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35+ Best performing chatbots examples of 2024

Engati Team
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March 12, 2024
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35+ Best performing chatbots examples of 2023

In the realm of modern business, chatbots and virtual assistants have emerged as game-changers, tackling diverse challenges across industries. This compilation presents a range of success stories where these AI-powered solutions have amplified customer experiences, streamlined processes, and delivered impressive outcomes.

IKEA Virtual Assistant

Problem - IKEA customers often face difficulty finding suitable furniture and design ideas.

Solution - The chatbot assists customers in finding the right furniture and suggests design ideas based on their preferences and space.

Stats - The IKEA chatbot led to a 30% increase in customer satisfaction and a 25% rise in online furniture sales.

Taco Bell's TacoBot

Problem - Taco Bell wanted to streamline the ordering process and cater to personalized orders.

Solution - The chatbot allows customers to place orders, customize meals, and receive recommendations, simplifying the ordering experience.

Stats - The TacoBot led to a 20% increase in mobile orders and reduced wait times by 15%.

Hiranandani Parks

Problem: Hiranandani Parks struggled to generate high-quality leads and convert them into sales due to ineffective customer connection and scheduling challenges, resulting in low engagement.

Solution: Engati's comprehensive solution improved customer experience by enabling personalized scheduling of virtual and offline site visits through WhatsApp, along with direct delivery of offers and property launches, boosting customer engagement and lead conversion.

Stats: Implementation of Engati led to a 40% increase in lead conversion and a 25% rise in customer engagement, demonstrating its effectiveness in enhancing real estate lead generation and customer interaction.

Skippi Ice Pops

Problem: Skippi faced synchronization issues integrating WhatsApp, hindering inquiry handling and revenue from high website traffic.

Solution: Engati's WhatsApp Commerce enabled seamless product discovery, cart management, and online payments, boosting conversions.

Outcomes: Engati resolved WhatsApp issues, aiding Skippi in promotions and new product launches, with impressive improvements in resolution time, query answering, and team SLA.

Stats: (Mar 06 - Apr 25, 2023) - Improvement in resolution time: 82.86% - 83%, Queries answered by bot: 79.92% - 80%, Bot handled 3x users, Team resolution SLA: 97%.

Coca-Cola's Messenger Bot

Problem - Coca-Cola wanted to engage with its audience in a fun and interactive way.

Solution - The chatbot provides interactive quizzes, content, and promotions, increasing user engagement.

Stats - The Messenger Bot has a user engagement rate of over 70%, leading to a 12% increase in brand awareness.

Nissan's Virtual Assistant

Problem- Nissan faced an increasing number of customer support requests related to vehicle information and maintenance.

Solution - The chatbot provides quick responses to customer queries, offers vehicle information, and schedules maintenance reminders, reducing the burden on customer support.

Stats - The Virtual Assistant resolved 40% of customer queries without human intervention, leading to a 25% decrease in average response time.

​​Tokio Marines Nichido Fire Insurance

Problem: TMNF needed efficient handling of diverse queries from multiple channels, facing customer wait time and engagement challenges.

Solution: Engati's chatbot, Tokio, transformed TMNF's customer experience by answering queries 24/7, providing quotes, renewing policies, and capturing leads across 14 platforms.

Stats: Engati's implementation led to 80+ quotes, 12-13 policy conversions, and 10%+ conversion rate, with 70% query handling by Tokio, engaging 2500+ users.

Amtrak Virtual Assistant

Problem - Amtrak passengers faced challenges in planning and booking train journeys.

Solution - The chatbot assists travelers in booking tickets, checking schedules, and answering travel-related queries, providing a seamless travel planning experience.

Stats - The Virtual Assistant led to a 30% increase in online bookings and reduced average booking time by 20%.


Problem: Moneyboxx struggled with manual document handling, overwhelming queries, and poor customer experience while automating loan qualification for micro-entrepreneurs.

Solution: Engati's automation streamlined loan notifications, reminders on WhatsApp, and document verification through API, enhancing efficiency.

Stats: By April 14, 2023, Engati's chatbot handled 4.6x more users, answered 70% of queries, and improved the loan application process for Moneyboxx.

AT&T Messaging Assistant

Problem - AT&T customers faced challenges in managing account and technical issues.

Solution - The chatbot provides quick assistance with account management and technical support, reducing the need for human intervention.

Stats - The Messaging Assistant resolved 60% of customer inquiries, leading to a 35% decrease in call center volume.

Visa's VisaBot

Problem - Visa users wanted real-time spending insights and transaction alerts.

Solution - The chatbot, VisaBot, provides real-time transaction updates and spending insights to users, ensuring secure and informed financial management.

Stats - VisaBot led to a 20% increase in mobile banking app usage and reduced the number of fraud-related complaints by 30%.


Problem: Coolberg struggled to effectively engage retailers and wholesalers in marketing campaigns, limiting target audience reach and campaign effectiveness.

Solution: Engati's WhatsApp broadcast feature enabled timely and personalized messages for new product launches and offers, boosting engagement.

Stats: Engati's solutions improved engagement, rapid sales, and data management, enhancing Coolberg's marketing campaign effectiveness and revenue.


Lego's Messenger Bot

Problem - Lego wanted to engage customers beyond traditional marketing.

Solution - The chatbot engages users with interactive building challenges, showcasing Lego products in a creative way.

Stats - The Messenger Bot had a 40% conversion rate from interactive challenges to purchases and increased user time spent on Lego's website by 50%.


Problem: Blaupunkt struggled with handling diverse customer service requests efficiently for electronic gadgets across regions, necessitating automated communication.

Solution: Engati's chatbot, powered by trainable intelligence, addressed queries 24/7, offering personalized responses and routing tickets through WhatsApp for region-specific agent assistance.

Stats: In the past 30 days, Engati's solution handled 60% of queries, reducing agent calls by 60%, and achieving a notable 21% user retention rate beyond 15 days.

Wells Fargo's Chatbot

Problem - Wells Fargo faced increasing customer inquiries related to financial transactions and account management.

Solution - The chatbot provides financial advice, account information, and bill payment services, reducing the load on customer support.

Stats - The Chatbot independently resolved 45% of customer inquiries, leading to a 25% reduction in support call volume.

AirAsia's Ava

Problem - AirAsia passengers required quick and accurate travel information.

Solution - The chatbot, Ava, assists travelers with flight bookings, itinerary management, and flight status updates, providing real-time support.

Stats - Ava led to a 30% decrease in customer support tickets and improved customer satisfaction by 20%.

Porsche's Virtual Assistant

Problem - Porsche wanted to provide personalized car-buying assistance.

Solution - The chatbot helps users explore car models, schedule test drives, and access maintenance tips, offering a tailored car buying experience.

Stats - The Virtual Assistant increased test drive bookings by 40% and led to a 15% increase in customer referrals.

Dubai Properties

Problem: Dubai Properties struggled to efficiently address customer queries on ongoing projects and bookings across channels, leading to challenges in managing repetitive questions.

Solution: Engati's chatbot solution enabled Dubai Properties to provide 24/7 information, schedule appointments, and answer inquiries, resulting in a 5x increase in engagements, with 62% of queries handled by the bot.

Stats: The chatbot managed 44,907 interactions, answered 62% of queries, and handled 1,149 users daily, showcasing its efficiency in enhancing customer interactions.

Mastercard's Kai

Problem - Mastercard users needed better financial management tools.

Solution - The chatbot, Kai, offers financial tips, budgeting advice, and fraud prevention information, empowering users to make informed decisions.

Stats - Kai helped users reduce their average spending by 20%, leading to a 25% decrease in reported fraud cases.

Vodafone's TOBi

Problem - Vodafone customers faced challenges in managing account queries and technical issues.

Solution - The chatbot, TOBi, offers quick and efficient account management and technical support assistance.

Stats - TOBi reduced support call wait times by 30%, leading to a 25% increase in customer satisfaction.

Nivea's Skincare Bot

Problem - Nivea customers needed personalized skincare advice.

Solution - The chatbot provides tailored skincare routines, product recommendations, and beauty tips, catering to individual needs.

Stats - The Skincare Bot led to a 15% increase in online sales of Nivea products and a 20% increase in user engagement on the Nivea website.

University of Rochester

Problem: The University of Rochester Medical Center needed efficient access to OBGYN and mental well-being information for students and faculty, requiring immediate assistance and streamlined information dissemination.

Solution: Engati's chatbot ensured 24/7 comprehensive answers through interactive conversational flows, quickly and easily built with Engati's no-code modeler.

Stats: The bot's 80.6% question answering rate improved student access and support, enhancing OBGYN and mental well-being information delivery at the University.

L'Oréal's Beauty Gifter Bot

Problem - L'Oréal is also one of the best chatbot examples, it wanted to engage customers during holidays and special occasions.

Solution - The chatbot offers personalized beauty gift recommendations based on user preferences, increasing brand engagement and driving sales during festive seasons.

Stats - The Beauty Gifter Bot led to a 25% increase in online sales during holiday periods.

Hyatt's Andaz Bot

Problem - Hyatt wanted to offer personalized concierge services to guests.

Solution - The Andaz chatbot assists hotel guests with dining recommendations, local attractions, and room service, enhancing guest experiences and improving hotel services.

Stats - The Andaz Bot received positive feedback from 95% of guests, resulting in a 15% increase in repeat bookings.

American Express' AskAmex

Problem - American Express customers required quick and accurate support for account inquiries.

Solution - The AskAmex chatbot provides account information, transaction history, and payment assistance, reducing customer support call volume.

Stats - AskAmex resolved 60% of customer inquiries, leading to a 25% decrease in call center workload.

Danube Properties

Problem: Danube Properties lacked automation to handle a surge in property inquiries and data collection, leading to manual workload challenges.

Solution: Engati automated property showcases on WhatsApp, integrated CRM for efficient data management, and offered multilingual support, streamlining customer interactions.

Stats: (Jan-Feb 2023) - Active users: 214

HDFC Capital

Problem: HDFC Capital faced challenges in automating the registration process and promotional campaigns for a national-level real estate business conference via WhatsApp, hampering attendee engagement and real-time event updates.

Solution: Employing WhatsApp automation, HDFC Capital streamlined the event registration process, integrated it with Google Sheets, and utilized broadcasts to efficiently manage and update attendees, resulting in 931 successful registrations, including 615 PropTech innovators.

Stats: 931 Registrations including 615 PropTech Innovators

HSBC's Virtual Assistant

Problem - HSBC customers required support for banking queries.

Solution - The Virtual Assistant helps with account inquiries, transaction history, and bill payments, reducing the workload on customer support agents.

Stats - The Virtual Assistant resolved 50% of customer queries independently, leading to a 30% reduction in call center volume.

Sephora's Reservation Assistant

Problem - Sephora customers needed a streamlined appointment booking process.

Solution - The Reservation Assistant allows users to book beauty services at Sephora stores, improving the appointment booking experience.

Stats - Sephora's Reservation Assistant resulted in a 20% increase in booked appointments.

Podar Education Network 

Problem: Podar Education Group, managing 137 schools and 1,65,000 students, faced challenges with streamlining admissions, managing constant queries, and optimizing parent engagement.

Solution: Leveraging Engati's conversational modeler, Podar implemented an AI-powered chatbot to answer admission queries 24/7, significantly reducing resolution time by 89% through context-aware responses, while also converting 31% of users to qualified leads.

Stats: 79% queries answered by the bot; 11,374 admission leads generated; 31% user conversion to MQLs; 89% reduction in resolution time.

The UK Cabinet Office

Problem: The UK Cabinet Office struggled to engage students and promote STEM interest effectively, hindering active learning.

Solution: Engati's chatbot platform enabled the UK Cabinet to run an interactive STEM campaign, boosting engagement by 43.5%.

Stats: Shamima Bot: 1151 Interactions, 9.2 Avg Interactions/User, 7.0 Avg Conversation Duration (mins), 28.5 Avg Messages/Conversation, 50.2% more users engaged; Shamima Bot: 1553 Interactions, 10.9 Avg Interactions/User, 5.8 Avg Conversation Duration (mins), 21.3 Avg Messages/Conversation, 43.5% more users engaged.

BBC News Chatbot

Problem - BBC News wanted to deliver news updates to users more efficiently.

Solution - The chatbot offers personalized news updates and alerts, delivering the latest headlines directly to users.

Stats - The BBC News Chatbot has over 5 million active users and received a 4.5-star rating on average.'s Meeting Scheduler Bot

Problem - Professionals required a tool to automate meeting scheduling.

Solution - The chatbot, Meeting Scheduler Bot, automates the process of finding mutually available meeting times, simplifying the scheduling process.

Stats - Meeting Scheduler Bot saves an average of 3 hours per week for users who schedule frequent meetings.

Bank of Montreal's Bolt

Problem - Bank of Montreal customers faced challenges in managing finances.

Solution - The chatbot, Bolt, offers financial tips, budgeting advice, and account information, helping customers make better financial decisions.

Stats - Bolt led to a 20% increase in online banking usage and a 25% decrease in overdraft fees.

Whole Foods' Meal Planning Bot

Problem - Whole Foods customers wanted assistance with meal planning.

Solution - The chatbot offers personalized meal plans, recipes, and shopping lists based on dietary preferences, simplifying meal planning.

Stats - Whole Foods' Meal Planning Bot increased customer engagement on the mobile app by 45%.

StubHub's Event Discovery Bot

Problem - StubHub users needed help discovering events and shows.

Solution - The chatbot provides event recommendations based on user preferences, offering personalized event discovery.

Stats - StubHub's Event Discovery Bot led to a 30% increase in event ticket sales.

Qatar Insurance Company

Problem: Qatar Insurance Company (QIC) is one of the best chatboit examples, it struggled with high inquiry volume, long wait times, and attrition, necessitating an efficient solution.

Solution: QIC adopted Engati's chatbot for website and app, handling queries, generating quotes, renewals, and claims, reducing agent reliance, and improving engagement.

Stats: The chatbot managed 10.5x more conversations, achieved 62% query response rate, curbing wait times, enhancing interactions, and expanding QIC's reach.

From retail giants to financial institutions, the real-world impact of the different types of chatbots and virtual assistants is undeniable. Their role in enhancing engagement, reducing wait times, and boosting revenue is evident through compelling statistics. As businesses adapt to the digital era, these stories underscore the transformative power of AI-driven assistance in reshaping customer interactions and achieving business objectives.

Engati Team

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