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Everything to know about optimizing customer experience with AI

Frank Hamilton
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April 27, 2023
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Optimizing customer experience with AI

Every company desires to keep optimizing and making customer experiences better than their last. Understanding customers is crucial when it comes to giving them the best customer experience. And leveraging artificial intelligence (AI) can help to accelerate this understanding.

The advancement in machine learning (ML) and AI technology allows automation of many systems within an organization. More specifically, there has been an increase in both interest and utilization of AI for marketing and optimizing customer experience. Data shows that in 2020, 85% of human interactions will be carried out through AI. While another survey by Accenture forecasts that AI technology will increase business output by 6.5 times.

So how exactly can AI be used to enhance the customer experience? Here is everything you need to know.

Using AI prediction for personalized consumer marketing strategy

The ability to predict data outcome is a vital aspect of data management that businesses need to have. Most companies can gather a ton of useful data. However, challenges arise when the data sources become too large to track, which is where AI shows its true value. AI predictive modeling creates datasets that process large amounts of information in real-time. They also analyze historical data and sort through customer behaviour patterns.

The analysis helps you determine the best moment for engagement with the proper subset of customers. Additionally, these predictions can be used to personalize your customer's experience. That way, you market your brand to potential customers in a personalized manner to deliver a seamless brand experience. Thus making them feel your product was made explicitly for them. Figures from the Accenture forecast shows that over 41% of customers in the US stopped using brands they feel lack personalization.

A brand with an excellent example of AI predictive technology is Apple Music. The music streaming platform has a great way of using predictive personalization to suggest similar artists or genres of music you listen to. Music lovers get to discover new sounds with seamless streaming.

Eradicating language barriers with AI Voice Assistant technology

According to a study by Juniper Research, there are currently about 3.25 billion voice assistants in use. And by 2023, these numbers will grow to 8 billion. With breakthroughs in artificial intelligence assistive technology, these voice assistants are increasingly useful in breaking language barriers in enterprise settings. While travelling abroad or even while interacting with content online, most people have to deal with language barriers. So what's the solution? Including personal assistant technology integrated with automatic translation to help ease the language barrier and improve the customer experience for your foreign clients

For example, Google assistant is compatible with 27 different languages and is currently working on adding more languages. Thus unequivocally leading to better customer experience and more business for you.

Making the experience consistent across platforms

Brands now reach out and interact with customers across multiple platforms, such as social media, mobile apps, service centers, websites, etc. While using these channels to reach out to consumers, businesses need to be consistent across all the support platforms. With the aid of AI, you can connect these channels of communication. For instance, a service center agent can use the same information that a customer provides through a mobile app. When this happens, the customer history is compiled in a single place, therefore making all interactions informed, personalized, and serviceable.

Furthermore, AI can enable your business to collate and arrange information in the cloud. The data is then synced across platforms used by your customers. The update will also reflect on the mobile app when a customer makes changes and updates via your website. A company that has utilized this AI technology is Insurer and financers, USAA. After using AI technology that analyzes different variables to predict customer behavior and patterns, USAA could predict the channels via which a customer will reach out to them and for what reason.

Using chatbots and real-time customer support

Another integral part of optimizing customer experience using AI is by providing efficient customer support. AI can deliver responsive and consistent support to customers from resolving simple queries to complex customer issues. The added value of artificial intelligence customer service towards improved consumer experiences is being able to assist in real-time, regardless of customer care complexities.

Thus, smart and intelligent chatbots are now a must-have for many businesses who want to have real-time conversations to attend to their customers faster. Chatbots are an excellent way for businesses to take care of customer inquiries using human-type interactions without tying up human resources. Free chatbots platforms such as Engati can analyze, manage, or build your brand's bot. A setup like this allows your customers with more straightforward issues to get quick solutions through AI, so your customer support staff is free to help others with more complex concerns.

Additionally, introducing AI-powered chatbots will not only optimize customer experience but also improve your business's overall productivity level. A report from Gartner states that by 2021, Artificial Intelligent assistant technology will generate $2.9 trillion in revenue and recover 6.2 billion staff working hours.

However, when using chatbots, be sure to inform your customers, so they are aware they are interacting with technology and not a real person. Customers should know upfront so they understand the benefit that this will speed up responses to their inquiries. Thus, they might be more likely to warm up to the idea. This is just another way AI is used for optimizing customer experience.

Advertisement targeting

Advertisements are a highly effective way to promote your brand. Especially if you're able to target your ads to the right audience for your product or service. AI tools can help develop and promote your brand using material based on the user's passions, choices, likes, and dislikes.

An example is the Google Ads platform. Google Ads makes use of AI and ML to target your niche market using the right content delivered at the right time. Thus ads can be delivered to individuals based on their demographics, search history, location, previous purchase, cart history, interests, etc. Therefore, armed with AI ad tools and digital marketing tips for 2023, strategizing on targeted advertising that can improve ROI and customer experience becomes a lot easier.

A must-have for every business!

The momentum with which AI has been implemented across multiple sectors is gradually changing traditional methods previously used by most companies. With AI, businesses now have the opportunity of attaining results with a higher degree of precision and speed.

More businesses are benefiting a lot from how company information is handled, as a large quantity of data collected and analyzed via a cost-effective process. With the help of AI, online marketers can make data-driven choices and strategize towards better campaign results. They can utilize the AI prediction models to swiftly recognize potential consumers, acquiring action on how to reach them to achieve a higher sale, all while providing them with a satisfactory overall brand experience.  

AI is an amazing tool for optimizing customer experience. Chatbots consistently deliver responsive and constant support to customers 24/7. From resolving simple queries to complex customer issues, these chatbots conquer it all. It’s now time for you to optimize your business. Start with an Engati chatbot today.

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