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Chatbot Script

What is Chatbot Script?

Before talking about what chatbot script is let us understand what chatbots are. A chatbot, in simple terms, is a computer program designed to have conversations with human customers, over the internet. Highly advanced bots are known as artificial intelligence. They are always learning from user requests and updating their knowledge base with each conversation. Although most bots that we use are simple chatbots that we have to set the dialogues for and also the basic instructions as to, how and when to reply to the customers.

Hence, this is where chatbot scripts play a part. The meaning of chatbot script is a series of dialogue on a document which outlines sequences of conversational messages based on the user's selections. Chatbot scripts are a series of written dialogues that the consumers or customers will be interacting with in order to resolve their issues. These dialogues are pre-set in nature by the organization that has the chatbot. Starting from the way the chatbot would greet the customer, to how it would end the conversation. All of it is considered a chatbot script.  

What to consider before writing a chatbot script?

Before writing the script, it is essential to understand the business process. As that would finalize where the chatbot is exactly needed and how the chatbot should react.  

The things to question would be:  

What are the areas that we are lacking behind in where we need extra support?  

What questions could the chatbot respond to in order to support the user experience?  

How the bot can distinguish between standard questions and complex questions?  

After answering those questions, now can you think about what to write in the script? For that, you must again understand the process of a new customer who is talking to you. Start finding answers to logical questions that the buyer usually asks in the entire journey of buying a product.

The process would go something like this:  
  • Creating the narrative: Creating the narrative first is perhaps the most important thing while thinking of making a chatbot. Trying to figure out how the initial conversation happens in the buyer journey. Start with writing the script for your buyer journey, with all the important questions (standard and complex), and then building the chatbot sequences in the next step.  

How to write a Chatbot Script?  

1. Remember the reason behind getting a chatbot:

While writing the chatbot dialogue, always and constantly keep in mind why you decided to get a chatbot - what is the purpose and how will it serve your customer?  

2. Be specific on the text:

Imagine you are writing for a particular person and not for an open audience. This is where existing buyer personas can come into play: Who are you talking to, and more importantly- how will they want to interact with you?  

3. Stay consistent:

Be focused on the message you are trying to share, be true to your brand once you’ve created a customized personality for your chatbot. Meaning, remain consistent in your speaking style, vocabulary, and tone of voice. Always remember the chatbot is the first impression the customer would have of your brand.

4. Be particular:

Messages should not be more than three lines of text on mobile. Customers don’t like to read a very wordy message, so you must be sure to keep it short and to the point. If you need to write a lot, break it into shorter texts throughout the conversation to keep the audience’s attention.  

5. Give many responses:

Consider adding several answers to one question in your script. Similar answers are sure to cause confusion and a poor consumer experience.

6. End the conversation strong:

After the conversation is heading to an end, make sure you end it on a strong note by adding a personal touch, a simple “thank you” would suffice.  

7. Make it sound natural:

Try to make the chatbot as humanly as possible, so the customer feels comfortable while talking. Represent your brand voice, like how an agent or representative would showcase your brand. However, never pretend your chatbot is a real person, that could mislead consumers.  

8. Pace it out:

Make sure you’re responding in a slow and steady manner. Give the customer at least 0.5 seconds of a break before asking more questions.

Examples of Chatbot Scripts:    

  • Customer A goes to the website of his mobile network.  
  • He wants to report a problem he is facing regarding his 4G network  
  • He sees that a chatbot is available there and clicks on the logo.  
  • The chatbot pops open and says “Hi, how can I help you today?” And then it shows him options -  
  • Option 1: Recharge account  
  • Option 2: Data Balance  
  • Option 3: Unable to call  
  • Option 4: Unable to use network  
  • Option 5: Others  

Customer A selects option 4.  

The chatbot now will ask him a series of yes or no questions to pinpoint the exact problems.  

Q1. Do you have any balance in your account? (YES OR NO)  

Q2. Are you in a problematic location? (YES OR NO) etc.  

In this example, all the things that the Chatbot says is a pre-set script that has been given to it. Every question that the chatbot gives to the consumer has been set according to the usual conversation that takes place between a consumer and a representative.  


Importance of Chatbot Scripts?  

If an organization has a chatbot, it means that they need help with an aspect of talking to customers, or else, for customer service. So, if a chatbot were to interact with a customer, they need to be given a set of instructions or dialogues.

Hence, Chatbot scripts are important as they are usually the first form of interaction that the customer has. So, the way the dialogue flows will also be the first impression the customer has of your brand. In order for the chat to be useful to the customer, the chatbot would need to have a good set of dialogues given to it.  


Chatbots in Social Media.

Chatbots are everywhere now, on apps and websites. Facebook also being one of them. Many businesses can now add chatbots to their Facebook messenger as well in order to interact with customers immediately. The process to making scripts for this is also similar to that of any other chatbot, the only difference would be that the consumer is not on the website but on a social media platform. Hence, the script will be altered slightly in order to make the customer interested enough to visit the website.

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