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يلا! (Yalla!) How to build an an Arabic chatbot in 2024 with no code

Taneshqa S.
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May 22, 2024
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Arabic chatbot

Arabic in Chatbots

العربية لغة جميلة (Arabic is a beautiful language)

Arabic is also a popular language, in fact one of the top 5 spoken languages.

With more than 300 million Arabic speakers in the world, you’d expect more chatbot platforms to support the language.

However, that's not the case.

The worlds most spoken languages
Arabic is one of the top 5 most spoken language
(source: Statista)

While the world has made considerable advancements in technology, particularly in understanding and processing text i.e. NaturaL Language Processing (NLP) and generating relevant text (thanks to GPT) in recent times, unfortunately GPT powered arabic chatbots are still not widely present.

Before we explore the solutions, let’s understand this:

Why are chatbots in Arabic not common? (Spoiler alert: RTL)

Arabic is a unique language in many ways:

  1. Arabic uses a different script, where a unique symbol characterises each letter. For example, other such languages are Kanji characters and Kana scripts used in Japanese, Cyrillic Script in languages such as Russian, Ukrainian, Bulgarian, and Serbian, and the Devanāgarī script used in Sanskrit and Hindi and so on.
  2. Unlike English, Spanish, Mandarin and others which are left-to-right, Arabic follows the right-to-left pattern (RTL) i.e. it is written and read from right to left. Other such RTL languages include Urdu, Persian, Hebrew, Farsi.

The primary limitation of most chatbot platforms is that they lack the capabilities to handle RTL languages since this requires significant adjustment in text rendering .

So what to do instead?

How to build a chatbot in Arabic? / Building a chatbot in Arabic

There are two ways about this:

Code a chatbot

This method requires time, effort and resources.

Selecting the suitable dataset is essential as the resultant model may not have enough knowledge to respond in all situations to various dialects.

This method risks excluding particular dialects and phrases, along with surplus time and energy.

Engati, no-code chatbot platform

Engati’s bots support multiple languages including Arabic. The script is rendered such that the bot will dynamically align in the RTL format.

Arabic chatbot in RTL format by Engati
RTL Arabic chatbot

Why you should use Engati’s no-code Arabic chatbot


No code

1. No code

You don’t need a coding or even a technical background. Engati employs a simple drag and drop UI which means a couple of cursor moves and clicks and you’re done building an intelligent Arabic chatbot in no time.

2. One bot, 14 channels.

Customers expect assistance everywhere. And customer is king.

But why waste energy in building 1 bot for your website, 1 each for your social media platforms and so on.

With Engati, you only have to build your bot once and with a click it will be deployed across 14 different platforms including; Facebook Messenger, Kik, WhatsApp, Slack, Skype, Skype for Business, WeChat, Twitter, Telegram, Line, Viber, MS Teams, your website, and your mobile app.

Platforms to Deploy Engati's Arabic Chatbot
You can deploy your Arabic chatbot over 14 channels

3. Same bot, different language

You don’t need to build a different path for each language. On Engati, you can create a single flow and add strings for all the languages your bot supports.

4. Autodetect & Smart switch

Your user will have the option to pick which language they want to converse in with your Arabic bot. And even if they don’t the smart Engati bot will automatically detect queries in the supported languages and switch to that language.

You can ask users to pick the language they prefer to converse with your Arabic bot. Still, even if they don’t, your intelligent Engati bot in the Arabic language can automatically detect queries in any of the supported languages and switch to that language.

5. eSenseGPT: Proprietary NLP

Engati has employed its very own technology: eSense GPT, a NLP engine which enables your bot to understand and answer your users’ queries with great accuracy.

Despite the complex computations for determining each response, we’ve made it extremely easy to build and train chatbots on Engati.

6. Internationally renowned

35,000 bots, 54 different languages, 186 countries. That’s more than Pizza Hut’s country count.

Thanks to its very own revolutionary tech eSenseGPT, multilingual capabilities and best-in-class support, Engati has built a strong international presence and remains a global favourite.

Don’t believe us? Here are some examples.

Engati’s Arabic chatbot examples

UGC (Universal Group for Construction), Middle East market leader in Paints and Construction Chemicals

UGC is a well-established company in Jordan's construction sector and the MENA region, known for its commitment to quality, innovation, and a vision for growth and expansion. UGC utilizes Engati’s bot across it website and WhatsApp to inform customers about the company, distributor network and location centers.

Chatbot as seen on UGC’s website

Moddakir, Saudi Arabia’s leading edtech app

Boasting an overall 4.1 reviews and half a million downloads, Moddakir is reinventing teaching and learning. Their bot powered by Engati, is available across their app, Instagram, Facebook, WhatsApp and the official website, helping solve any queries through automated customer support and FAQs include those related to Payment.

Daroora, popular UAE eCommerce company

Daroora uses Engati’s bots as shopping assistants to achieve its vision of making health and wellness accessible. Customers can browse through Daroora’s catalog, resolve queries and shop right from WhatsApp too.

Viewing products on Daroora bot

Break down (language) barriers, Bring in customers!

Build your own Arabic chatbot today.

Are you ready to embrace the chatbot revolution that’s about to take over? It’s time for you to get started. Augment your business with the power of an Engati chatbot and engage your clients in Arabic at scale.

It is essential for a business operating in Arabic to apply AI techniques to their original documents rather than machine translations of these documents.
- Towards Data Science report on Arabic Chatbots.

Taneshqa S.

Taneshqa J. Singh is a content writer at Engati who believes in repeated revision, frequent feedback complete with a generous dose of empathy are the key ingredients to good content and ensuring a delightful reading experience. Apart from the usual writing, frequent book or movie discussions and occasional coffee indulgence, Taneshqa enjoys keeping up with content trends, design patterns and the latest in tech.

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