More Artificial Intelligence By Doing Less

Manpreet Kalsi
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More Artificial Intelligence By Doing Less

Just a few years ago, having conversations with machines were only a part of our favourite sci-fi movie series.Today, that is transforming into reality. With Natural Language Processing and Machine Learning algorithms, we are getting close to a point where it will be hard to tell if we’re talking to a robot or a human.But what has made this whole journey possible? Let’s discuss.

What is Artificial Intelligence?

If you haven't already heard of this term, let me quickly tell you what it is. Artificial intelligence, also known as machine intelligence is intelligence demonstrated by machines, in contrast to the natural intelligence displayed by human beings.Computers mimic cognitive functions that humans associate with the human mind.Chatbots use AI features like NLP and Machine Learning which makes them more intelligent. But keep it in mind that not all chatbots use AI.

How does Artificial Intelligence learn?

Ever wondered how AI learns? AI learns with the help of massive amount of data it collects over time. Machine learning now involves neural networks. Neural networks mimic the neurons in the human brain. The algorithms fed in large amounts provide information, including inputs and outputs.Here, inputs refer to the customer questions and outputs are the responses sent by the AI. When a complex query arises, the AI is able to learn from agent’s interactions with it.Over time, the AI can give even more accurate answers that require less human attention. AI in chatbots perform similar functions, making chatbots analyse results to respond to cleverly and learn easily from its user interactions.

How is Artificial Intelligence making the best chatbots today?

First, let’s get this cleared. All chatbots don’t use AI. There are mainly two types of chatbots- Rule-base chatbots and AI / keyword base chatbots.Rule-based chatbots are provided with a list of set answers for common questions. They are not intelligent, capable of learning nor able to formulate answers on their own.AI chatbots use NLP, which is a subset of AI and allows chatbots to understand, learn and analyse the context of the user inputs. These chatbots perform a variety of functions and aren’t just confined to the customer service sector.With proper implementation of AI, you can build, integrate and deploy a bot hassle-free. By incorporating AI and Live Chat, businesses will be able to combine human intellect with machine intelligence for better customer satisfaction.

How has artificial intelligence made work easier than ever before?

Artificial Intelligence is still a relatively new addition to the business world. But it's only going to continue and evolve its presence over time.With the use of Artificial Intelligence in chatbots, it has become really easy to automate tasks, in turn reducing the need for hiring, engaging, nurturing and paying several employees. But that doesn't mean chatbots can replace human intervention. Read how.When the chatbot is well-fed with the right datas, it can analyse results way faster than a human can, with very less chances of errors. And even when the errors happen, you can always train the bot and it will never repeat it again.Since chatbot learns easily, you don't need to spend much time in training. And retraining is done only once in a while, when required. Thanks to AI, chatbots can even learn on its own depending on its collective user experiences.Building, integrating and deploying a bot as well has gotten really easy. Gone are the days when you had to build, code, figure out a way to integrate and deploy a bot right from the scratch and have several mental breakdowns in the process.With competent chatbot platforms popping out of everywhere, building, using and integrating chatbots today comes handy!


If you have a constant need to interact with leads and customers, and you find yourself struggling to satisfy that need, an AI chatbot might be exactly what you need. They find the most efficient solutions and perform them perfectly, collect and analyse data while chatting and develop a personality that aligns with your branding. They can boost your productivity and fit into most parts of the marketing funnel. Thus, integrating AI can lessen your work and make your life easy.If you want to build an AI chatbot today, click on this link and get started with Engati.Also, to find out more check out our blogs and youtube channel.Hoping you liked this blog, we bid adieu for now!Happy botting! :)

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