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WhatsApp Business App

With over 2 billion users, WhatsApp holds unlimited potential. 

WhatsApp isn’t just a messenger app anymore. It’s also a very strong marketplace. 

Businesses have been using WhatsApp to engage with their customers for a long time now. 

But WhatsApp Business App is a game changer.

What is WhatsApp Business App?

WhatsApp Business is the 1st app that your small business would need for growing business. WhatsApp business is nothing but a messaging platform for businesses instead of individuals. It comes in with the same ease and convenience as WhatsApp, but also apart from making your business look a little more professional to your customers, the business account comes with a few additional tools to make your business easier. With WhatsApp business, it’s possible to run your entire business on the app. Especially for small businesses. And the best part - It’s free!

What are the features of WhatsApp Business App?

features of whatsapp business app

WhatsApp Business App comes with a unique set of features to help optimize your business operations.

Business Profile

On WhatsApp, you’re directly engaging with your customers. Be it new or old customers, they need to know who they are doing business with. WhatsApp business enables you to showcase all relevant information to your customers, such as an address, phone number, email address, etc. You can make your account look more professional and authentic to your customers, building more trust in your brand with the help of a green tick. Apart from making it look more professional it also makes it easier for your customers to communicate with you. This also goes a long way in building trust with your customers.

Product Catalog

Customers have a very short span of attention and you need to make the sale in that very limited time. WhatsApp Business lets you showcase your products directly on WhatsApp, without having to redirect them back to your website.  You can add images, descriptions, prices, etc. It essentially creates a digital store on WhatsApp for your customers from where they can make purchases easily. 


Anything you do doesn’t make sense if it’s not measurable. WhatsApp provides you with statistics of how many messages you have sent, and received, and how many messages your customers have opened and engaged with providing you with a better insight into how your customer engagement is working.

Chat labels

Nothing can be more disastrous than targeting the wrong customers.Segmenting your customers only makes it easier to sell them. You can add Chat labels for your customers, it’ll help you segregate customers better and know how to engage with them. You can choose from the standard labels or customize your own.

Advanced Search Filters

With the increasing number of customers every day, going through each conversation is difficult. But with WhatsApp business, You can search through messages, contacts, unsaved contacts, and unread messages, making chat history more accessible for you.

Automated Messaging and quick replies

Customers could reach out to you at any time. You may or may not be there to attend to the customer. WhatsApp allows you to automate greetings and away messages. So if you’re away it will automatically let the customer know. 


How to convert your WhatsApp Business?

It’s a very easy 6 step process.

Step 1: Back up your data

Step 2: Download WhatsApp Business

Step 3: Terms and conditions

Step 4: Transfer your account

Step 5: Add contacts

Step 6: Create a business account

Here’s a detailed guide on how you can get started with WhatsApp business.

What is the potential of WhatsApp Business?

With WhatsApp business, you can run targeted promotional campaigns, engage with your customers better, and offer a personalized experience. 

WhatsApp also has an open rate of almost 98% which can get you more engagement for your business. 

Your customers can reach out to you outside your business hours. If you own an online business, you know customers can place an order at any given time. 

What if the customer has a query regarding the delivery or the details of the product and you aren’t available at that time? The customer will simply leave, what do you do then?

You can’t be available 24x7 and neither can you afford to lose out on your customers.

That’s where Engati comes in! 

Engati’s WhatsApp Chatbot helps you solve customer queries even when you aren’t there, this ensures customer satisfaction even before a sale is made.

Another problem businesses face is cart abandonment, don’t you lose out on many sales because the customer just bounces off the store?

With Engati’s WhatsApp chatbot, you can send in Cart notifications to your customers to remind them to complete their purchases. 

Engati’s WhatsApp chatbot also helps you sell on WhatsApp directly, you can share payment links with customers then and there. Faster transactions lead to faster conversions which lead to higher profits. 

Engati’s chatbot can bring out endless possibilities for your business, which you can build in 5 simple steps

When to switch to WhatsApp Business API??

As more customers start coming in, managing your business on WhatsApp by yourself is going to be a difficult task. WhatsApp business is essential for small businesses that need one-to-one communication.But if you have a larger business or a large customer base you should use WhatsApp business API.

The WhatsApp Business API will allow you to engage more customers at a faster pace by bringing automation into the mix. It empowers you to interact with more customers over WhatsApp than ever before by using WhatsApp chatbots and live chat. Once you switch to WhatsApp Business API, there are certain charges based on the types of messages, for a business account it is essential to calculate these messaging costs and plan a budget for your monthly messaging expenses.

Now that you know how to reach out to your customers, let's talk about how you can get their responses. Something that will not only automate replies for you but also help with lead generation.

WhatsApp Link Generator

WhatsApp Link Generators help you create WhatsApp links that you can use to reach out to your customers. You can add pre-defined messages to these links so your customers can directly reply without manually typing anything specific.



So based on your scale of business - if you’re a small-scale business then you should opt for WhatsApp business.  However, if you’re growing to a medium or large-scale business that has a relatively higher inflow of customers, then you should opt for WhatsApp API.

And we can help you get started with it!

Download our ebook of 70 WhatsApp message templates used by the leading eCommerce Brands now!

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