is established and replaces the Machine Learning course.

How does context benefits the user?

Chatbot context understanding can be established for many other factors which influence the way a user interacts with the bot. It could be a location, sentiment, expression, time, etc. The chatbot is so intelligent such that it understands these factors and creates a true conversation between man and machine.

chatbot context
Contextual chatbots create better user experiences

Why do chatbots need context?

Chatbots are conversational specialists for businesses so there’s a natural need for contextual awareness. Since there are many chatbot platforms available in the market, the one that can create a holistic, personalised experience for its users will be the one to stand out.

The conversational bot must also provide a friendly interface that guides and navigates its users so they can easily find what they’re looking for. Understanding the context of an incoming statement is a key feature for chatbots and brings them closer to how humans process conversations naturally. So when we have enough data, we will be able to train the bot more.

Chatbot context management conversation is now available on Engati to make the overall customer experience of using a bot simpler and better. We have many more updates coming in the future.

During the chatbot design phase, the bot persona needs to be aligned based on an organisation’s values and vision, resulting in improved user personification and contextualisation.
- Delloite report on contextual chatbots.

Hope this article was helpful. If you’d like to know more, you can get in touch with the Engati team.

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