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Oct 29
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Automate your business at $5/day with Engati

Engati on Shopify

About Engati:

Engati is a no-code customer experience platform accelerated by Conversational Automation and AI to redefine the customer journey across Acquisition, Engagement, and Retention. Engati integrates automation with the human touch to help your brand craft a personalized customer experience to grow your business.

Engati for Shopify:

Engati’s vision is to create a rich, interactive, and automated customer shopping and service experience for eCommerce. Engati has just launched an app on the Shopify store with out-of-the-box seamless integrations with Shopify for a 1-click install to automate the buyer and customer support journeys. It's that easy!

What is it really about?

The natural and the most effective way for your customers to buy your products is via conversations. The natural ability to ask, comment, inquire, or select driven via conversations has been shown to be 79% more effective in the buying process. Now automate all the conversations on your Shopify store with Engati automation.

Is it completely automated? Can I monitor, train or intervene? Yeah absolutely. You can intervene anytime via live chat and monitor responses from your bot. Train your bot to grow more effectively in personalizations and specific queries. But there is more! 

What makes Engati so different and exciting for your Shopify store?

So many things, here are a few!

1. Drive sales via Social Commerce:

You get traffic on Facebook and Instagram for your store and product listings. To convert inquiries and traffic to sales, you need a very quick response. Monitoring all your social media channels 24 hours a day is an expensive and cumbersome endeavour. Now let Engati for Shopify integrate with your Instagram and FaceBook store accounts and take over the task of answering questions and interacting with your customers.

How does Engati do that? With the power of conversational intelligence automation. The Engati bot seamlessly integrates into your Shopify store with 1 click. Once integrated with your Facebook and Instagram accounts, most product inquiries can be responded to with pre-built intelligence in Engati.

In case there are complex queries, use the live chat feature in Engati to respond to your customers and enable your Shopify store for social commerce. Intelligently automated by Engati.

2. Pre-built segmentation intelligence:

Qualify your customers as Champions, Loyal or Dormant. Target your Champions with referrals, your Loyals with proportions, and your Dormant with discounts. Reactivate and deepen your customer engagement with campaigns pre-built in Engati and grow your repeat and new business.

Automate your Shopify store for 3$ per day with Engati

3. Product Discovery and Recommendations intelligence built-in:

Shopify makes it easy to launch your store. But the customer interactions are left for you to handle. Now bring the power of automation to your customer’s experience with conversational intelligence automation.

Pre-built product discovery enabled on chat channels or via a website bot. Let customers query your offerings for the products they are looking for. Using the power of conversations. With Engati automating conversations for your customer interactions, you are free to focus on expanding and growing your business.

4. All customer interactions at one place with one-view inbox: 

Omni-channel is the hottest thing in eCommerce. Whereas omnichannel typically means offline to online, digital commerce has not really succeeded in bringing all digital channels together. No more!

With Engati, integrate all your Digital interaction channels like social, email, live chat, and bot automation across various chat channels like Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Telegram, and other channels under a one-view inbox.

Follow the chronological order of your customer engagements across multiple channels. There used to be no way to string an interaction together from Social Media, Email. Chat and call together. Now that has been made easy with Engati and its one-view inbox.

Know precisely what your customer wants and where they can reach out. To respond back on the same channel. Protect your brand and reputation by staying on top. Engati makes it happen for you.

5. What would it cost me?

Under $3 per day? Interested? Head on over to and start your Shopify one-view automation journey for free. 

Automate your Shopify store for 3$ per day with Engati

Start today and gain over your competition!

Join our upcoming webinar on getting higher eCommerce conversions: 9 new techniques!

Engati Team

At the forefront for digital customer experience, Engati helps you reimagine the customer journey through engagement-first solutions, spanning automation and live chat.

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