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How to get a WhatsApp Green Tick in Just 5 Steps ✅ | Engati

Shubhangi Srivastava
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June 5, 2024
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WhatsApp green tick

What differentiates your favorite celeb accounts on social media from their fan accounts?

It’s that little tick isn’t it?

WhatsApp too provides a green tick to signify official, verified businesses so customers don’t confused or engage with fake ones.

What is WhatsApp green tick?

WhatsApp green tick is a badge that verifies that you have an official WhatsApp business account. This tick is visible next to your WhatsApp number and confirms your business as an authentic and notable one, allowing your customers to trust your brand and engage in conversations.

What are the different types of WhatsApp Business Accounts?

There are two types of Business Accounts on WhatsApp.

Business Account

Once you start using the WhatsApp business App or WhatsApp API, it automatically makes a Business account.

A customer will see the registered number of the business along but not the business name unless they save the number in their contacts.

Official Business Account

The official Business account comes with the Green tick, which ensures customers that they are engaging with a legitimate business verified by WhatsApp.

Additionally, the name of the business will be displayed even if the customer hasn’t saved the number.

What are the benefits of the WhatsApp verified tick?

The main objective is to in still trust and awareness among customers through the displayed business name and WhatsApp verified tick.

So although this WhatsApp verified tick doesn’t involve advanced features, it does plays an important role by doing the following:

  1. Customers directly see your brand name and not just a registered number.
  2. Building authenticity and trust.
  3. Increase your read-rates, increasing the ROI on your messaging costs.
  4. Enhances the overall branding of your business.

To apply for a WhatsApp green tick verification, you do need to get WhatsApp API and the overall process may seem lengthy but this extra effort improves your brand image and customer experience, making it all worth it.

How to get green tick on WhatsApp?

Here are the instructions on how to get green tick on WhatsApp business account.

Step 1: Get the WhatsApp Business API

You can only get a green tick on WhatsApp if you use the WhatsApp Business API, so if you don’t, you will have to switch to API.

Step 2: Increase notability

Increasing notability by coming up in search results and on news websites. This should not be taken as a signal of the authenticity of the business. This helps WhatsApp to see you’re a legitimate business.

Step 3: Apply for WhatsApp green tick through your BSP

Your API provider knows how to get verified on WhatsApp and can easily apply for you as it’s already connected to your Facebook Business Manager.

Step 4: Submit relevant documents

Go to settings and select Contact support, there you will be able to ask a question. “WABiz: Request official business account status”, after that you’ll have to submit documents and information supporting your application.

Step 5: Wait for Approval

Now this is the final step on how to get verified on WhatsApp, and it can take upto a week, you’ll automatically get to know when you get a WhatsApp green tick on your business account.

Okay, but doesn’t this look like a very tedious process?

Isn’t it going to be difficult to find a reliable API provider?

How will you manage to increase your engagement?

What if we told you there’s one solution to all these problems?

What is the eligibility criteria to get a WhatsApp green tick?

Here's how you can check whether you're eligible to get the WhatsApp green tick.

  1. Firstly, you need to have WhatsApp API
  2. You need to have a verified Facebook Business Manager account
  3. You need to enable 2-Step verification
  4. It has to be a business, WhatsApp doesn’t verify any individual or personal accounts.
  5. You should be a well-known brand (Need to have some news coverage)

What to do if your WhatsApp green tick application gets rejected?

Don’t worry. These set of steps are a complete guide on how to get WhatsApp green tick and verified WhatsApp Buiness number.

You can always reapply for verification in the unlikely event that you don’t get verified, after 30 days.

The easier way?

With Engati as your official partner, you can get that trustworthy tick in 1-2 business days- even if it requires Facebook Business Manager verification first.

In the meantime, while your verification is being processes, you can continue with your business on WhatsApp normally.

Engati’s WhatsApp Chatbot

Engati’s WhatsApp Chatbot comes with API integration. So you don’t have to go looking for a reliable and cost-efficient solution. The chatbot will take care of all your customer conversations of you, giving you the flexibility to switch between live chat too, whenever necessary.

You can run targeted campaigns using the chatbots, not only will you get to engage with a huge audience but also generate quality leads and convert them.

With Engati, you’ll also be able to easily take care of the verification process from start to end.


Do I get access to any additional features with the WhatsApp green tick?

No, the green tick doesn’t provide any additional features, apart from displaying your business name to new customers, who might not have your number saved. It will make your business more professional looking.

Can you use WhatsApp API without a green tick?

Yes, you can still use WhatsApp API without a green tick. It also won’t restrict you from using any features as WhatsApp green tick verification doesn’t provide any new features.

How much does it cost to get a green tick?

With Engati’s chatbot, you can get your API integration and WhatsApp green tick verification at zero cost.

How long does it take to get the WhatsApp green tick?

It generally takes 1-2 business days. However, it might take a week in some cases.

How to get WhatsApp AI?

You can now implement GPT on your WhatsApp bot by training it using your website, help docs, articles, etc. Schedule your exclusive demo now!

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Shubhangi Srivastava

Shubhangi is the Content Lead at Engati. With more than 4 years of experience working across various marketing teams, she specialises in user engagement, lead generation and conversions. When not working, she likes learning about various cultures across the world.

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