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Future of chatbots in healthcare

Manpreet Kalsi
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Future of chatbots in healthcare

Why are chatbots growing more popular by the day in the healthcare industry? Why are healthcare representatives implementing AI tools in their day-to-day work activities? What role do chatbots actually play in this sector, that’s made them one of the commonly used tools today? What is the future of chatbots in the healthcare sector? The healthcare industry is one of the largest sectors across the world- both economically and employment wise, making it one of the busiest sectors as well!

Modern consumers want quick and easy access to information, and the same goes for modern patients. But with the rusty technology that the healthcare sectors use, it’s hard for it to happen!

With the technological advancements of AI, chatbots have come out to be a great tool for quick and easy automation. Ever since they grew popular among the E-commerce and Customer service sectors, many industries have been coming up with ways to implement this technology in their businesses, including healthcare. In fact, there are many chatbot companies coming out with innovative use-cases for their bots. But for a deeper understanding of what exactly do chatbots do in the healthcare industry, we’ll have to go step-by-step!

Let’s start off with...

What are chatbots and what are they doing in the healthcare sector?

Chatbots are conversationalists that run on the rules of machine learning, which comes under AI. Along with carrying out interactions, they also perform repetitive tasks such as providing solutions, sending emails, marketing, lead generation, result analysis, and the list goes on… Now how chatbots help in the healthcare sector is automating all the repetitive, as well as lower-level tasks that a representative would do. When you divide work into two, where one takes care of the simple tasks, while the other looks after more complex queries, the work is done seamlessly. Now you/your patients don’t need to hold in line for hours together before a representative invests time to look into your query, while a chatbot can do this instantly! Moreover, according to a study, millennials prefer texting over calling. So chatbots seem to fit all modern-day requirements perfectly!

Chatbots in healthcare is growing traction

Computer programs using textual conversational mediums are growing popular among healthcare institutions/organizations. These intelligent programs are able to detect symptoms, manage medications and assist chronic health issues. They guide people rightly for serious illness and also assists them in scheduling appointments with professionals. With technological advancements in chatbots over the decade, there has been significant growth in the healthcare sector, along with other AI tools.

Let’s look at some of the advantages of chatbots in healthcare

Availability round-the-clock

Future Of Chatbots In Healthcare

Doctors are very important and they do their best to be available all the time and dedicate enough attention to each patient. But the problem is, doctors are usually on a tight schedule and being available for every patient is impossible at times. Hence, chatbots came into work! Chatbots are available 24/7 and they’re personally dedicated to assisting you throughout your recovery. While the doctors save many more lives out there, this chatbot can help you in tasks such as reminding you about your medicines, provide medical information, give you tips and monitor your overall wellbeing.

Information comes handy

Future Of Chatbots In Healthcare
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In the healthcare industry, emergencies are a common thing. And time plays a very crucial role in this! Healthcare chatbots provide instant information, especially in times where every minute is important. For example, if a patient rushes in with an attack, the doctor can get the patient’s information like previous records, other diseases, allergies, check-ups, etc. Therefore, doctors are able to save more time with chatbots.

Builds a rapport with the patients and provides assistance

All chatbots in the medical line have to be presented rightly and made as attractive as possible. Now imagine your patient’s looking up for a symptom on your website but doesn’t know where exactly to find the solution and how to book an appointment with you? The patient’s going to leave your website disappointed. But a chatbot can help you turn that around. When a patient visits your website, your chatbot will give them a warm greeting and help them through the symptoms, predict potential diagnosis and provide them the option of booking an appointment with you directly. They also take in user information by asking them questions, which gets stored for any form of reference and personalized experience. This is how chatbots build a good rapport with your patients.

Schedule appointments

As previously discussed, chatbots can help patients book appointments directly from your website chatbot. Not just that, they can also assign a relevant doctor to your patient, send the doctor an email with patient information and create a slot in both the patient, as well as the doctor's calendar. This way people are able to schedule online appointments almost instantly and hassle-free!

Provides support and additional information

People usually keep calling in with additional questions and doubts which kills a lot of time in a busy atmosphere. Hence, chatbots are also given the responsibility of managing such additional queries and reducing repetitive calls.

Few bot templates to try!

Healthcare- Appointment selector

This is a chatbot template that allows patients to browse various specialties and doctors available at the center. This healthcare chatbot also provides details on the availability of doctors and allows patients to choose an appointment slot. On appointment selection, an email is sent out to the hospital administration with details.

Sex education

People have certain awkwardness attached to sex, especially if one has to speak about it publicly. But it’s important to take across the right information about sexual health. And here’s a chatbot that will aid you in doing so! Use the ‘Sex Education’ bot at your Educational institute or Healthcare center to educate the visitors to safe sex.  

Dental clinic

This is a simple website bot for dentists to book appointments, showcase different services. The bot owner can generate leads when someone interacts with the bot.

Patient treatment assessment

This is a chatbot template to attain reviews from a patient after he has accessed your healthcare services.

Coupon promotions for therapists

In this chatbot template, you can ask your users to enter a chatbot in order to get a coupon code. This Messenger funnel is designed for massage therapists and physical therapists but can be easily modified for any other doctors as well!

Personal assistance for health insurance

Health insurance is one of the most important investments we ever make. This bot is the guidance for your customers from understanding health insurance basics till the first get-a-quote step.

Health and weight loss coach

This is a chatbot template to engage customers by helping them to stay fit. It provides healthy recipes and gives solutions to everyday health issues. It also monitors your general health from time to time by asking questions. You can use this in your healthcare center for post-treatment purposes.

To sum up

Chatbots are a great device for the healthcare sector to automate some of their work. Though it’s obvious that everything can’t be automated or taken care of by chatbots, a perfect blend of human involvement and chatbot technology will make your healthcare centre run seamlessly! While chatbots handle lower-level tasks, you can focus on more complex issues.

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Happy botting!

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