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How to create WhatsApp links with WhatsApp Link Generator

Engati Team
Sep 14
2-4 mins

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WhatsApp Link Generator

What’s hot? WhatsApp Link Generator + golden widget

“In some countries, WhatsApp is like oxygen” - said our Head of Business!

But he said it so loud, that the world seemed to have taken notice.

And the next day, we saw this trending all over the place - WhatsApp Link Generator (for FREE). 

However, you’ll find 100’s of websites that generate this WhatsApp link for you.

So, what’s the problem? Get the link and start reaching out to your customers.

Simple enough, right?

Think again!

Are you simplifying things for your business or complicating it?

Free WhatsApp link = More customers

More customers = More conversations

More conversations = More workload

More workload = More resources required

BAM! You just screwed your own business. 

So, what’s the solution?

WhatsApp has an open rate of 98% & active users are 2B+.

Surely, the WhatsApp link is the best option for the business, but not without automation.

Find yourself a solution that not only generates WhatsApp links for your business, but also automates the replies & lead generation for you.

And before you jump into finding one, spare a couple of mins to understand how WhatsApp links will help you. 

Our time starts now.

What are WhatsApp links?

Links that you can create using your WhatsApp business number for reaching out to your customers, are WhatsApp links.

You can also add a pre-defined message to your link, so your customers can directly reply without manually typing any specific.

This is generally helpful whenever you’re running campaigns and want specific replies for the different campaigns you’re running.

Additionally, if you ever decide (hope it’s sooner) to use WhatsApp automation for your business with a WhatsApp chatbot, you can trigger different paths for the bot - and different workflows could be added for running multiple campaigns at once.

Also, in this case, you don’t have to manually reply to all customers, the chatbot’s smart enough to understand the query and reply accordingly. 

And, what is a WhatsApp link generator?

WhatsApp link generator is a free tool that’ll help you create WhatsApp chat links for your business. You can use multiple WhatsApp business numbers & reach out to your customers.

From the 100+ companies that help you generate free WhatsApp links, find out how many of them will help you automate the replies!

You know, they always say - close the loop my man, don’t keep it open! Imagine if 50 customers reply to your message, hard luck replying to those 50 one after another. We’ll get the snacks for you, in that case!

Why do you need WhatsApp links for your business?

Is it just because everyone is headed South, you also want to go South? Analyze whether your business really needs WhatsApp as a channel. If not, the following 3 pointers will convince you that your business really really needs to be on WhatsApp!

  1. Real-time communication - People take less than a second to just click on the WhatsApp message they’ve received. If the customers are interested, they’ll reply and initiate the conversation. What else do you want?
  2. Easy lead generation - All people who reply to the message and initiate the conversation are your potential customers. Integrate your CRM and share these leads with your sales folks for them to take it ahead.
  3. Hassle-free WhatsApp marketing - Which channels do your customers generally (& repeatedly) use? Messenger, Email, Twitter, or WhatsApp? The answer’s obviously WhatsApp - so why not market your business on that channel? 

How to create WhatsApp links for your business?

1. Create a new account on Engati. Navigate to the ‘Configure’ section and click on ‘Deployment’.

2. Choose the WhatsApp solution provider as 360Dialog and add your WhatsApp business number.

3. Click on the “Generate API key” and save it for your reference.

4. Under the “Share” section, you’ll find your WhatsApp link, a downloadable QR code, and the embed code to add the WhatsApp widget to your website.

5. Copy it and use it for your marketing.

However, don’t just blindly fall for generating WhatsApp links.

They’re of no use if you don’t automate the channel for your business.

But, what really is the benefit of automating your business with WhatsApp?

Spare 2 more minutes if you’ve read till here, and see what can this channel solve for your business.

How will WhatsApp automation help your business?

  1. Use social commerce to showcase & sell your products directly on WhatsApp.
  2. Broadcast updates & notifications to your customers
  3. Automate replies to all the post-purchase queries
  4. Use WhatsApp message templates to engage with your customers by sharing payment confirmations, order status, etc.
  5. Run your marketing campaigns on WhatsApp using interactive buttons

Are brands really falling for WhatsApp automation?

Ikea, PwC, Imile, Cipla, GSK, and 1000+ others have already jumped on the bandwagon.

Do you want to be left out?

Book a demo with us now.

We’re just a message away!

Last, but not least - Is it worth the investment?

This would cost a dime, right?

NOPE, it costs less than a cup of coffee!

Yes, just 1 coffee!

See you on the call.

Engati Team

At the forefront for digital customer experience, Engati helps you reimagine the customer journey through engagement-first solutions, spanning automation and live chat.

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