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How to create WhatsApp links with WhatsApp Link Generator

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November 24, 2023
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WhatsApp Link Generator

“In some countries, WhatsApp is like oxygen.” - said our Head of Business!

But he said it so loud that the world seemed to have taken notice.

And the next day, we saw this trending all over the place - WhatsApp Link Generator (for FREE). 

However, you’ll find 100’s of websites that generate this WhatsApp link for you.

So, what’s the problem? Get the link and start reaching out to your customers.

Simple enough, right?

Think again!

Are you simplifying things for your business or complicating them?

Free WhatsApp link = More customers

More customers = More conversations

More conversations = More workload

More workload = More resources required

BAM! You just screwed your own business. 

So, what’s the solution?

WhatsApp has an open rate of 98% & active users are 2B+.

Undoubtedly, the WhatsApp link is the best business option, just not without automation.

Find yourself a solution that not only generates WhatsApp links for your business but also automates the replies & generates leads for you.

But before you can jump into finding one, let’s spare a couple of minutes to understand how WhatsApp links can help you. 

Our time starts now.

What are WhatsApp links?

A WhatsApp link is a URL used to let customers initiate chat and communicate with your business in just one click.

You can create this link using your WhatsApp business number and add a predefined message using WhatsApp message templates to automatically greet users arriving on your chat.

Additionally, using automation for your business frees you of the effort of having to reply to all your customers manually. The chatbot smartly engages your prospects and answers every customer query. You can also trigger various paths and create workflows to run multiple campaigns to market and upsell your products/services.

What is a WhatsApp link generator?

WhatsApp link generator is a free tool that helps you create a WhatsApp chat link for your business. You can use multiple WhatsApp business numbers & reach out to your customers using these links.

From the 100+ companies that help you generate free WhatsApp links, find out how many of them will help you automate your replies!

They always say - close the loop, my man, don’t keep it open! Imagine if 50 customers reply to your message; hard luck responding to those 50 one after another. We’ll get the snacks for you, in that case!

Why do you need WhatsApp links for your business?


WhatsApp is the channel where all your leads and customers are. 

It is crucial to connect with all of them to grow your business. 

This makes WhatsApp an imperative channel for you. 

WhatsApp links allow your customers to connect directly with your business on WhatsApp without needing your business number.

This makes WhatsApp links convenient for both you and your customers.

Other than that, here are 3 factors that closely highlight the benefits of WhatsApp links.

  1. Real-time communication 

 A WhatsApp link allows you and your prospects to connect in real-time. It takes less than a second for your customers to click on the link provided and chat with you when their curiosity is still fresh. By connecting with them in real-time, you can make the most out of the situation and increase the chances of your sale.

  1. Easy lead generation

Everyone that clicks on the link and initiates the conversation is a potential customer. This is because once a user lands on your WhatsApp, you automatically receive their name, number, and interest in your brand. You can easily integrate your CRM and share these leads with your sales folks for them to take it ahead.

  1. Hassle-free WhatsApp marketing  

WhatsApp offers some fantastic features such as WhatsApp Broadcast, CTA buttons and WhatsApp commerce. These allow you to run marketing campaigns and directly sell products on the channel. Considering the channel's massive user base, converting leads into customers becomes easier and more accessible for most businesses.

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Types of WhatsApp links.

There are 3 types of WhatsApp links. Each has the same purpose, i.e. connecting with prospects and collecting leads but is used differently based on its characteristics.

WhatsApp Link URL 

This is the basic WhatsApp click-to-chat URL. It can be easily circulated to connect with users and collect data for leads. The best way to use this feature is to add it to your Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and Gmail profiles. You can also add these URL links to your email marketing messages in order to make yourself more accessible to your prospective customers.

WhatsApp Chat Widget

WhatsApp Chat Widget is another click-to-chat feature, but purely for your website. It is placed at the bottom right of a webpage. This acts as a pop-up and allows users to connect with your WhatsApp business directly from your website. 

WhatsApp QR Code

WhatsApp QR code is the only WhatsApp link that isn't click-to-chat. This unique QR code is a scan-to-chat feature by WhatsApp that allows users to scan their way to your business. This feature is special as it isn't restricted to the screen. You can add a WhatsApp QR code to your product packaging, newspaper articles, storefronts and more to get leads from offline resources.


How to create WhatsApp links for your business?

Now that we know about the three types of WhatsApp links and how to use them, it is essential to be able to generate all three.

Here is how you can generate all 3 WhatsApp links for free:

  1. Create a new account on Engati. Navigate to the ‘Configure’ section and click on ‘Deployment’.
  2. Choose the WhatsApp solution provider as 360Dialog and add your WhatsApp business number.
  3. Click on the “Generate API key” and save it for your reference.
  4. Under the “Share” section, you’ll find your WhatsApp link, a downloadable QR code, and the embed code to add the WhatsApp widget to your website.
  5. Copy it and use it for your marketing.

Remember. Don’t just blindly fall for generating WhatsApp links.

They’re of no use if you don’t automate the channel for your business.

But what really is the benefit of automating your business with WhatsApp API ?

Spare 2 more minutes if you’ve read till here, and see what problems automation can solve for your business.

How will WhatsApp automation help your business?

With WhatsApp Automation, you can:

  1. Use social commerce to showcase & sell your products directly on WhatsApp.
  2. Broadcast updates & notifications to your customers
  3. Automate replies to all pre and post-purchase queries
  4. Use WhatsApp message templates to engage with your customers by sharing payment confirmations, order status, etc.
  5. Run your marketing campaigns on WhatsApp using features like scheduled messaging and interactive buttons.

Are brands really using WhatsApp automation?

Ikea, PwC, Imile, Cipla, GSK, and 1000+ others are already benefitting from WhatsApp Automation.

Feel left out?

Book a demo with us now.

That is everything you need to know about generating a WhatsApp link. 

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