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WhatsApp Commerce

What is WhatsApp Commerce?

WhatsApp commerce refers to using platforms like WhatsApp Business or API to market and sell your products and services and connect with your customer base. In simple words, running your business through WhatsApp is referred to as WhatsApp commerce. WhatsApp commerce is one of the strongest ways to strengthen your customer base and reach out to more and more customers on the most used messaging platform. Businesses can generate leads, engage customers, and retarget and retain them using WhatsApp applications.

WhatsApp has made it clear that it wants to enable commerce for millions of businesses, as evidenced by recent developments. Big brands are bringing Commerce to the platform where their customers spend the most time - WhatsApp. WhatsApp commerce has fueled the growth of several small and large businesses. The WhatsApp chatbot has grown into a full-fledged channel that brands use to sell and transact with their customers, establishing itself as the most efficient digital channel for buying and selling.

Due to the limited physical interaction that e-commerce companies have with their customers, it is critical that they make their online interactions as quick, simple, and powerful as possible. Businesses can do just that by using a platform like WhatsApp. With over 3 billion active users who share and send more than 60 billion-plus messages per day, WhatsApp has become an important marketing and communication tool.

Businesses can stay in touch with their customers more frequently and increase brand recognition and recall by having a WhatsApp-integrated e-commerce store. Finally, they can use Whatsapp Business for e-commerce to improve the most important aspect of any company's success: customer experiences. Customers can browse items and add to carts without leaving the chat when businesses use the WhatsApp Business API to showcase and share their products and services.

What are the benefits of WhatsApp Commerce?

benefits of whatsapp commerce

Use Message Templates & quick replies

If you are a small team of business operators and need to answer each customer's frequently asked questions. WhatsApp Business allows you to save and send message templates which are nothing but pre-written messages like appointment reminders, delivery updates, and confirmations to customers. Quick replies allow you to create quick responses that customers can use to chat with you without having to write out a full response.

Automate Messages

Businesses can automate messages with WhatsApp chatbots if they are using the WhatsApp API. If they don't have access to the WhatsApp API, they can use third-party integrated chatbots for their WhatsApp Business. 

These automated messages enable you to respond to customers 24/7, so customers never feel neglected or overlooked. You can use Engati's AI-enabled WhatsApp chatbots to automate your business over WhatsApp. 

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Organize Your Chats

Mobile messaging moves at a rapid speed. Labeling your conversations will ensure that customer messages do not fall through the cracks. To designate departments, use colors or labels, sort by conversation type, and quickly retrieve messages. These labels can help you segregate customers based on shared characteristics; for example, area, delivery dates, average order values, and so on. 

Create a Branded Business Profile

Differentiating yourself as a business on WhatsApp is important so that your chat shouldn't get lost in the DMs of customers. WhatsApp Business/ API allows you to create a Business profile with information such as your business address, contact information, and website URL. 

Create a Catalog 

Businesses can promote up to 500 products or services with a catalog displayed on their business profile. Customers can select and buy products from the catalog without jumping on the Website or leaving their chat window. Catalog links can be shared on social media to help customers discover your business and contact you directly for sales and support questions on WhatsApp itself.

Get Delivery Data Stats

When you send out mass communication or updates to your customer base. You'll be able to see if and when your messages have been read, providing you with useful feedback on your delivery and messaging efforts. So that you can find the gap and recommunicate with those customers. 

Broadcast messages

WhatsApp Business/API also gives you a feature where you can send bulk messages to customer groups with one click. You can manage and segment these broadcasts on the WhatsApp business app and label them according to your business and marketing requirements. With AI-enabled chatbot integration, you can automate these broadcast messages that can help you market your product, retarget customers, or generate leads for the business.

How to create a WhatsApp Business profile? 

Businesses can create a WhatsApp Business profile in 4 easy steps:

Sign Up

You can use your business phone number to sign up/ to get a WhatsApp Business account.

Settings and customization

You can customize and set up your WhatsApp Business Store by accessing the settings using the following flow

Click on the 3 dots in the top right corner > Settings > Business Settings > Profile. 


  • Your business name
  • Address
  • working hours
  • Website links
  • Contact information

Set up your catalog

Once you add in the above details, you can later set up your virtual catalog that'll be visible on your Business account. Customers can browse through the catalog and place their orders accordingly.


The WhatsApp team will then take some time to verify your business, post that your profile has been created, and be good to go.

How to make WhatsApp eCommerce a success with Engati's WhatsApp chatbot?

WhatsApp chatbots can help you grow your business to the next level of success. With these Chatbots you can automate most of your conversations and engage customers without them leaving the platform. They can be used for answering customer questions in record time, and allowing your employees to focus on higher-level activities. 

Reduce cart abandonment

According to Forrester Research, 53% of online customers abandon their carts if they do not get immediate responses to their questions.

WhatsApp chatbots assist you in quickly answering those inquiries, assisting you in resolving the issue of cart abandonment.

‍Reduced customer effort

These bots make it much easier for your shoppers to shop live online. They don't even need to browse a website or download another app. They only need to open WhatsApp and send a few messages to make purchases, plan returns, and do a lot more with very little effort.


Using interactive buttons with WhatsApp message templates can make your messages even more interactive. These buttons can be used to direct your users to a specific webpage or to allow them to contact you directly.


WhatsApp chatbots can use data about your customers to personalize their entire experience with your eCommerce store and provide a more relevant customer experience. This helps in increasing conversions, as well as loyalty and advocacy.

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