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Digital Assistant

A Digital Assistant is an artificial intelligence-powered virtual assistant. It's developed to make our lives simpler.

You can find them everywhere around you in your smartphones, laptops, TVs, smartwatches, etc. It can even engage in a two-way conversation to understand you better.

1. What is a digital assistant?

A digital assistant is a predictive AI chatbot that uses an advanced computer program and machine learning to simulate a conversation. It can also understand voice inputs and can carry out tasks for you. You might find them on the internet and on your smartphones. You need to speak or type down your command and the digital assistant will do the rest.

By learning a user's history and past preferences a digital assistant can answer your complex questions. AI, NLP (natural language processing), and machine learning allow them to start a conversation and provide a personalized conversational experience.

2. What is the work of a digital assistant?

A digital assistant's primary work involves collecting data from multiple sources and using it in context. The advanced natural language processing gives it the ability to understand what you type or say to it. NLU can allow them to understand complex sentences and separate it into different parts to provide you with an accurate answer.

The more advanced digital assistants can also process multiple tasks and questions to provide you with a seamless conversation experience.

They understand your preferences based on your past actions. This allows them to provide you with a personalized experience that is tailored as per your needs.

3. What can a Digital Assistant do for you?

Digital assistants like Siri and Cortana can answer and perform all your general queries. They provide recommendations based on your profile, past behaviour, and other information as well. They can do anything, right from giving you updates on the weather to set you an appointment with your dentist.

For businesses, digital assistants act as a bridge between them and their customers. They are also used on websites to provide a good customer experience. Some companies have started using them while onboarding their new employees. This enhances the overall experience of the employees as well.

Other tasks that your AI assistant can perform includes:  

  • Reminding employees on their tasks and also helping them in completing it.
  • Answer their complex questions like the nearest cafeteria or the last bus/train available to reach their destination.

4. What is the best personal digital assistant?

Some of the best digital assistants in the market right now would be:

  • Google Assistant on your Android smartphone
  • Siri  on IOS devices
  • Alexa on Amazon
  • Cortana on Windows.

5. Is Alexa a digital assistant?

Amazon's digital assistant also popularly known as Alexa is a virtual assistant based on AI technology by amazon. Alexa has the ability to listen and obey your commands and also the power of controlling smart devices. It can obey your instructions over a single command and that's what makes it so reliable.


6. What is the smartest assistant?

Thanks to its long history with search engines and probably the most extensive knowledge graph on earth, Google is considered the smartest voice-based AI assistant around.

7. How do you use a digital assistant?

Digital assistants work and obey your commands. Each of them has its own activation word. You just need to call out that word to activate it. Here are some activation words for different platforms:

  • For Google's Assistant its "Ok Google"
  • For Amazon's Assistant its "Hey Alexa"
  • For Apple's Assistant its "Hey Siri"
  • For Window's Assistant its "Hey Cortana"

8. How many digital assistants are there?

It is expected to have around 8 billion digital voice assistants in use by the year 2023. We are currently around 2.5 billion assistants and the number keeps going up. The majority of these assistants are on smartphones, but they can be also sighted on your other smart devices like:

  • Smart Tv
  • Tablets
  • Smartwatches
  • Earphones
  • Computers and Laptops, etc.


9. Who all can use a personal digital assistant?

Personal digital assistants can be used by anyone possessing the devices that have them. They can be found almost everywhere, so anyone can have a good conversation or can use them to answer their queries.

10. Are digital assistants Safe?

Digital Assistants are pretty much safe but also vulnerable just like any other electronic device. While there hasn't been any pandemic spread of malware in AI devices as of now,  having a presence on the internet has its own pros and cons.

It's pretty much safe to conclude that the chances of this happening are pretty low but never zero.

11. Is Google assistant always listening?

It all depends upon the level of permission you have allowed it. If the device is on, you can always command Google by using the phrase “OK Google” to turn on it's listening capabilities and answer your queries. Although, there's also an option to turn it off.  

12. What are the Benefits of having Digital Assistants?

  • For individuals, they come in handy to provide:
  • Reminders.
  • Find Locations.
  • To know weather forecasts.
  • For bookings and reservations.
  • To answer all their queries, etc.
  • For Business they help in:
  • Saves them money.
  • Offer more services.
  • Provide better service/ better experience.
  • Fewer cases of errors.
  • Scalability, etc.

13. What is AI (Artificial Intelligence)?

Artificial intelligence (AI) refers to the simulation of human intelligence in our machines. With machine learning, machines can be programmed to think and act like humans. This term is associated with any machine showing human traits. This includes traits of the human mind such as learning and problem-solving.

In simple words, AI involves using computers to do things that require human intelligence.

14. How AI has improved the entire Digital virtual assistant experience.

In a fast-moving world, customers look for efficiency and promptness when they engage with a company. Here's where chatbots and Intelligent Virtual Assistants (IVAs) come into the picture.

Thanks to the ever-advancing AI technology, chatbots are getting smarter than ever. The ability to engage in an advanced conversation makes it easy for the company to solve customer problems. They are capable enough to entertain you when required. The customizable feature helps them in self-learning and scalability. This has led to them gaining immense popularity across all global enterprises.

15. What can AI chatbots do in 2020?

There isn't any doubt about the recent advancements in technology. It has kept on improving the performance of chatbots and IVA’s. AI-powered chatbots rely on artificial intelligence and machine learning. These chatbots are capable enough to produce human-like conversations.

IVA’s can adapt and engage in human-like conversations. Enhancing the complete user experience. Some organizations also believe in simulating real people as avatars. This helps them provide a more human-like experience to their customers. Making it a successful model.

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