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Engati won the 2021 CODiE Award for Best AI Solution

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October 27, 2023
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Engati crowned winner of 2021 CODiE Awards

In 1986, the Software and Information Industry Association hosted the first-ever “Excellence in Software Awards” ceremony to showcase business and education technology's finest products and services.

Since then, a lot has changed. From the invention of the first cell phone to Amazon, accessible wifi, and beyond! Thousands of products, services, and solutions continue to be celebrated for their innovation and usability at the annual CODiE Awards. 

This year, Engati has been awarded with theBest Artificial Intelligence Driven Technology award!

About The SIIA CODiE Awards

The CODiE Awards is an annual program hosted by the Software and Information Industry Association. SIIA has led the charge, driving innovation, connecting and supporting growth across the world's information industries, and is dedicated to the entertainment, consumer, and business software industries. 

They award thousands of software, education, information, and media products for achieving excellence and innovation in technology. Notable past winners include companies such as Adobe, BrainPOP, Netsuite, Red Hat, Salesforce, The Wall Street Journal, and more. 

What makes the CODiE Awards unique is that they are the only peer-recognized program in the content, information, education, and software technology industries. Therefore, each CODiE Award serves as incredible market validation for a product’s innovation, vision, and overall industry impact.

Becoming a winner

This year, we won the award for the Best Artificial Intelligence Driven Technology Solution, and we couldn’t be more excited. 

With this category, CODiE recognizes the best native artificial intelligence, machine or deep learning solution, platform, or product that learns, performs, and excels at specific automated tasks.

Often, judges consider: 

  • The business value
  • The potential to disrupt
  • How user-friendly the solution is
  • Overall performance, and more


    Here is a rundown of some key aspects that influenced our nomination as Finalist for the CODiE Award. 

    Business Value 

    To what degree does the solution represent progressive developments within a field for competitive advantage, extensive adoption, and market reach?


    Scaling engagement

    Thanks to our chatbot’s ability to simulate natural conversations and provide instant support, our customers have realized time savings and efficiencies in carrying out daily functions and answering the needs of their end customers. 

    A notable customer example being TBO Holidays (a travel agency). They were interested in improving customer service while enhancing agent productivity. Their primary support channel was email, which created bottlenecks and was challenging to scale. Engati helps TBO Holidays create interactive flows that resolve queries in a matter of seconds. Their solution handles 90.4% of incoming queries. It also handles 1.5 times more users than what their support representatives dealt with in the past.


    Increasing customer satisfaction

    The cost of acquiring new customers is climbing rapidly. Real business value lies in retaining customers and converting them into loyal advocates. 

    The current pandemic brought a massive rise in data & self-service as customers began to work from home. Ananda, a 4G+ operator in Myanmar, had to look for ways to optimize their customer service resources as an abundance of customer queries came in, ranging from straightforward to more complex.

    Ananda deployed their solution on Facebook Messenger and ,their “my ananda” mobile app, available in English and Burmese, the official language of Myanmar. Their solution served up to 86% more users than a live agent. Ananda discovered that 77% of users preferred Burmese over English and saw a massive increase in CSAT overall by conversing in their language of choice.


    Is the solution user-friendly?


    Easy to use conversational interface

    Engati began as a no-code chatbot platform and continues to be low-code to this day. We understand that the task of creating a chatbot may appear daunting. So, we’ve made the process of adding interactive dialog flows easier with Starter Packs and an easy-to-use canvas for simplified bot building.


    Simplified training

    The hardest part of using a chatbot is the training. So, we’ve made it simpler with trainable intelligence. Whether our customers choose to train their chatbot through DocuSense, setting up frequently asked questions, or entities, there’s always a solution waiting for them.

    In the following example, the Zambian Ministry for health opted for DocuSense, powered by Cognitive Search technologies.

    During the height of the COVID Crisis, the Ministry of Health needed a solution to control the spread of misinformation. Because of how quickly misinformation spreads, the solution’s go-to-market time needed to be swift. 

    Backed by Engati’s proprietary NLP Engine, the Ministry of Health’s WhatsApp solution was deployed in less than a week. The chatbot, powered by the DocuSense Technology, was easy to train. All they had to do was upload their knowledge base to Engati. The engine parses through the document and provides an answer within seconds, supporting up to 86 users per hour. 



    Is the product using cutting-edge technology, strategies, ideas, or features?


    Equipping customers with omnichannel support

    The world is moving towards frictionless, omnichannel communication. So, we upgraded to omnichannel support within weeks. Engati supports conversations across 10+ channels, including Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Telegram, and more, making it accessible for all clients and customers. Conversations across these channels are all stitched to a OneView Inbox to allow for easy communication. 

    We also support multiple languages, including Spanish, Chinese, Portuguese, plus Right-To-Left languages like Arabic and Hebrew.


    Interoperable solutions

    A common question we get asked is, “what level of training is required to integrate Engati with my system?”

    None at all! Engati can be nestled into your existing relevant systems with ease. It’s a simple plug-and-play deployment that requires no additional coding or training. We provide support for both native APIs and advanced JSON APIs, allowing for easy data transfer, if necessary.  

    This added flexibility allows our customers to build a solution that aligns with their needs perfectly. Hola BB, an online shop for eco-friendly baby products, has integrated their store with Engati to simplify shopping. The Shopify integration provides quick, hassle-free support about orders and returns for Hola BB’s customers.


    Automation of functions

    How well does the solution save the user time and energy, making their job more straightforward, allowing employees to work more efficiently and productively?


    Lead generation and customer support

    One of our customers, Qatar Insurance Company, uses Engati Automation to automate lead generation and customer support. They deployed the chatbot on their website and mobile application to generate quotes, renew policies, manage claims and answer queries. 

    Their chatbot handles 62% of incoming queries. It also captures and processes all of the required information around claims, policies, and quotes, making it easier for agents to handle their customers. 


    Shortening the sales cycle

    Another major insurance firm, Tokio Marine also uses Engati to shorten the sales cycle. They wanted to build an omnichannel presence to better connect with their customers via different channels. They needed an easy-to-deploy solution that could also reduce wait times. 

    They deployed a multichannel solution with Engati. Their solution, Tokio, provides quotes, renews a policy, reviews claim status, and answers frequently asked questions 24x7. 

    Tokio also captures user information, becoming another stream for lead generation. When a new user lands on Tokio Marine’s website, Tokio generates a quote in real-time and allows users to register directly.  In fact, Tokio Marine Insurance observed that 78.5% of visitors converted to qualified leads with this solution.

    Your support shapes Engati

    All the hard work we have put into making an innovation platform has come to fruition with this win. We wanted to take this opportunity to thank our community for being a part of our journey.  We can’t wait to take things even further in the coming months. 

    Register now & experience the platform!

    Engati Team

    At the forefront for digital customer experience, Engati helps you reimagine the customer journey through engagement-first solutions, spanning automation and live chat.

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