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Learn from your mistakes, use Engati knowledge base

Engati Team
Sep 14
4-5 mins

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Knowledge Base

So there was a time when I wanted to build a bot for my e-commerce website. The business was new and so was the idea of building a chatbot for it. I quickly got onto the several chatbot building platforms out there but none of them instructed me on how exactly I could build a bot. In such a situation, I started to feel pretty helpless. All that I could do was to consult an agent to optimise my bot, but not always do agents shell out hours together to explain their product to you.

So what to do in a scenario like this? I started to research more and that’s when I found Engati and their knowledge base page on their website. This helped me build my bot and also understand the product in and out.Sounds great, right? Read on to know more on what knowledge base is all about.

What is knowledge base?

Knowledge base, as the name suggests is a page that includes everything that you have to know about the product and its services. From instructions on how to build a bot, to all the backend ongoings that forms a fully functional chatbot- everything is covered and out there for you to read. While building a chatbot, often it happens to be that people make mistakes and the chatbot misses out on some of the key features that it has to integrate to stand up to its true potential.

In this knowledge base, you will find all the information about setting up your account, to building your first bot, to further integrations and enhancements. Here, you can also find updates about new feature releases and much more to keep up with all the developments on the platform.  Hence, through this, you can learn from your mistakes and be well versed with how to build a perfect bot for your website.

Here are the 15 best knowledge base software platforms for your business!

Knowledge base or an agent? Which one is better?

Well, I say knowledge base is good for the ones who don’t really have the time to talk to an agent to solve their doubts and queries. Sometimes, in the spur of the moment, we need instant answers and trying to get in touch with an agent could be slightly time consuming. Knowledge base is like a ‘how to’ manual, which provides all the basic information about setting up your bot, along with updates on new feature releases, etc.

While the agents can help you out with more complex issues, the lower-level doubts and understanding can be done through the knowledge base. A balanced mix of both the mediums of knowledge will help you construct the absolute bot that you’re looking for.


So don’t worry when you’re unable to figure your way out of bot building. You have the perfect manual to guide you to. The whole purpose of knowledge base was for client references. With the help of knowledge base, you can optimise the perfect bot for your business, without having to consult an agent, unless a complex issue arises. Too good to be true? Why don’t you try it yourself and see? Visit Engati for free registration and chatbot demo.

Also to know more about chatbots, check out chatbot and live chat blogs. I hope you found this blog helpful. Bidding adieu for now, hoping to see you soon! Until then, happy botting!

Engati Team

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