Health Insurance

Health insurance is one of the most important investments we ever make. This bot is the guidance for your customers from understanding health insurance basics till the first Get a Quote step.

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Team Engati




Lead generation

Engage with customers, convert buyers into more clients and closing more deals.


Answer queries by allowing the bot to parse and provide relevant information from the documents using docuSense.

Generate quote

Generate and share a quote by integrating the bot with cloud-based or on-premise legacy systems

Case Study

How QIC has increased engagements Tenfold


With over 2.5k daily incoming users from multiple channels and regions, it was becoming increasingly diicult for QIC to attend to every user. This led to longer waiting times and higher customer attrition.


QIC integrates Engati easily with their platform and legacy systems to answer repetitive queries and provide 24/7 support.All required information around claims, policies, and quotes are captured and processed by the bot reducing calls to agent with improved engagements.

How QIC has increased engagements Tenfold


Queries that were answered by the bot


The bot could handle 3x more users than agents.


Conversations were handled by the bot