The ultimate digital personal assistant

Manpreet Kalsi
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The ultimate digital personal assistant

So we know what a personal assistant means, what's a digital personal assistant? Let's find out. A young woman decides to travel alone for the first time in her life. Terrified and clueless, yet excited, she decides to take help. But who can she go to? When most people hear a young woman say she’s going to travel alone, the usual questions are - “Why?” “Don’t you want to wait for your boyfriend to go with you?” “Have you seen the movie Taken?” “Aren’t you scared?” “HAVE YOU SEEN THE MOVIE TAKEN?”So, she starts texting on her phone but it’s neither a travel agent, nor a friend.After she fills in a few basic details, she gets a ping on her phone with hotel recommendations, flight ticket options, itinerary suggestions, deals and promotions that she can use. She slips her phone back and continues with her day. Who could be this special someone, or something?

Introducing a digital personal assistant

Gone are the days when only the rich could afford to have personal assistants and you had to hire a person to do all the small tasks that you feel kill your time.Now the AI is taking over the world with chatbots and virtual assistants. But be sure to know the difference between them. AI is becoming more realistic and easily accessible like never before. Now imagine, you’ve booked a cab but the driver cancels. Your personal bot will see this and book another cab to the same location, without you having to lift a finger. Or imagine you plan to attend a concert happening in your town - just have your personal bot do it. The bot will crawl into the online resources for the event happening, find out ticket details, find out the date, time and location of the event happening, suggest places nearby that you can go to, and much more. Just give your bot the “yes” and it will make all the necessary arrangements. All you have to do is show up. The whole point of the above illustrations was to show you how chatbots have become better than personal assistants. They will be faster, more accurate and less expensive than hiring a real person. Also, digital personal assistant knows us extremely well and works on our behalf. Too good to be true? Well, believe it.

Professional support for all

Chatbots provide professional support for all in mainly two approaches-

  1. Companies building robust chatbots to interact with their customers, employees and leads.
  2. Messaging applications will have chatbots for each individual consumer. This acts as a personal assistant. These chatbots will initially interact with other chatbots and people before acting on our behalf in any online-based activity.

Both the approaches are becoming increasingly popular and powerful because of advancements in AI and NLP, which are making conversations more human-like, i.e, contextual conversations.

Now let’s check out these 11 sectors where chatbots act as a personal assistant-

  1. E-commerce - Sales, promotions, catalog search, personalisation, orders, payments, returns and much more.
  2. Travel - Flight options, hotel suggestions, reviews, places to visit, payments, FAQs, customer service channels to satisfy your end-to-end travel needs.
  3. Healthcare - Book doctor appointments, suggest prescriptions, daily health tips, medication reminders, nutrition guides, symptoms check-ups, pay bills and get health insurance assistance.
  4. News and media - catch up on latest news updates and releases, gather tours and events information, sell merchandise, conduct user satisfaction surveys, improve retention rates and get notified with exclusive content.
  5. Automobile - Generate sales leads, push promotional and new launch announcements, feature updates, configuration, estimates, financing and purchasing options.
  6. Human Resource - manage employees, answer official questions, easily access into HR information, manage leaves, grant sick leaves, change passwords, assist onboarding and so on.
  7. Customer service - 24/7 hours support, quick responses, easy resolutions, orders can be placed, tracked and returned, customer engagement, updates on latest trends, etc.
  8. Real estate - marketing of new houses, elaborating their features, discussing the USP, sharing the photos and other materials, work on multiple queries at once, 360 degree views of properties, help secure appointments etc.
  9. Marketing and sales - increase sales, personalised experience, reach large audiences, understand human behavior and predict patterns based on certain indications, builds two-way conversations and much more.
  10. Education- intensive scoring, providing tutorials, self-help materials, collecting feedback, help teachers segregate tasks and assignments.
  11. BFSI - solving account related customer queries, transferring funds into account, picking out the right insurance policy, handling claims and premiums, providing customer, etc.


These are just a few examples of how chatbots help through industries and people. Like time, it’s forever evolving and improvising with limitless possibilities. So don’t miss out on the chance to help, engage and automate your tasks with this sweet little digital personal assistant. We hope you found this blog helpful. If you did, then read up our previous blogs to form more knowledge about chatbots. Click here. Also, come check our webpage out and you can even sign up for a free demo! Engati. See you again next week.Until then, happy botting folks! :)

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