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Looking for an FAQ bot? Engati is the answer

Nishita Goyal
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Looking for an FAQ bot? Engati is the answer

Hello folks! Engati has the Upload and Download feature for FAQ to make it easier for you to educate your chatbot on the board! It's easy and you can train the FAQ it in real time.

Steps to Upload FAQs:

1. To upload from a file directly, make sure the data entered in the file follows the format: Category, Bot Response, User Question/ Variations of the Questions

2. Then simply click on the Upload button, select the file and the data will be uploaded to your  FAQ.

Steps to Download FAQs:

1. You can now download FAQs by navigating through: Build > FAQs > Then click on Download Button on the top.

2. By clicking on the Download button, all the questions that have been asked to your bot will be saved on your device as a .csv file!

We appreciate your perpetuated support and your awe-inspiring feature suggestions that we are able to continuously iterate upon and surpass our platform! Anticipating seeing what all of you think of next!

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