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WhatsApp Automation

Trying to handle them all on your own as a small business owner is not easy. Even major corporations with specialized sections could benefit from an extra set of hands from time to time as work piles up.

In this post, we'll define WhatsApp Business automation, and explain how it works to get you started. You can now automate WhatsApp messages for businesses to nurture, engage, communicate, bond, and establish trust with prospective and existing clients. Set up a WhatsApp campaign to broadcast automated messages to a certain target or sector.

What is WhatsApp Automation?

WhatsApp Automation refers to the use of API or AI-driven technologies to automate the entire conversation, engagement, and message flow on the WhatsApp App. Without human assistance, the system can send and receive messages, add new contacts, respond to customer inquiries, and broadcast messages to multiple contacts.

WhatsApp offers two alternative apps/platforms for businesses to use. The functionality of these apps differs from one another, as does the app's accessibility. Every organization can download the WhatsApp Business App from the app stores on both Android and Apple devices. However, the WhatsApp Business API requires approval from the WhatsApp team, and businesses must ask for access or perks.

Businesses may now automate the entire conversation process, including message flows, with the help of the WhatsApp business API. The WhatsApp Business app can be coupled with third-party applications or automation systems to automate engagements and the entire business. On the other hand, WhatsApp Business automated messages are pre-programed responses to incoming WhatsApp messages from prospective or existing customers. These responses are set up such that they are sent out automatically, without the need for human intervention.

Businesses, for example, can utilize Engati WhatsApp Automation to automate their operations and drive conversations at twice the speed.

whatsapp automation

What are the capabilities of WhatsApp Business API? And what does WhatsApp Automation look like?

1. Proactive messaging

When a customer opts in to get updates on any order, service request, payment, appointment, etc., you can use the WhatsApp Business API to send them proactive messages.

2. Message flow automation

The WhatsApp API gives you the ability to build a custom message flow of any size and reply to client inquiries and frequently asked questions. Automation's goal is to carry out interactions, engagements, and conversations without human intervention.

3. Automated sales and marketing

With WhatsApp chatbots, businesses can create sales and marketing funnels. These chatbots can discern the customer's intentions, make product recommendations, assist with product selection, and facilitate simple checkouts.

4. Interactive voice response (IVR) call deflection

You can use this capability provided by the WhatsApp Business API to divert clients from phone calls to WhatsApp. The IVR system may prompt the user to switch to WhatsApp and continue the conversation there. They are immediately forwarded to the WhatsApp chatbot after accepting.

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how to create whatsapp chatbot

What are the benefits of using Engati WhatsApp Business Automation?

1. Quick replies and reduced response time

With Engati WhatsApp automation, you can respond to your customers instantly without any human intervention. 75% of customers expect brands to respond within 24 hours, with 35% expecting to wait no more than an hour. The faster the reaction time, the happier the customer.

2. Customer support and success

Automating customer support on WhatsApp can increase the net promoters score as happy customers tend to amplify brands they love. WhatsApp automation allows businesses to be available for customer support 24/7 during and after the sales process.

3. Handle engagements and queries

Engati WhatsApp business automation can easily handle customer queries, respond to frequently asked questions, and engage with customers. Engati WhatsApp automation lets your customer support personnel use the extra time to solve more pressing concerns, such as cases that require their attention.

4. Reduce WISMO queries

On average brands get around 70% WISMO (where is my order) queries. With automation, companies can take care of the requests coming up for the order details and shipments. Engati Chatbots can keep a track of orders and delivery details without transferring or involving customer service representatives in the between.

5. Increases conversion rates

Consumers who are pleased with their purchases are more likely to return and become loyal customers. You can easily guide consumers through the sales funnel and urge them to buy from you by automating your WhatsApp responses through Engati.

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What are the use cases and examples of WhatsApp Business Automation?

1. Lead generation

Deploying WhatsApp chatbot links on the website is one of the easiest ways to get traction on WhatsApp. Visitors who are interested in the business propositions would definitely hit the chatbot and may also opt-in for WhatsApp messages.

2. Greetings and away messages

It's hard for you to be on top of the communication platforms 24/7. But, with WhatsApp automation, you can send greetings and away messages to customers right after getting the query or text from the customer. These messages make customers feel heard and acknowledged.


3. Shipment and tracking notifications

Sending out shipping and tracking information is another common application for businesses to use WhatsApp Business automation. This is especially helpful for companies that need to update their clients on their shipments.


4. Sales and marketing campaign

Businesses can reach out to customers who have opted in for WhatsApp chats with timely offers or other marketing campaigns. This helps in keeping both dormant and active customers in the loop with constant communication.


5. Cart abandonment recovery messages

You can also automate cart abandonment recovery notifications that can help you increase sales and revenues. These messages can be customized as per the requirements and can also carry payment links for quick checkouts. 


6. Out of Office message

You might be out on vacation or on an important business trip or a meeting, and there’s a good chance your customers will try to reach you at the same time too. You can’t reply to them as you’re preoccupied, but you can’t leave them hanging either. For such situations, it’s a good practice to leave an out-of-office message to keep them in.

7. Delayed

If a customer wants to connect with a live agent, and the volume of customers coming in is very high at that moment for any agent to pick up a chat, you can leave an automated message apologizing for the inconvenience.

8. Reminders

You can send out notifications reminding your customers about their upcoming appointments/ or any other upcoming events or bookings they have made.

9. Payments

You can speed up your conversions, by making the payment procedure easy and quick. Instead of taking customers to a different page to check out, you can directly share payment links with customers and automate payments.


Getting Started With Engati WhatsApp Automation

It's critical to understand that using the WhatsApp Business API is the most effective way to create automated messages for WhatsApp Business.

Only API integrations can implement the majority of the above-mentioned automation functions. Even if you can create automated messages on the free WhatsApp Business app, your options and potential are far more constrained.

Simply click on "Schedule a Demo" if you're interested in learning more about the WhatsApp API, and its automation features, and start your journey of Automation with Engati Whatsapp Automation

Create your own WhatsApp Chatbot with Engati for 5$ a day
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