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Chatbots for News & Media 

Learn how to build chatbots for News & Media use cases

news chatbot
The Big Idea
In today's social world, there is an information overload. Browsing through many apps & sources leads to app fatigue for users. Artificial intelligence combined with conversational experience can be a game changer. It can help users get to what they are looking for including news articles & media updates. 
Millennials & Generation Z are increasingly comfortable with conversational interfaces. Statistics show them spending more than 9 hours each day on their smartphones. It then makes sense to rollout your marketing & content delivery capabilities on news chatbots.  Key capabilities would include: 
- Latest news updates releases 
- Tours and events information 
- Subscriptions & notifications
- Engage with your followers
- Deliver right news on a simple command 
- Easy user acquisition with no installation asks
Operational Cost reduction expected from Chatbots
1.4 billion
People using Chatbots
Natural Language Processing 
requester user data
Request User Data
user segmentation
User Segmentation 
bot analytics
Deep Analytics 
High Click-through Rates
High Engagement
Higher Consumer Satisfaction Scores
Targeted Marketing
365*24*7 Availability
Higher Retention Rates
Cost Effective Customer Acquisition
Broader Reach across Social Media