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10 Must-Have chatbot features (#5 will make customers love you!)

Engati Team
Aug 6
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chatbot features

If you’ve landed here, that means you’re already convinced that your business needs a chatbot.

  1. 87% of consumers have had neutral to positive experiences with a chatbot. [StartupBonsai]
  2. 69% of chats are handled by chatbots from start to finish. [Comm100]
  3. 41.3% of consumers use conversational marketing tools for purchases. [StartupBonsai]

If these stats also don’t convince you that you need a chatbot, we don’t know what will!

Integrating AI-powered chatbots into your business is a great way to stay one step ahead of the competition, offer superior customer service, and increase levels of engagement between your brand and customers.

The very purpose of building and creating chatbots for business & incorporating chatbot features is to improve customer communications and help your customers get answers to their questions in real-time. 

According to TechRepublic, 50% of companies are ready to invest in automation to help with customer service and to enhance customer experience. 

‍Now, let’s get into the most important characteristics and features of a good chatbot.

What are the top 10 must-have chatbot features?

Here's the entire list of AI chatbot features that can help organizations to increase customer success and sustainability:

1. Easy customization

Every business is built different. They have different integrations, different apps, different workflows and require customized solutions for everything.

Our platform is just built for that. Pick and chatbot, any domain, any industry - our chatbots are ready to be deployed. And we’ll do quick customizations for you and get your bot up and running in less than a week.

PS: Our tech team loves to customize the bot for the most unique solutions, and they’ll be happy to customize your bot as well.

Chatbots can collect user data and function as per customer needs and behavioral patterns with the help of AI, making the entire customer journey more personalized and customized. Mastering the art of conversation is of utmost importance. 

We can customize chatbots to be conversationalists that are neither dull nor pervasive. Creating bots in the right way, on the right platform with the right chatbot script can let you discover how amazing bots can be for customer assistants and interactions. And Engati has made it easy for you to get started with no code chatbot building, from over 100+ templates.



‍2. WhatsApp as a channel

WhatsApp message templates

With 2 Billion+ users and an open rate of 98%, WhatsApp is the leading channel for businesses for all their customer conversations.

Brands are using WhatsApp Chatbot to generate more leads, offer customer support, answer repetitive queries, automate sales processes, and much more!

Ecommerce stores can showcase & sell all their products online by leveraging WhatsApp commerce.

A chatbot platform that’ll allow you to deploy on WhatsApp and generate WhatsApp links & QR codes for the customers to initiate conversations with the brand, will help you generate more sales & boost revenue. 

3. Quick chatbot training

Hi-Touch Experience Image

This is one of the most exciting chatbot capabilities, where you can train the chatbot to perform complex reasoning on its own, without human interference, with the support of DocuSense.

Instead of manually adding and updating FAQs, you can simply load your knowledge base to the chatbot. The chatbot parses through the information and can provide a suitable answer within seconds and with the help of the all new eSenseGPT it can also provide more prompt and quicker replies. Instead of passing simple queries to live agents, we can rather use DocuSense to empower our chatbots. 

4. Easy omni-channel deployment

Your customer first messages you on Email.

Then they message you on Instagram.

Then they create a new Twitter account - and then again tag you in a Tweet.

They’re talking about the same thing on 3 different channels. However, do your agents know that these 3 customers are the same? Do they have the context? 

99% of people who read this - answer with NO. 

That’s the problem we solve. We stitch conversations from all channels and bring them under 1 roof - so your agents have the context before they get on a call with your customer. 

WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, Telegram - all of these have become the means of corporate survival. Being absent on social media is like turning your back on 71% of your customers. Therefore, you must deploy your chatbot across channels. Because customers can reach out to you on any platform and would love to connect with you across platforms that they use. 

Engati made it easier through the OneView inbox, empowering conversations across 14+ channels and stitching them into a single inbox, providing an easy gateway for your customers to engage with your business. Most chatbots are not truly omnichannel, which makes this one of the more advanced chatbot features.


5. Integration with 3rd-party apps

Integrate the chatbot with your preferred 3rd-party applications like Salesforce, Zendesk, Google Sheets, and more... Integrating with 3rd-party applications allows businesses to extract or workaround necessary data, analysis, and reports that are important to monitor trends and form business decisions. 

6. Interactive flow builder

Engati chatbot flow builder helps you determine the path and the flow of the chatbot conversations. You can compile & structure questions and their subsequent answers or various replies to certain customer queries. A chatbot flow builder puts in place the series of paths that a user's responses could trigger.

interactive flow builder

7. Multilingual capabilities

As the business grows globally, more and more customers expect to interact with business in different languages and dialects of their choice. And for all online stores and businesses spreading worldwide who want to strengthen customer relationships, multilingual engagement becomes a necessity. Engati chatbots can converse in more than 37 international languages providing a wide array of languages to select from. 


8. Easy live chat

Your chatbots can handle around 80% of your customer queries without human intervention. And for the complex conversation, you can switch or direct the interactions to live agents to serve them better. There's a provision made on the chatbots where customers can choose or ask for live support as per their requirements. 

‍9. Emotional intelligence

Emotional Intelligence

Whether the customer is angry, confused, or happy - our chatbots can understand their sentiments just like their better half would! 

Emotional connect helps brands and customers to engage with each other and build a relationship. Since chatbots are the primary interface between your business and customers, it's vital to enable or design chatbots that can build and foster relationships with customers. 

With the help of sentiment analysis, chatbots can pick up the underlying emotions and intent of customers and respond to them most appropriately. This makes sentiment analysis a critical chatbot feature.

10. Security & privacy

With so many data breaches, your chatbot must be secure. It’s a good idea to have a fully transparent policy regarding the data bots, such as what they collect and exactly what it is used for. Users should also be given the option to opt-out of data collection (if desired), but make note that this will inhibit its ability to do progressive profiling.

security practice

In summary...

These were 10 of the key chatbot features. If you already have a chatbot built for your website, try incorporating these AI chatbot features and measure the differences. And if you haven't, you can start building your first chatbot with Engati's no-code chatbot platform. Engati allows you to opt for a free trial which can later be upgraded as per your business needs and requirements.

By adding an intelligent conversational UI into mobile apps, smartwatches, speakers, and more, organizations can truly differentiate themselves from their competitors while increasing efficiency.

Engati Team

At the forefront for digital customer experience, Engati helps you reimagine the customer journey through engagement-first solutions, spanning automation and live chat.

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