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B2B Chatbot

1. What is a B2B Services chatbot?


A B2B Services chatbot is a fully automated computer software. It can communicate with your prospects. This allows them to capture leads for your digital marketing campaigns. And makes them a great source to generate leads for your business.

Using Artificial Intelligence and Machine learning, it can drop in forms inside casual conversations. Making it a great lead generator for your business.


2. Is Coding required in order to build a good B2B chatbot?




You don't need to be knowing coding to build a chatbot. Chatbots platform has become so advanced and simple to use, you can build your customized bot without even knowing any kind of programming skills.


Most of these chatbots platforms use the Drag & Drop feature which makes building a chatbot very easy. You just need to drag and drop the features you like, it's that simple. You don't need to do any kind of programming or coding to build them.


3. How to use chatbots in your B2B strategy?


Chatbots are computer programmed software that helps you in optimizing your activities. They help in answering questions, generating leads, pushing customers into the sales funnel etc.

Plus, they are quick and effective and make the least errors possible.

This allows them to improve the overall shopping experience of the customers while generating qualified leads for the business as well.  How can they be involved in your strategies:


  • Provide good Customer service:

A chatbot is good at starting a conversation, this acts as an ice breaker. A good relation is built over strong communication. And Ai bots do this job for their business.


  • Recruitment:

No customers like filling long forms. This is where ai bots help brands to solve this problem. Bots can get in details over a casual chat, recruiting more information into the business.


  • Publishing content:

Some chatbots are specifically programmed to publish content for them. They collect data and convert it into good content adding more value to the business.


  • Accelerate your process:

Chatbots can do a phenomenal job in accelerating your whole process. They won’t lag on any work you assign to them.


  • Lead Generation:

The most essential part for any business their leads is being generated by bots.


4. How to use B2B chatbots for Lead Qualification?  


Customer engagement is not a simple process. Brands try their best to keep their audience engaged with their product/service. Because it is important to build a strong bond with customers.

Only a happy customer will indulge in purchasing again. And customer engagement and experience play a crucial role in doing that,


But with the entry of chatbots in the mix, the process of lead generation and providing good customer experience has improved. They have smoothed the whole process for the customers. They can ask the right questions at the right time and can suggest them based on their preferences and interests.


This eliminates the long process of skimming through irrelevant content. Plus, with the recent advancements, they can also determine which customers are qualified to lead and which aren't. This saves a lot of time and investment. Allowing the sales team to focus more on the right prospects. The faster sales cycle helps in reduction of frustration for your sales team, helping them in raising their morale.


Questions like:

What are you searching for?

What brought you to our XYZ site today?

Helps chatbots to determine who are their actual qualified leads and who aren't, reducing the sales cycle time.


5. How to use B2B chatbots for Data Mining?


Data mining and a lead generation go hand to hand. It’s not just your customers who explore different sources and process a large amount of data before making the final purchase.

Your sales team also has to go through a large amount of data to analyze and figure out what your customer wants from you. And so, to decide the most qualified leads for your business.


Data plays a huge role especially when it comes to B2B marketing. It is not feasible for human agents to go through all those deep mines of data all by themselves. It must be very well organized and analyzed to make a personalized target approach.

This is where bots can step in and completely automate the entire process. They can help agents at mapping the data based on the ever-evolving organizational trends.


6. How to use B2B chatbots for Customer Service?


Chatbots can improve the customer experience by making it quick and reliable. No customers like waiting to get their problems and doubts cleared. They like all their problems to be solved as quickly as possible and want them to be accurate at the same time.

Chatbots can give personalized instant responses 24/7. This makes them a reliable source to get your information.


While chatbots can handle all the common queries 24/7, agents can handle all the complex issues. This will improve the productivity of the whole team as the agent won't waste time answering basic queries.


One of the best and the most important part of having chatbots in your team is its ability to be multilingual. Chatbots can answer queries in probably all the languages you train it in. They are a must if you are operating on a global level. They can assist all your clients around the globe with the same precision. This helps companies in reducing their operational costs of hiring specialized people to do this work. Plus, you also save cost on hiring extra agents for working 24/7.


With the advancements of AI and machine learning, bots are learning and understanding faster by having conversations from multiple users.


7. How to use B2B chatbots for Sales & Marketing?


Chatbots collect data which is then used by the marketing and sales team to make an informed decision. The marketing team uses it for creating ad campaigns and strategies. And the sales team makes use of those data to make decisions based on them through the process.


Sales representatives want access to key metrics to make informed selections throughout the sales method. Having a virtual assistant to produce this data right away, at any time and from anyplace saves time and allows data-driven decision-making.


8. What's B2B chatbot's conversion rate?


A recent survey showed that on an average an effective chatbot can get in 3 times more conversion that an email campaign.

When a chatbot is trained well and used strategically it can jump the conversion rate instantly. On an average, even a website which isn't fully optimized can get in a conversion rate of 2%. Which is good for starters as the percentage would keep improving over time.


But the average software industry conversion is 7% whereas the conversion rate for landing pages would be anywhere around 20-25%.

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