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Why do you need WhatsApp automation & engagement for your business?


Average growth in conversions on marketing campaigns


Open rate for notifications and promotions on WhatsApp


Average spike in resolved queries with WhatsApp automation


Higher count of leads captured with WhatsApp chatbots

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Automate your business on WhatsApp with Engati

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How Engati's WhatsApp solutions can help grow your business

Leverage social commerce to sell your products directly on WhatsApp

Deliver an end-to-end shopping experience allowing the customers to check your products and add them to cart directly on WhatsApp, without taking them to any other link

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Broadcast notifications to your customers & automate post-purchase queries

Use the WhatsApp business API to share updates and notifications with ready-made WhatsApp message templates that can be created in minutes

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Use WhatsApp message templates to share payment confirmations, order status & more

Announce your sales and discount campaigns to your customers over WhatsApp, allowing you to drive more conversions, earn more revenue, and gain more value from your AI chatbot

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Drive WhatsApp marketing campaigns with interactive buttons

You can send WhatsApp broadcasts to acquire more customers at a lower price than most other channels because of the higher engagement & conversion rates

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WhatsApp Business API automation for every Industry


Region - Global
Functions : Order tracking, scheduling/rescheduling,
seller queries and complaints


Reduction in support costs


Queries handled at zero cost


Increase in engagement

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Logistics Card Image


Region - Global
Functions : Order placement, Order tracking, Returns, Refunds, Post sales support.


Increase in CSAT score


Reduction in resolution time


interactions handled

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eCommerce Card Image


Region : North America
Functions : Appoint scheduling, canceling, calendaring


Increase in CSAT with notifications and automation


Increase in bookings with campaigns

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Whatsapp Healthcare image


Region : UK citizen services
Functions : Student engagement, STEM education, queries and services


Increase in active usage


Increase in CSAT  with engagement automation


Increase in admissions with campaigns and lead generation

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Whatsapp eLearning Image

Information Technology

Region : Global
Functions : Brand loyalty, customer engagement


Languages served

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WhatsAppp Digital TEch Image


Region : Middle East
Functions : Customer acquisition, sales, policy issuance, renewals and service


Costs saved on CAC


Customer support queries handled

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Whatsapp - Insurance Image


Region : Asia
Functions : Multilingual, Customer acquisition, eCommerce, Payments, Billing, Support


more users engaged


million interactions/month


merchant stores

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WhatsApp - Telecom Image

Financial Services

Region : Asia
Functions : Customer acquisition, engagement, service and support


Increase in CSAT with automation


Increase in leads captured with campaigns


Increase in active usage with reminders and retargeting

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Real Estate

Region : Middle East
Functions : Lead generation, Appointment booking, Responding to inquiries, Brochure distribution, Property listing, Campaigns


increase in leads


increase in appointments


reduction in closure time

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Automate your business on WhatsApp with Engati

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Case study

Derailing COVID-19 with CovidAsha

Connect users seeking immediate assistance to providers of critical supplies such as medicines and oxygen easily

Omnichannel artificial intelligence bot available in 7 languages to provide immediate assistance across popular social media

Case Study CovidAsha Image


day Go-To Market Time


daily active users find solutions helpful


users preferred communication via messaging apps

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With built-in templates, drag-and-drop design, and an intuitive UI, you’ll be building custom bots in no time.

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Anum Ishtiaq

Customer Service Supervisor, iMile

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Alysha Lobo

CovidAsha Team

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George Hanshaw

Chief Financial Officer and Managing Partner,Protein United Company

Varunkumar Mungara

VP - IT & MIS, Qatar Insurance group

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Anisha Panwar

Assistant Manager, PwC

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