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Chatbot Templates

1. What are chatbot templates?

Chatbot Templates are pre-built intelligent bots that can be integrated into your website under minutes. These templates are in a ready to use format and also allows you to customize them as per your needs with minimum efforts. 

Every business is different and so are their requirements, chatbot templates allow brands to choose from a wide range of options and customize them as per their needs. Though the basic function of all these chatbots is the same i.e automating interactions, they have their own uniqueness and own set of functionalities as well.

2. Can I change a chatbot template?

The answer to this question is YES, Templates are highly customizable. You can either use the basic template or change and replace some elements to connect it with your brand's goal or vision. You can also use unlimited variants of chatbots on your website page.

Templates are a great way to start with a conversation platform on your site plus its customizable ability makes it a perfect choice to try it on.

3. Are chatbot templates effective?

Chatbot templates are highly optimized for getting in a good engagement with your business. They are programmed after years of A/B testing and with millions of chatbot conversation analysis.

Therefore it is highly preferable to stick with a template at least at the beginning, the customizable functionality is like icing on the cake.

4. Is it Easy to edit a bot template?

Very easy, you don't need to know any coding skills to edit a chatbot template. The drag and drop feature on the Engati's no code chatbot platform makes it very easy for even beginners to try it out. You can try out our free chatbot templates in minutes.

You can change the written texts or even change the whole flow of the bot and customize it to suit your business needs.

5. Are the chatbot templates free?

Yes, they are, visit our Bot market place (bot store) and get started with any of our free templates in minutes. 

All you need to do is create your free account with us, that's it, it's that simple. 

You also get a 14-day free trial where you can explore the platform after which you can also opt in for some of our really affordable plans.

6. On what platforms can I integrate my chatbots?

At Engati, you can integrate your chatbots in 14 different channels:

  • WeChat.
  • Skype.
  • Kik.
  • Messenger.
  • Slack.
  • Whatsapp.
  • Twitter.
  • Website.
  • Line.
  • MS Teams.
  • Telegram.
  • Viber.
  • Skype for Business.
  • Mobile.

All you have to do is open a free account and integrate your bot in any or all of the channels mentioned above, depending on your brand's requirements.

7. Can I have a multi-lingual chatbot on Engati’s platform?

Yes, you can! At Engati, we provide you over 50+ languages including Arabic, Portuguese, Spanish, French, etc.

You can build your own multilingual chatbot with Engati and reach out to your customers all over the globe.

8. What is a bot marketplace?

A bot marketplace at Engati is a store specifically created for you to choose from over 200+ templates. You can go through all of them and find the one that suits the best for your brand and customize it accordingly if required.

At Engati, we offer a wide range of bot templates, here are the different sectors we cater to:

  • HR - Recruiter bot.
  • HR - Assistant bot.
  • E-commerce - Product browser bot.
  • Education - Course selector bot.
  • Automotive - Lead generator bot.
  • Education - School bot.
  • Healthcare - Appointment selector.
  • Travel - Trip Planner.
  • Insurance - Policy selector.
  • Entertainment - Quiz bot.
  • News and media bot.
  • Telecom bot.
  • Hotel booking bot.
  • Real estate bot.
  • Trip planner bot.
  • Cinema bot.
  • Restaurant bot.
  • Appointment/slot booker bot.
  • Banking bot.
  • Lead generation Google.
  • Salon scheduler.
  • Tourism bot.
  • Retail support bot.
  • Order issues bot.
  • Mall information bot.
  • Bot insure.
  • Event bot.
  • Lead generation Salesforce.
  • Tech-desk.
  • Service Scheduler.
  • Restaurant birthday campaign.
  • Laundry service.
  • Quiz for market research.
  • Packing service.
  • Wedding planner.

As more and more businesses are joining the Engati family, more and more bot templates are being requested and being added to the bot marketplace. Visit our bot market place today and explore the endless opportunities we have to offer.


9. How to get started with a free chatbot using these templates? 

The first and most important step is to set up your account on the Engati platform. You would be also provided with a walkthrough which would make it very easy for you to complete the initial set-up.

We would also recommend you to watch tutorials on youtube or you can directly contact us by pressing the demo button on top.

Adding a template and customizing them would take less time than actually selecting one. With more than 200+ options to choose from, you can try each one of them and check which one suits the best for your business.

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