What is Engati Bot Marketplace & who can use it?

Aishwarya Sinha Ray
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What is Engati Bot Marketplace & who can use it?

What is Engati Bot Marketplace?

Engati Bot Marketplace is a collection of predefined bot templates. These templates comprise of industry-specific FAQs and Paths so that a user can build and deploy a bot much faster. This way, the user doesn’t have to go through the hassle of collecting customer queries, create paths or carry out any sort of programming or coding from scratch. A user can use these templates to create a bot for their business or sell bots to prospective clients.

How many templates are available currently?

Currently, there are 8 templates available in the Engati Bot Marketplace namely-

  1. Banking & Finance
  2. Education
  3. HR
  4. Customer Support
  5. E-commerce
  6. Entertainment
  7. Marketing
  8. Travel

Will a user be able to customise these preset templates?

Yes, a user can customize the existing paths and FAQs to include specific details on their organization or processes.

What all channels will be available to the user?

Users can choose up to 12 channels on which the bot template works. Channels include Website, Messenger, WeChat, Line, KiK, Whatsapp etc., that are available to configure on Engati.

What is the Template Review Process to publish a bot?

Once a user builds a bot they have to publish the bot for review. The Engati team will be notified about the submission and will further validate the submission. As soon as the review is done, the team will publish the bot to the Engati Bot Marketplace, if no major issues are identified. If Engati team requests any change in the template, the user will be notified. Once the bot is published the bot creator will be able to copy the URL and send it to prospective clients.

How will the payment process work?

Any payments collected for bot templates through a charge price (in USD) will be reconciled on a periodic basis by the Engati team. The payment details will be available to the user in their Account.

How does an interested user get started?

Any user who is interested in building their own bot can visit the bot marketplace to get started. There are certain prerequisites that the user has to take care of-

  1. As a user who wants to create a bot, the account needs to be on the Business plan with a plan-based enforcement enabled.
  2. The user must sign an agreement with Engati in order to understand the privacy and content policy, as well as the Terms and Conditions.
  3. In case a user wants to use a feature that is unavailable in their current plan, they will be redirected to the Account page so they can upgrade their plan.

So, if you are a business owner who wants to build a bot for their website/some other channel, or if you are a tech enthusiast who wants to build interactive bots and sell them to the end users, the bot marketplace is for you.

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