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How are intelligent healthcare chatbots being used? [2023]

Engati Team
Sep 15
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What do you do when you face any emergency?

An ambulance, yes? 

But the line is busy. No one is picking up.

Now what? You still need answers.

Do you need to visit the hospital? Will you need to admit the patient? 

What if you're the patient?

99% of emergencies occur when you do not have the information.

Keeping this information handy - is what chatbots can help you with.

Healthcare chatbots take care of all patient enquiries, provide the necessary information, and book appointments leaving more time for medical personnel to focus on critical emergencies.

Let's do an open heart surgery on how the healthcare industry needs technological innovation.

What are chatbots doing in the healthcare sector? 

Healthcare chatbots

Healthcare Chatbots represent AI technology in the healthcare industry. They are conversationalists that run on the rules of machine learning and development with AI technology. Along with carrying out interactions, they also perform repetitive tasks such as providing solutions, sending emails, marketing, lead generation, result analysis, etc.

Chatbots help in the healthcare sector by automating all the repetitive and lower-level tasks of a medical representative. But that's not it. They acquire and store patient data, make sure it's encrypted, assist in monitoring patients, provide a variety of informational support and ensure medical assistance on a larger scale. Overall, healthcare chatbots have transformed the healthcare industry for the better.

Chatbots are gaining traction in healthcare.

Computer programs using textual conversational mediums have already grown widely popular among healthcare institutions. Based on the market intelligence report published by BIS Research titled Global Chatbots in Healthcare Market – Analysis and Forecast, 2019-2029, the chatbots in the healthcare market generated a revenue of $36.5 million in 2018. These intelligent programs can detect symptoms, manage medications and assist with chronic health issues. They guide people rightly for severe illness and assist them in scheduling appointments with professionals. With technological advancements in chatbots over the decade, there has been significant growth in the healthcare sector, along with their AI tools. 

World-renowned healthcare companies like Pfizer, the UK NHS, Mayo Clinic, and others are all using Healthcare Chatbots to meet the demands of their patients more easily.

What are the advantages of healthcare chatbots?

advantages of health bots

Chatbots are a boon to the healthcare industry and, through them, the entire world. Making healthcare more accessible has only been beneficial. 

Here are some of the main benefits of chatbots in healthcare:

Availability around the clock

Medical emergencies could arise anytime. Patients can need anything from identifying symptoms to scheduling surgeries at any point. Medical professionals might not be available to tend to everything at all times. Here's where chatbots come into play. They are available to everyone at all times. 

Provides critical information instantly

Time is of the essence in healthcare. Chatbots instantly provide helpful information, especially when every second is essential. For example, if a patient rushes in with an attack, the chatbot can immediately provide the doctor or the CRNA with the patient's information, like previous records, diseases, allergies, check-ups, etc.

Builds a rapport with patients and provides assistance

Imagine a patient looking up a symptom on your website with zero ideas of how to learn about the solution they want. How do they book an appointment with you? They're going to leave your website disappointed.

But a healthcare chatbot can help you turn that around. When a patient visits your website, your chatbot will give them a warm greeting, help them through the symptoms, predict possible diagnoses, and allow them to book an appointment with you directly. 

Collects data and eases engagement 

They take in user information by asking them questions, which gets stored for any form of reference and to personalise the patient's experience. This way, chatbots build a good rapport with the patients.

Empathy is a significant factor in healthcare. A website on its own may not be able to address all queries, but an intuitive chatbot solves more doubts and adds a personal touch. They also take in user information by asking them questions, which gets stored for any form of reference and to personalise the patient's experience. This is how chatbots build a good rapport with your patients.

Attends to all patients 

Healthcare professionals can only attend to patients one-on-one. This makes their reach limited. Chatbots, on the other hand, can simultaneously engage and assist multiple customers without affecting the quality of interaction or information provided. Chatbots also allow patients to connect with professionals over online consultation like calls, video calls, texts, emails and more. This helps scale engagement and gives medical professionals the time and opportunity to focus on patients who truly require their attention.

Chatbot use cases in healthcare

Chatbot use-cases in healthcare

Once we know the advantages, we need to know how to use them in our favour.

Here are some of the main uses of chatbots in the healthcare industry:

Schedule appointments

Patients can book appointments directly from your chatbot. The chatbot can also be trained to assign a doctor to the patient, email the doctor with patient information and create a slot in both the patient's and the doctor's calendar. This helps people schedule suitable online appointments with minimum effort and stress.

Check for symptoms

Chatbots can be trained to analyse symptoms against certain parameters and provide an estimated diagnosis along with possible remedies. This lets patients easily check for symptoms on the healthcare chatbot and measure the severity of the situation. Since the chatbot remembers individual patient details, patients can skip having to re-enter details every time they want to get an update.

Provide support 

When patients keep calling with the same basic questions, having an intelligent chatbot answer them could be helpful. Hence, healthcare chatbots can be given the responsibility of managing such additional queries and reducing repetitive calls. Healthcare providers can also use chatbots when they need to access patient information.

Coverage and claims

Chatbots can be trained to assist patients with their medical claims. So when patients want to check their existing coverage, file for claims or track the status of a claim, a healthcare chatbot can provide them with an easy gateway to find relevant information.

This also gives doctors easy access to patient information and queries, making it convenient for them to pre-authorise billing payments and other requests from patients or healthcare authorities.

Enhancing patient experience

Imagine how amazing it would be to have a doctor who can support you at your beck-and-call. Professionals can use healthcare chatbots for just that. Healthcare chatbots typically have an uptime of over 99.9%, so a chatbot can be used to engage with and provide all these answers to patients whenever required.

Helping with therapy

Therapy chatbots can help provide mental health assistance. Chatbots for mental health are not intended to replace licensed mental health professionals but rather to help them. Conversational chatbots can also be used to practice cognitive behavioural therapy to some extent.

Let us take a look at the role healthcare chatbots took up in terms of the pandemic. 

How did healthcare chatbots fight COVID-19?

The war against misinformation

Covid was a turbulent time for all, with people stuck in their homes and a lot of misinformation spread about the virus. Since information can have harmful effects as well, Engati developed "Fight Against Covid Chatbot." This AI chatbot in healthcare shared symptoms, needed precautions and debunked myths. It also shared statistics on the number of cases with users.

Covid19 Chatbot

Zambia's Ministry of Health has also used an Engati chatbot as a beacon of truth in the sea of misinformation. Deployed over their website, mobile app, and WhatsApp, the bot has helped 98,000+ citizens access verified information about the virus, its symptoms, testing, and treatment.

Guidance regarding treatment

These chatbots were trained with all information based on symptoms and treatments of the coronavirus. The chatbot answered patients' queries and helped navigate patients through the recovery process. 

For complex queries, the chatbot seamlessly routed the patient to a trained medical professional via Live Chat.

Providing access to essential facilities

‍COVIDAsha used an intelligent bot, built on Engati, to connect citizens to suppliers of critical medicines and medical facilities.

The COVIDAsha bot helps citizens access critical medicines and medical facilities like oxygen, plasma, and ambulances

Types of healthcare chatbots

Here are different types of healthcare chatbots, along with their templates.

Healthcare appointment selector

This chatbot template provides details on the availability of doctors and allows patients to choose a slot for their appointment. 

 Sex education

There's a certain awkwardness associated with sex education, but it is extremely essential to learn about sexual health. This chatbot aids you in doing so! Use the Sex Education bot at your Educational institute or Healthcare centre to educate adolescents and other visitors about safe sex.

Dental Clinic

This is a simple website chatbot for dentists to help book appointments and showcase different services and procedures. This chatbot also assists in generating leads.

 Patient treatment feedback

This chatbot template collects reviews from patients after they have availed your healthcare services.

 Coupon promotions for therapists

You can use this chatbot template to share coupon codes with customers and prospects. This Messenger funnel is designed for massage and physical therapists but can be easily modified for other doctors!

You can even use a therapist assistant bot to manage appointments, etc., without human intervention.

 Personal assistance for health insurance

Health insurance is one of the most important investments we ever make. This health insurance bot guides your customers from understanding the basics of health insurance to getting a quote

 Health and weight loss coach

This fitness chatbot provides healthy recipes and shares solutions to everyday health issues. It also monitors your general health from time to time by asking questions. You can use this in your healthcare centre for post-treatment purposes.

 FAQ chatbots

Chatbots have an uptime of 99.9%. So, healthcare providers can use a chatbot dedicated to answering their patient's most commonly asked questions. Questions about insurance, like covers, claims, documents, symptoms, business hours, and quick fixes, can be communicated to patients through the chatbot.

‍How to build a healthcare chatbot?

Now that you know where you can use a Healthcare Chatbot and, more importantly, why you should use one, you must also know how to build one. With Engati, you can easily build a chatbot for your healthcare service without any technical know-how. Engati allows you to build a chatbot without any coding. You can deploy your chatbot across various channels such as Instagram, WhatsApp, Facebook, and more, along with an omnichannel presence that allows you to keep track of all patient and customer conversations and makes you more accessible to patients!

Moreover, you can customise your healthcare chatbot based on your needs.

With Engati, you can choose from various chatbot templates across multiple use cases. You can also check out these templates here!


How does a chatbot operate as a healthcare consultant?

Individuals regularly have numerous major and minor inquiries concerning their well-being. It is valuable to have a healthcare specialist in their pockets to solve all these doubts and queries. A healthcare chatbot uses the power of artificial intelligence or machine learning to do exactly that and more. It can answer symptoms and other health-related questions, recommend solutions and connect people to relevant specialists nearby. It is especially useful for individuals with chronic health problems, for example, diabetes, asthma, etc.

How does a chatbot operate as a self-care coach?

Developing discipline is hard, but fear is not. Medical Chatbots can be utilised to check calories, measure the amount of water consumed, log physical activity, or monitor one's sleep schedule. They can recommend specific food plans, give reminders to take medication, or encourage one to see a specialist when required. Chatbots can also send provocative and inspirational affirmations to support one's mindset and confidence. While a chatbot can't substitute clinical consideration, it can definitely become an all-encompassing self-care mentor.

What is the future of healthcare chatbots?

Healthcare chatbots are here to stick around. Over the years, healthcare chatbots will be everywhere, and human beings will be dependant on them for a lot. Although it is physically impossible to replace a real doctor, these chatbots will definitely take up the role of a primary healthcare consultant to assist individuals in their hectic daily life.

A perfect blend of human assistance and chatbot technology will empower your healthcare center to run seamlessly! While chatbots handle lower-level tasks, you can focus on more complex issues. 

Visit Engati to build your very own robust healthcare chatbot and explore our starter packs to make use of the chatbot templates mentioned above!


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