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2 low-investment ways to ride the conversational automation wave

Aish Sankhe
Mar 30
6-8 mins

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Automate your business at $5/day with Engati

2 low investments ways to ride the conversational automation wave

It’s a truth universally acknowledged, that the way we interact with technology shapes the way we market products.  

It’s the marketer’s job to go where the people are. Before there was television, there were print ads on billboards because that’s where a lot of people spent their time. Before there was the internet, ads used to play on our TVs because that’s where people unwind. Where people go, marketers follow.  

Consider this- we’ve gone from billboards that were miles away, to TV screens that are a couple of feet away, to cellphones that are inches from us. The distance between the media and us becoming closer, which is why marketers are forced to rethink marketing strategies from louder push-strategies that beg for attention, to needs-based pull strategy, that bring attention to us.  

Think about it, where do people spend most of their time when they unwind now? On their phone. But what are they doing on their phone? Do they spend most of their time scrolling through feeds, or replying to messages?  

It’s 50-50, so then why are marketers spending time and resources on sponsored posts and ads? It's time to ride the conversational automation wave and leverage the use of chatbots to reach customers on messaging platforms.

Here’s how to get started.

Ways to ride to the conversational automation wave

The world is moving towards conversational automation. Digital marketing agencies must add conversational automation as a part of their offerings to stand out from other agencies. But here’s the issue- how on Earth do you get started without knowing an ounce of programming?  


Become a partner

Why build a chatbot platform from scratch when you can partner up with Engati? With our White Label solutions, the platform is yours to offer to your clients.  

We understand how challenging it can be to enter this space, so let Engati bridge the gap between you and the challenges of building your own conversational automation platform. Trusted by 186 countries, Engati’s is a one-stop platform for delighted customers. Partner with us, and you’ll receive a powerful platform, under your name. Add your own flair to the platform, customize it- add your own logo or create one using a logo maker, play around with the colors, and sell it under your domain.

All our features- omnichannel support, multilingual feature, and our powerful e.Sense proprietary NLP engines are yours to offer to satisfy your customers. You'll even receive a rebranded partner portal to manage them with ease.

You can also escape the heavy maintenance fees. Building and upkeeping a robust, intelligent program is tough work, but that’s for us to handle. Our development team is always enhancing and maintaining the platform so that you can focus on getting more clients, without the stress of managing a team of specialists.  

In addition, you’ll get exclusive training from bot experts, and extensive sales support from our team.

So, partner up with Engati to expand on your current offerings. Our rebranded portal and platform will be yours to offer to your customers. You understand your market best, so you have complete control on the pricing model of our services.  


Join our preferred partner program

The business of conversational enablement has an ROI that is unmatched. And from experience, we’ve seen partners can make over 3000% of profits within a year of taking up this opportunity. However, the White Label solution may not be the missing piece to your puzzle. So, why not join our more flexible preferred partnership program?

Engati’s preferred partnership plan helps you ride the automation wave with hassle-free flexibility. It's like becoming a White Label partner- no profit-sharing arrangements, and you still have control over your pricing model. You’ll also  have access to our enterprise level features, like omnichannel support and deployment in all 54 languages, and our powerful e.Sense proprietary NLP engine, access to multiple native and custom integrations all within an easy to use conversational builder, a full fledged Live chat solution and a special opportunity to track customer access and usage from our Engati Partner portal  

You'll receive the same extensive training from the same bot experts. We'll also provide you with comprehensive pre-sales support to help you pitch our services to your clients (pitch deck). In addition, as a strategic partner, you’ll also have access to our  lead directory thus powering you to become a strategic solutioning expert in your region. Get featured in our partnership directory, and get yourself the recognition you need to bolster your business and our leads will come flying to you. 

Along with a lighter monthly subscription fee, you’ll get access to Engati’s plans where you can upsell at a price of your choice. What’s more? We at Engati believe in value relationships and your success will always be our priority. Keeping this in mind we will also provide you with an additional discount on the first 3 subscriptions you sell to your customers.

No need to hold on, partner. You can get started today!

The marketing scenario is always going to change. With most of us already living in our phones, the world needs chatbots. You can be ahead of the curve without the complications of building a platform from scratch.  

Whether you decide to become an agent or a White Label partner, Engati will level up your business. Contact our experts here to get started.  

And register with Engati to experience the conversational automation platform.

Aish Sankhe

Aish Sankhe is a content writer and co-host for Engati CX, specializing in topics like Customer eXperience, Digital Transformation, and Technology.

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