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Common Chatbot Phrases

1. What is a Chatbot phrase/Chatbot Script?

Chatbot phrase, also known as chatbot script is a document that includes the sequences or a flow of a conversational message based on your user’s intent and by what he/she selects.

2. What are the things you need to consider before you start writing your chatbot script? 

Before you start writing your chatbot script, you need to understand your business process. That includes answering questions like:

  • Where will you need the additional support?
  • What are the questions you need to train your bot with to support the customer experience?
  • How can your bot convert your MQL's (market qualified leads) into SQLs (sales qualified leads)?

Once you complete the above steps, you need to start the execution process by:

  • Finding the most common questions that would be asked by your users and create answers for them to support your customers along their journey.
  • Work on building good and satisfactory narratives and responses to support your customers.
  • Work on building your chatbot once you complete the above steps.

It's preferred to build a narrative first because adding and editing them in your chatbot platform later might get frustrating at times. 

Work on building effective scripts to convert your MQLs into SQLs because that's the first and most important step. Building your bot gets easy once you know how it's going to assist your customers.

3. How to write chatbot phrases/scripts?

The steps on writing a good chatbot phrase/scripts are listed as follows:

1. Focus on your goals.

You need to constantly focus on your goals while writing your chatbot scripts. Always remember what purpose are you trying to serve for your users and work towards it.

2. Be clear on the point you are trying to explain.

You need to be clear on what goal you are serving only then can you achieve the task of being clear with your customer. Stick to your point, don't try to over complicate it and confuse your customers along the way. Always remember who you're talking to and how would your consumer want you to talk to them.

3. Always stay consistent.

Stay focused and consistent with your message. Work on building your brand's unique personality and make sure you build a good and strong character. To reach this goal you need to be consistent with your:

a. Speaking Style

b. Vocabulary

c. Tone of voice, etc.

4. Be concise with your content.

Make sure you stick to the point and not exceed beyond the limits.

Make sure the content is mobile-friendly; try to keep it under 90 characters.

Also, try breaking down long paras into bullet points. Try to make it look like a real conversation and not like an automated transcript.

5. Add Multiple responses.

Always make sure that you add multiple responses to your script. Identical answers would frustrate your consumers affecting the whole customer journey.

6. End on a good note.

Once you are done with your conversation always make sure to add a simple "thank you" message and wish them well to end on a positive note.

7. Try to keep it natural.

Try to have a flow in your conversation, and try having a normal conversation with your consumer. Talk like a real person and represent your brand through your character.

8. Set a pace for your interaction.

Set a pace on the conversation, don't revert with instant responses; it might affect the overall flow of the conversation. Set a delay of 0.2 to 0.5 seconds to make it look like a real conversation.

4. Can you create sales funnels using chatbot scripts?

The most important thing which you need to understand is that chatbots are built for effective filtration and not for closing sales for your business.

Your initial conversation can create an MQL for your business which can later be passed on to an agent to convert them into your customer. Integrating Live chat platforms with your chatbot can be effective in this process.

The Awareness Phase:

The awareness stage consists of your launch message.

 Here are some examples of how your launch messages must look like:

  • Hi there, can I guide you in the right direction/destination? (Display your options to choose from)
  • Are you looking for assistance in sales or support? (options for Sales or Support)
  • Won’t you love to have some savings on your monthly bills? (options with a Yes, No, I prefer paying more).

The Consideration Phase:

Once you complete your first stage, the next task is to break down the conversations from the options chosen above. You now need to create an individual chat flow for all the available options. Try going deeper to solve your customer's problem.

You can include questions like:

  • Great! When are you planning on reviewing your existing package? (Options - Right now, next month, after 6 months).
  • That sounds perfect. I'll now get our agent into this conversation to help you better! (Let your agent handle it from here, they can probably convert your MQL into an SQL).
  • Amazing! Here's a link to get more information on the following topic (the link). If you need any additional support feel free to come back again.
  • I hope this helped! Is there anything else you want me to assist you with? (Add a Yes or NO option).

The Decision Phase:

The last and final stage is the Decision phase. The last phase of the script can have 2 endings:

a. Either they would connect with your agent, OR

b. They would like to know more information before progressing ahead.


Creating a flow can help create an effective navigation channel. You can either have:

(i) A custom landing page with free downloads,  OR

(ii) Obtain leads and nurture them through the mail.


Here's the list of response you can add:

  • That's Amazing! Here's what I'd suggest... (Landing page/Download now/CTA, etc)
  • Perfect! Please help me with your email id so I can get in touch with you. (Your response once they submit their email address, could be - Thank you, we will connect with you over mail soon!)
  • Oops! Looks like all our agents are tied up at the moment. Would you like to wait or provide us with your email so that we can get in touch with you?

5. What are the most common words users send to chatbots?

  1. Hey, Hi, Hello.
  2. Hi, How are you?, How’s it going?
  3. Help!
  4. Are you an actual person or a bot?
  5. Rude words (A angry customer might use rude words).
  6. Words of love (A happy customer might greet with love).
  7. Bye, Thanks, etc.
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