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Chatbot Development Platforms


1. What is a chatbot platform?  

There is a wide range of AI chatbots out-there. These platforms help brands to develop customised chatbots for their business.

These chatbots then play a major role in attracting, retaining and engaging the audience. These platforms are simple and user friendly and most of them don't even need prior coding knowledge to build a bot. The tools and instructions provided in the platform help in creating a suitable bot for your business. Each chatbot is different and may have some different features than the others.

Though the result would be the same, the user experience matter’s, so paying careful attention to the user interface of the platform is important. Many of these chatbot platforms help you with a basic chatbot version for free.

You can try them out for yourself and if it’s up to your expectations you can get the paid versions to avail extra features. One such platform where you can build your very own chatbot for free would be Engati


2. What technology is used in the chatbot?   

A good chatbot uses technologies such as:  

  • Artificial intelligence (AI)  
  • Natural language processing (NLP)  
  • Machine learning  

These technologies bring in the new era of chatbot innovation. This has completely changed how brands interact and engage with their customers, and customer experience has moved to the next level due to constant improvements in AI and Machine learning.


3. Is Siri a chatbot?  

Siri is technically a chatbot but more of a personal virtual assistant bot. It provides you with support services, uses voice queries to answer your question, provides recommendations and also performs actions when required. Siri is basically a chatbot built by Apple to help its users in virtually everything.


4. Does WhatsApp have bots? And  How does WhatsApp chatbot work?

A Whatsapp Bot is a chatbot that you can use on the popular messaging app called WhatsApp. It enables you to have conversational commerce and also manage your customer issues over WhatsApp. This helps your business in getting engagement from your customers.

Users on WhatsApp communicate with the chatbot using a chat interface. The conversation feels like talking to a real human being. WhatsApp introduced its official platform for businesses called WhatsApp business. It is specifically designed for business owners who are looking to get into the conversational business.  


5. Is Alexa a chatbot?

Alexa is technically considered as a chatbot but not in a strict sense. It is more of a virtual assistant. Though it has a lot of similarities with chatbots when it comes to usage and its overall development. It would still be called a virtual assistant rather than a chatbot.


6. What does a chatbot developer do?

A chatbot developer creates applications and automates your entire customer experience journey. He automates customer experience services and communication processes. He designs programs that use artificial intelligence to communicate and interact with humans. They can use text or audio to do so.

In simple words, they create programs that communicate with you just like a human and these programs communicate with you to solve your problems and make your life easier.  


7. What’s the cost of building a chatbot on your own?

With the overall work that goes into developing a chatbot, its approximate cost is anywhere around $30,000 in its development stage. This cost includes:  

  • Design
  • Development  
  • Integration


8. How much time does it take to build a chatbot?

An average time required to build a chatbot for your business could range from a few hours to maximum few weeks. It completely depends on how complex the project is. It also depends upon how much functionality and training you want your bot to go through as well. The strength of your team is a key factor here as well.  


9. How hard or easy is it to build a chatbot? 

To be honest, it is not very hard to create a chatbot nowadays. With the kind of platforms that are available right now, you don't even need to know coding to build your bot from scratch. You can easily build a good bot for your business without any hard work.  


10. Can you make money from Chatbots?

Yes, you can!

Chatbots are a great way to earn passive income. But you should be knowing how to monetize them. The most important part of this step is to use it yourself and explore its opportunities.

The current pandemic situation has pushed business into switching to business automation. So if you have the relevant skills to pitch, you can easily build a profitable business model over selling chatbots. A good chatbot business model can earn several thousand dollars a month.


11. How is a chatbot trained?

There has been a lot of advancement in AI and machine learning over the last few years. But you still need a human to train the bot using supervised learning. Unsupervised learning is still something that is improving every day. But till then humans are the ones who would be responsible to train bots and also check their accuracy in business.  


12. Do Chatbots use NLP?  

NLP is the main tool used by chatbots to know what the user's intent is. NLP (natural language processing) is very broad and large just like AI. It's an ocean of different complex algorithms that are used to convert conversations into important data. This data is then studied and used by bots to improve future interactions with humans.


13. How do Chatbots help businesses?

Chatbots are self-help tools used for improving communications. It helps organisations improve their customer’s experience. This helps in generating leads and sales for the business. This also helps in building a strong relationship with the customer.  


14. What are the benefits of getting a chatbot for your business?

  • 24×7 customer service.  
  • Handling multiple clients at the same time.
  • Cost-effective solution.
  • Provides you with analytics to improve.
  • Time saver.
  • Improved customer services.


15. Are Chatbots successful?

The success of chatbots is the impact it’s creating on customer experience. Chatbots help the business to provide an overwhelming customer service which pushes more and more companies to try them.

But like all successful automation efforts its success is also seen in terms of:

  • Cost reduction.
  • Value generation.
  • Customer satisfaction.
  • Lead generation.


16. What is the future of chatbots?  

The productivity on the job reduces if you keep doing the same simple tasks again and again. Chatbots are programmed to solve this problem and fill this gap. They ensure that an organisation runs smoothly without any customer problems.

They complete all the simple tasks so that the live agent can focus on the core activities, increasing productivity. This also helps in increasing the morale of the agent and significantly improving their overall performance as well.  

The future is humans and AI machines working together to reach a goal in the shortest amount of time.

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