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9 reasons why customers love Engati

Jeremy DSouza
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November 20, 2023
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9 reasons why customers love Engati

Engati just went through a brand refresh during which we defined one overarching goal - to help our customers reimagine their customer journey.

After doing this, we wanted to answer a question that you may have had on your mind, 'What makes Engati different? Why should I opt for it?'

We figured, rather than tooting our own horn, it'd be better for our customers to tell you. Read on!

9 reasons why our customers love using Engati


Ease of use and quick time to value

Engati’s visual flow builder helps you build intelligent chatbots with low to no coding with our drag and drop user interface.

drag and drop chatbot flow builder
Visual chatbot flow builder

Our customers love the fact that they don’t need to have a background in coding to build their bots. And the option to use specialized templates instead of building their bot from scratch is even more appealing.

“The reason for choosing Engati is the platform itself. Its advanced capabilities, drag and drop option among many other features and rich UI made us choose Engati amongst all the other platforms, like Manychat, Chatfuel, etc., which we were evaluating.”
- Munkhbhayar M, Manager, Unitel

Creating a bot is so easy that the UK Cabinet Office achieved a two-week time to value for their bot without involving anyone with a background in UX.


Globally local

Engati empowers users to localize at scale. Customers can use our solutions to engage their customers across borders in 50+ languages.

And the best part? They don’t even need to create separate conversation flows — one flow for every language.

Our clients have built and deployed AI-powered bots in every language - from Arabic to Indonesian. 

Jack Daniel’s built a bot that helps customers choose their perfect bottle in 6 languages.

COVIDAsha built a bot helping Indian citizens access critical medicines and medical facilities locally over WhatsApp, Messenger and Telegram. This bot has even been covered on national news on NDTV for its power to help citizens in rural India by interacting with them in 7 regional languages.

COVID-19 support bot functions in 7 regional languages


Omnichannel experience

All customers do not prefer chatting over the same touchpoint. If you are looking to engage with customers at scale, you need to be reachable over a range of channels. 

But you can’t isolate conversations on individual channels either. Your customer’s channel of choice may vary throughout the day. Your bot and your agents need context across channels to let the conversation flow seamlessly.

Our customers know this, and that’s why they’re huge fans of Engati’s OneView Inbox, which allows them to stitch conversations across 14 touchpoints. 

With Engati, their customers can hop across WhatsApp, to Telegram, to their website, without having to repeat themselves. 

chatbots with omnichannel context
Access recent conversations to get context across channels

Engati, with its no coding bot development functionality, is very convenient and easy to use. The omnichannel feature makes it accessible for users. The ability to use a bot in different channels via one platform is very handy. We preferred Engati over others for the ease of usage and value for money.
- Nikhil SK, Larsen & Toubro


Extensive integrations

Our goal has always been to help you create better experiences and do more with minimum effort. That’s why we made sure that you can extend your support and marketing software with Engati.

Our customers can integrate Engati with Salesforce, Zendesk, Freshdesk, Google Sheets, Google Calendar, JSON API, Twilio, Clickatell, and Stripe.

But it doesn’t just stop there. With Zapier, they get to integrate Engati with a whole slew of other cloud services.

Locus, a supply chain intelligence company with clients including Mondelez, Nestle, and Unilever, uses Engati along with Salesforce. Their bot helps users book appointments with solutions experts and stores lead information in Salesforce.

Integrate your chatbot with Salesforce and store lead information
Locus stores lead information in Salesforce


Simplified training

As your business evolves, so do your customers’ queries. Your bot needs to adapt and answer the new questions rather than being limited to the material it was initially trained on.

Engati’s customers can train their bots continuously by adding FAQs at any time. They can even save time by uploading FAQs in bulk.

Last year, we decided to make it even easier for them. We launched DocuSense, allowing our customers to upload documents to their chatbots, which could now parse these documents, pull answers directly from them, and deliver them to users.

train chatbots with cognitive search
Train your chatbot with Cognitive Search

“We are especially impressed with the Dashboard feature where it manages all the questions put in by the user, and the user can filter down the questions, alter it, add new questions, and extract reports as per his requirement. It maintains a log of the user activity too.”
- Anisha Panwar, PwC


The best of both worlds

With Engati, customers don’t need to choose between automation and human assistance. They don’t need to hop across different solutions or modules for chatbots and live chat. They get it all in a single, unified module.

Our customers get the speed of automation along with the warmth of human interaction in one product.

Their bots handle around 80% of their customer queries, allowing their agents to handle complex queries in detail, rather than just trying to rush them along.

Etihad Water and Electricity uses an Engati chatbot operating in Arabic and English, along with live chat. With the bot handling the repetitive queries and the agents now able to converse with multiple customers simultaneously, Etihad Water and Electricity successfully reduced their customers’ wait time by 95% and their resolution time by 96.6%.



If there’s one thing we hear almost all of our customers praising us about, it’s our support. In addition to our support bot and our knowledge base, our customers get access to bot experts who help them out with complex queries.

Our experts help customers over chat, email, and even video calls if required.

“Thank you so much for all the help you've given us. With Engati all of our support tickets have been resolved extremely quickly. On the development side, I am also impressed with how quickly the software continues to evolve and grow.”
- Max McPhee, Herman Miller


Customization and building

In case our customers are in a hurry, our experts are glad to build the bot for them. Our team has built bots for a number of our customers, including Tokio Marine Insurance and Locus, the supply chain intelligence company.

Since we do not have any third-party dependencies, we are able to accommodate customizations of all sorts as well.

In one of these instances, we incorporated Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology into the Mall of the Emirates chatbot, which they used to run their loyalty program. Patrons would just need to send the bot a picture of their receipts, which the bot would parse through with OCR. This allowed the bot to allocate loyalty points automatically to the customer’s account, without human intervention.

“A majority of our customers are being served by the bots. So this is not just serving general FAQs but also serves as a selling channel for us which is going well. The Engati team has also helped us by enhancing the product with important features & customizations that added value for us”
- Varunkumar Mungara, VP IT & MIS, Qatar Insurance group.


Value derived

Engati’s solutions are helping customers in various ways, from increasing customer engagements to boosting revenue and profits.

While the UK Cabinet Office managed to increase student engagement by 43.5% after using an Engati bot, Zambia’s Ministry of Health used their bot to protect 98,000 citizens during the pandemic.

IKEA Italy used Engati to cut their response time down by 77%, and Garasi, a leading Indonesian car dealership, increased their customer retention by 25%, using Engati’s solutions.

Qatar Insurance Company won multiple awards and managed to raise their gross written premiums by 2% to  $3.5 billion within a year of deploying their bot while handling 10.5x more conversations than they did before working with Engati.

Tokio Marine Insurance (TMNF) effectively converted 78.5% of their bot users into marketing qualified leads. They even had a 10% increase in website conversions, directly attributed to their chatbot.

“In only a span of a few weeks, Engati has helped us save a lot of time and effort as 71% of queries are handled by the bot. TMNF is now present on multiple channels with the bot helping us drive conversions”
- Jerrin Zachariah, Senior Digital Marketing Specialist, Tokio Marine Insurance


From ease of use to value derived, our customers love our platform for a variety of reasons.

It helps them engage their customers in their language of choice, over the touchpoint they prefer. Engati also helps them extend their support and marketing software with native and third-party integrations. It even makes training a breeze with cognitive search.

Perhaps the prime reason for their love for Engati is that we help them achieve great results and speed up their engagements while maintaining a high level of personalization with chatbots and live chat working together.

It is now your chance to achieve similar results. Try Engati platform and reimagine your customer journey today!

Jeremy DSouza

Jeremy is a marketer at Engati with an interest in marketing psychology and consumer neuroscience. Over the last year he has interviewed many of the world's brightest CX, AI, Marketing, and Tech thought leaders for Engati CX.

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