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3 simple ways to train your chatbot

Engati Team
Jul 22
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Simple ways to train your chatbot

They say you must train to stay relevant. Yet, business leaders deal with complex competitive concerns only in the short run. Currently, some are chasing short-term gains to meet their targets for the next quarter. The process will continue till 2019 ends because they want to be the highest ranking company in the current moment. On the other hand, the progressive ones train. They are able to figure out that these gains will become obsolete once we enter the 2021s.

BCG suggests that the following are imperative for businesses to come to the forefront in the next decade:

  • Increasing the rate of organisational learning
  • Leveraging multi-company ecosystems
  • Spanning both the physical and the digital world
  • Imagining and harnessing new ideas
  • Achieving resilience in the face of uncertainty

Therefore, we need a deeper understanding from a fundamental level of business and that begins by getting to know your customers. Of course, the initial steps are to create brand awareness for potential customers to know that your business exists. At a later stage comes the ‘getting-to-know’ part. Moreover, you won’t believe what the stats say about building a brand with technology.

The key focus is to train and formulate content in a way that builds contextual conversations with the audience.

Contextual conversations
Contextual conversations

The focus its around building an interesting, interactive conversation that begins with brand awareness and goes on to customer support, customer retention and more. The key lies behind putting the customer as the centre of attention, to understand their needs, and marketing the product accordingly.

What’s more interesting to note is how technology is helping businesses train and automate all these processes through data and analytics. We are now actually capable of training the machines to have human-like conversations with customers. Of course, why invest on a month-on-month basis on human labour when talking chatbots can easily take over?

It doesn’t hurt to make use of a cutting edge technology that lets you train your chatbot. In fact, it’s a fun and learning experience for yourself too. Here’s how the features of a conversational chatbot help with it all when you build and train a chatbot with Engati.

How to train your chatbot?


Conversation modeller

This is the latest feature addition on the Engati platform and customers are already blown away. With this feature, it has now become easier to create meaningful, visual, well-connected and demonstrated conversational paths for customers to easily interact with the chatbot. You have the liberty to choose your own conversational paths and train them in a way that engages your customers the best.

Further, you can copy, paste, edit, delete, duplicate, and move around the conversations as per your business needs. The visual display actually comes as a great help. The way in which you define these paths will improve the customer journey from lead generation to conversion, as well as increasing brand awareness.


Voice conversations

Voice technology is becoming more and more sophisticated day-by-day. Advances in voice recognition technology are slowly filling the world with talking machines and voice assistants helping us with online shopping, travel planning, etc. This way, we are going to become familiar with having meaningful conversations with our devices. It will save customers the hassle of unwillingly listening to IVRs, which will further save businesses a lot of money.

Voice Conversations | Engati
Enabling voice conversations

Engati chatbots are trained to have voice-based conversations in your customer's language that your customers prefer. You can set these conversations as continuous or non-continuous. Therefore, you get to use a chatbot technology that is flexible to cater and adjust to your business needs.


Multilingual support

We are witnessing a business world in which a hybrid competition is pretty much evident. The competition is between none other than physical-digital interaction between a business and its customers. However, there is one thing common to both and is a complete game-changer - affinity towards sharing a common language.

No matter in which country you are or which field you work in, there's an immediate connection with someone who speaks the same language as you do.

Therefore, it's one way to win over your customers by meeting with them personally or online. You know that you’d be at a competitive advantage when you speak the language they’re most comfortable with. Therefore, Engati offers a platform on which you can build your multilingual chatbot in 50+ international languages. These include English, Spanish, Urdu, Hebrew, Arabic, Indonesia Bahasa, and more.

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Engati Team

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