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6 ways to improve your customer experience with AI

Jeremy DSouza
Jan 6
3-4 mins

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Customer experience with AI

Most businesses consider their marketing and sales departments to be more important than their customer service department. After all, those are the departments that are visibly raking in the cash. But some companies know better. They know what their experiences count and they're investing in AI to improve their Customer Experience.

Here's how businesses are using ai to improve customer experience


Personalized recommendations

Personalized content is the way to delight your customer's heart

Life is so much easier now that we don't have to spend hours searching for something that we might like.

Now, if you're looking for entertainment, but don't have anything specific in mind, Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu, Disney Plus, Spotify and even YouTube have all got you covered.

They're all using AI to drive recommendations based on your behaviour patterns.

Even Amazon is making it easier for you to make purchases by providing you with personalized product recommendations.

As Jeff Bezos says,

Make it easier for them to find what they want and your customers will definitely stick around.


Image recognition

Stores like Neiman Marcus and H&M have bought in on the idea of making it easier for customers to find what they want.

So now, they're allowing their customers to snap a quick picture of any piece of clothing or pattern that they like and find a similar piece from their inventories on their apps.

AI-powered image recognition technology is getting stronger by the day. Allowing customers to search for images spares them the effort of putting their thoughts into words.

And of course, less effort= better experience.

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Data crunching

We, as businesses, now have too much data on our hands.

Now, don't get me wrong, this data is highly valuable. But it's too much for humans to perfectly interpret on their own. So, you'd see businesses ignoring some data and making decisions based on a smaller set of data.

AI can analyze and interpret data much faster than humans can.

AI's ability to analyze more data than humans helps it find patterns in customer behavior that we humans couldn't catch on our own.

Now a human can look at these patterns, interpretations, and observations and make changes to the customer experience mapping.

AI can help you find out what parts of the customer journey are not well-liked by the customer so that you can craft a better experience for them.


Pick up the pace

Nobody is excited about waiting for 11+ minutes to get on a call with your customer service agent.

It's not the highlight of their day. It's definitely not something they're looking forward to doing.

They just want to get the queries resolved and get back to their day.

So, you should be trying to figure out how to solve the queries faster.

Here is how you can train a bot easily with Engati and answer simple questions that your customers cant wait for.
Automate customer service with chatbots

You easily train a AI chatbot to answer simple, routine questions so that your customers don't have to wait on hold.

And it they do receive queries that they can't answer, they can easily shoot them over to a live agent to answer if the bot has live chat software integrated within it.

Here's another benefit of deploying a bot on your website:

Chatbots can help users find information related to your products or services easily, without having to navigate through a million webpages.

And, as we said, less effort= better experience.


Stock up

If you think inventory management has nothing to do with customer experience, you are so mistaken.

Your customers will definitely feel better when they know that you have the item they are interested in buying. If you're out of stock a few times, they'll simply shift to another store.

AI can identify purchasing patterns and notify you well in advance of when you need to restock. Essentially, AI can help you with demand prediction for better inventory management (and happier customers).

Inventory Management with


Make purchasing easy

As we said, the easier you make it to do something, the more likely people will be to do it.

So, make it easier for people to make a purchase.

Purchasing through voice really makes their lives much easier. Companies are now looking at Alexa, Google Home and other AI to let their customers make purchases without even touching their phones.

Enhance customer experience using AI - Bonus

AI can dramatically improve your CX strategy. It's definitely worth exploring as a means to boost customer loyalty. Start now with Engati's offerings.

Jeremy DSouza

Jeremy is a marketer at Engati with an interest in marketing psychology and consumer neuroscience. Over the last year he has interviewed many of the world's brightest CX, AI, Marketing, and Tech thought leaders for Engati CX.

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