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5 ways Small Businesses can use WhatsApp Automation?

Faisal Khan
Jun 8
5-6 mins

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5 ways Small Businesses can use WhatsApp Automation?

Have you been wondering how WhatsApp Automation can help your business grow? And still considering whether to add WhatsApp marketing to your social media strategy or not. 

In this article, we'll understand the benefits of using WhatsApp Automation/ Business API and discuss the various practical instances of how you can leverage WhatsApp Automation in your business strategy. 

What is WhatsApp Automation?

WhatsApp Automation refers to automating the entire conversations, interactions, and message flows on the WhatsApp App using API or AI-driven technology. The technology can perform tasks like sending and receiving messages, adding new contacts, replying to customers' queries, and broadcasting messages to multiple contacts without human intervention.

WhatsApp provides businesses with two different apps/ platforms for business use. The functionality of these apps differs from each other and so does the accessibility of the app. WhatsApp Business App is available for every business out there to download from app stores on both Android and Apple devices. However, the WhatsApp Business API needs permission from the WhatsApp team, and businesses need to apply for the access or to avail of the benefits. 

Whee, with the help of WhatsApp API, businesses are now able to automate the entire conversation process along with message flows. The WhatsApp Business app can be integrated with 3rd party services or automation platforms to automate engagements and the entire business. 

For example, businesses can use Engati WhatsApp Automation to automate their business and drive conversations at 2x speed. 

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Let's figure out what both platforms have to offer small businesses in terms of automation and WhatsApp Marketing. 

WhatsApp Automation with WhatsApp Business API

Proactive Messaging

WhatsApp Business API allows you to send proactive messages to your customers who have opted in to receive updates related to an order, service requests, payments and appointments, etc. 

Message Flow Automation

As the purpose of automation is to carry out interactions, engagements, and conversations without human intervention, the WhatsApp API enables you to create a custom message flow of any size and respond to customer queries and FAQs. 

Automated Sales and Marketing

Businesses can design sales and marketing flows with WhatsApp chatbots. These chatbots can understand the customer intent, recommend products and offer assistance in choosing the product, and also with easy checkouts. 

Interactive Voice Response (IVR) Call Deflection

WhatsApp Business API gives you this feature to redirect customers from phone calls to WhatsApp. The IVR system can ask the user to switch the conversation and continue with WhatsApp. Once they accept, they are automatically transferred to the WhatsApp chatbot.

Source: Qiscus

WhatsApp Business App Automation

Greeting Messages

Greeting messages are used to let customers feel seen and heard before a representative takes over the chat. You can set a triggered response to customers' messages as soon as their query is received and these messages are customizable. 

Away Messages

Away messages are used whenever an individual reaches out to you during post office hours. These messages act as an acknowledgement and inform customers when they can expect a response from the business. 

Quick Replies to FAQs

WhatsApp Business App allows you to assign a unique 'tag' to the messages. You can access them by typing " / " followed by a certain keyword and responding to frequently asked queries.

If in case, WhatsApp denies your application for WhatsApp Business API services, you can use and integrate 3rd party chatbots and automation platforms like Engati to Automate your business account. You can create a WhatsApp Chatbot in 5 easy steps with Engati.

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5 ways Small Businesses can use WhatsApp Automation?

1. Automating customer communication and engagement

You can expect 40% more responses if you use WhatsApp instead of direct phone calls for follow-ups. No one wants to answer a phone call from an unknown number, but we are more likely to respond to personal messages, particularly those sent via WhatsApp. You'll notice a difference in response and engagement once you start using WhatsApp for customer communication. 

Automating WhatsApp interactions can help you build a sustainable relationship with your customers backed by trust. WhatsApp chatbots can keep the contextuality of the conversation and make your customer feel comfortable whenever they start a conversation with your brand. Companies spend a huge chunk on customer engagement and the results don't match with the inputs most of the time. WhatsApp automation can improve engagement rates by 60-70%, which is hard to achieve through any other means.  

2. WhatsApp automation for internal communication

Depending on the size of the business, you can use WhatsApp Business App as an internal communication system rather than investing money in any other communication platform. WhatsApp has over 2 Billion active users around the world. Hence, you don't need to train anyone to use WhatsApp. WhatsApp can be quite accessible and efficient as compared to Emails. 

You can create teams or groups based on business functions and send instant messages without needing to migrate elsewhere. Employees can use WhatsApp Web if they use PCs and Laptops for work. 

The WhatsApp Business API can also cater to a few unique internal communication scenarios. It can, for example, provide new employees with onboarding assistance via templated FAQs. More complex cases can be escalated to the appropriate departments using the API. Similarly, you can use push notifications to collect regular feedback and make important announcements.

3. WhatsApp automation for customer support

Customer service is perhaps the most common use of the WhatsApp Business API. It eliminates the need for queues, unread emails, and delayed responses. Your customers will always prefer to send you a WhatsApp message over calling a helpline or submitting a support request.

You can use WhatsApp to set up a chatbot to handle frequently asked questions, and if the bot can't handle it, the issue can be escalated to your staff. In addition, the platform allows for more conversational communication. It's also spam-free, unlike emails and social media platforms that are flooded with marketing messages.

Engati WhatsApp Automation allows you to set up customer support systems using WhatsApp. However, not all types of businesses will benefit from using WhatsApp for customer service. So, based on the organization's needs and the number of customer requests, you can choose WhatsApp as a customer support tool.

4. Using WhatsApp for marketing & promotion

WhatsApp can be an extremely effective marketing tool. It is an excellent medium for direct communication. The WhatsApp API for Business does an excellent job of providing key messaging insights, such as how many messages were delivered and read. You can also use Facebook's ad targeting feature, which allows you to send ad traffic directly to WhatsApp, resulting in higher conversion rates.

Customers all over the world can receive images or short video clips of your products, audio files, and text messages via WhatsApp. When compared to SMS or Email, there are fewer restrictions on the format and the chances of delivery are higher. 

By automating WhatsApp, you can send promotional messages to individual and group customers. You can personalize the offers and discounts for customers that can increase the overall sales. With WhatsApp automation, you can also remarket products and services and set reminders for customers to make purchases. 

5. WhatsApp automation for recruitment

Recruiters from all walks of life are using messaging apps to communicate with their candidates these days. While formal and telephonic interviews cannot be replaced, WhatsApp messaging is far more discreet and widely accepted by candidates at their workplaces. It also enables you to reach out to passive candidates looking for part-time jobs that don't require formal applications or documents.

Simply by creating a QR code for your business on WhatsApp, you can potentially reach millions of candidates all over the world. Furthermore, if you start using automated responses, candidates will be able to inquire about the status of their application and receive answers to their follow-up questions at any time of day.

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Faisal Khan

Faisal is a content marketer at Engati who also dabbles in brand management. As an MBA graduate and a spoken-word poet, he manages to marry his business acumen with an artistic flair.

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