Two opportunities for AI chatbots to help customers

Shane Barker
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Two opportunities for AI chatbots to help customers

A positive customer experience is critical for business success. 

But how can you deliver a positive customer experience?

A Business Insider survey found that 80% of 800 decisionmakers plan to or already use AI chatbots to interact with their customers via email, SMS, apps, and live chat by 2020. 

They see at least two opportunities for AI chatbots to help customers, which are:

Derive context

Properly trained AI chatbots have the ability to read between the lines, so to speak. They can engage with people at a level that surpasses set if-then scenarios.

They can customize their responses based on a customer’s behavior and activities on the site. This makes the experience relevant to the user immediately, which can improve engagement.

Increase efficiency

In most cases, AI chatbots are the point of initial contact. They have the capacity to filter conversations so they know what they can handle and pass on those best handled by a human agent.

The opportunities here for quality engagement are real. AI chatbots can quickly address simple issues and thus save time for your customers and your human customer service agents. 

When they do need to pass on the contact to a human agent, they can prepare the agent by gathering all the details beforehand that to make the interaction highly productive.


AI chatbots present many opportunities for businesses to improve customer experience. Fortunately, there are quite a few established AI chatbot platforms that can help make this an affordable option for any business.

Check out this infographic first published on my blog,, for the complete list of advantages and disadvantages of chatbots

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Shane Barker on opportunities for chatbots

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