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Engati: A Journey Reimagined

Engati Team
Jun 3
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Engati: A Journey Reimagined

Are you the same person you were last year? Think about it. How much has changed about you in the past couple of years? Maybe you got a new haircut, new clothes, new friends. Perhaps you moved towards a different lifestyle or have had many moments of self-reflection, causing you to reflect on how you choose to act going forward.

To be human is to be dynamic. People are constantly reinventing their looks and personality to be the best version of themselves going forward. 

Similarly, the nature of a brand is to be dynamic. 

There’s a false expectation forced on brands to stagnate throughout all growth processes as if there’s no life to it. But brands by nature are not lifeless. We run it, so if we’re allowed to transform ourselves, why is the same not applied towards brands?

Today, we’re ushering in a new brand identity for Engati to help our customers & partners reimagine their customer journey. 

Our Inception

Digitization has rapidly picked up pace since 2010. In 2011, we saw Amazon sell more books on Kindle than its printed counterparts. People were willing to pay more for online movies than for DVDs and BluRay discs. In 2014, Spotify and Pandora overtook CDs for the first time. And in 2015, McKinsey released “Digital America: A tale of the haves and have-mores,” the first-ever report to measure digitization in the US Economy.

These trends triggered an idea  - what if there was a way to bring frictionless conversations into the mainstream? 

What if there was a way to enable businesses of all sizes to leverage automation to serve customers better? What if there was a way to help them enhance their customer experience? 

These questions led to the inception of Engati, a chatbot platform to engage with your customers, employees & prospects. 

What started as an exploration of conversational automation grew to an intense desire to humanize customer eXperience. But there was always a question that lingered: 

What efforts can we take to enhance our users’ experience? 

And our definition of users isn’t exclusively reserved for our customers. We mean everyone. Customers, partners, and any visitor who happens to stumble upon our brand. How can we make the experience more seamless? 

After all, the true meaning of holistic Customer eXperience is to reflect empathy to our users; To take a bird’s eye view of all experiences they’ve had with us through interactions via messaging platforms, email /phone ‘conversations,’ and the products/services we offer. 

We first started as a no-code chatbot platform, but we’ve expanded beyond this to become a leading Customer eXperience platform for businesses of all sizes. To date,  Engati has powered more than 45,000 digital Customer eXperience solutions across eCommerce, Banking and Insurance, Hospitality, EdTech, Public Sector,  and more. 

As we’ve expanded, our customers’ needs have evolved — our business and products have grown right along with them. Yet, our brand personality remained, breaking the unity.

We didn't want our brand to feel disjointed, so we created a more unified and recognizable system by weaving a new brand identity throughout all facets of Engati, from our customers’ accounts to our website and marketing channels.


Our Purpose

Engati has gone through continuous changes since our inception, but our aim has remained constant; To help you reimagine the customer journey by activating conversational intelligence to develop deep, lasting connections.  To enable you to engage and retain your customers, wherever they are, with intelligent bot and agent interactions. 

Our platform was built to allow businesses, both mature and rapidly growing to connect with their customers. The platform was designed with a theme of minimalism and simplicity to help our customers build and achieve outcomes quickly. 

After being successful for the past couple of years, we thought it was time to reflect on everything Engati stood for. What audience we attracted, what industries we target, and at a larger scale, what we aspire to become as we move towards an exciting future. 


Our Evolved Value Proposition 

Since our founding, Engati has experienced tremendous growth and digital transformation all around us. Trends come and go, but what has remained constant is the focus on speed and personalization. 

Speed has always been an area we excel in, especially when we powered the eSense NLP Engine with Cognitive Search technologies and moved from a multichannel to an omnichannel approach. The introduction of these features allowed our customers to automate customer support at scale. 

We then turned our attention towards adding personalized interactions. There’s a certain spark that can’t be delivered through chatbot interactions. While it’s easy to simulate talking to a human, it is an entirely different story forging a connection. 

So we introduced Live Chat in 2020  to power businesses to build scalable human connections. We created a platform like no other, providing omnichannel support and a simpler way for teams to connect with their customers. 

We saw it with Qatar Insurance Company, whose interactions, leads, and engagements increased ten-fold, helping them win multiple awards for superior Customer eXperience. We saw it with Hola BB, an eCommerce platform for young mothers, who uses our solutions to handle 96.8% of conversations to simplify shopping. We saw it with UK Cabinet and more! All of our customers have seen phenomenal success with Engati, and we wanted to share the value being seen by our customers. 

Our New Identity

While these offerings worked well in tandem, there was a thought that haunted our minds:

Did these changes satisfy our desire to help our customers reimagine their customer journey? 

Our offerings worked well in harmony, but they required extra care and effort to feel more unified. So instead of two offerings, we tied into one that was always in unison which was ultimately the driving force behind the current and future services and solutions we provide. 

Our shift from two distinct solutions to one unified platform marked a significant shift in how we wanted our brand personality to come across. Another factor that sets the pace of Engati’s transformation was the expansion of our customer base.

As our customer base expands, the needs of our customers evolved, and more eyes fell on our brand.  Our messaging, around conversational AI, was built around a palette of bright, energetic reds, supported by purples, greens, and blues, but it didn’t tie in with our personality. 

We found that our current color palette didn’t carry the message of unity since these colors were on conflicting ends of the color wheel. The cooler tones often muddled a vibrant red. This needed to change. We also found that the vibrancy of the red didn’t match our audience. As we’ve grown, we’ve become more sophisticated and approachable, and the red felt jarring. 

So that’s where we started. We deepened the red to evoke a sense of maturity while retaining the power and energy it carried. As for the supporting colors, gone are the cool tones. Our supporting colors will now be neutral grays, whites, and the occasional pop of yellow and orange. 

Our Future

With this redesign, we’ve retained the desire to empower our customers to reimagine the customer journey while creating space for infinite growth. Unifying our offering allows customers, old and new, to experience the platform without the hassle of jumping between modules. 

The new branding, the unified message, the personality, and our voice will now reflect a new era of Engati. One that’s bold, but approachable. Global, but credible. Direct, but informative.

To conclude, this is what has changed: 

  • Our brand and unified message
  • Our personality + voice 

And this is what will never change: 

  • Our desire to empower our customers

Engati Team

At the forefront for digital customer experience, Engati helps you reimagine the customer journey through engagement-first solutions, spanning automation and live chat.

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