Mic Drop 9: Conversation builder & bot templates feature on Engati

Aishwarya Jain
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Mic Drop 9: Conversation builder & bot templates feature on Engati

We’re into the third month of 2019 and we have already launched the Voice Conversations feature. That was a major success and we are grateful for your support! Now hold your breath, because we’ve got more in store for you, with our sole aim to make life easier for your customers.


Conversation Builder is our latest Engati feature and we are excited for you to be a part of it! Conversation builder is a basic tool that allows a user to build paths visually by adding nodes with the help of connectors. The simple thought of adding lines and boxes to your path builder is genius and hassle-free!

Talk about going from Flaw to Flow

As a user, you were earlier required to build paths in one single dimension. It imposed unnecessary restriction where you’d have difficulty in figuring out the direction that you were following. With our latest update, the Conversation builder, building paths is now two dimensional. This makes it easier to make changes in your new and existing flows.

Now you can branch out the course of your bot conversation into as many ways as you want, with minimum hassle; personalizing the end outcome of conversational flows according to user requirements. This erases the need for adding hundreds of Paths for a variety of outcomes; now you can get the same results in lesser time.But wait, that’s not all. We have introduced more exciting features to our already enormous list. Here’s another one.

Conversation Builder Feature on Engati Platform


Choose from various chatbot templates that we have specially created for your industry.

Get more customers in your industry

Bot Templates Feature on Engati's Platform

HealBot for healthcare

A chatbot that allows patients to browse various specialities and doctors available at the centre. The chatbot also provides details on availability of doctors and allows patients to choose an appointment slot. On appointment selection, an email is sent out to hospital administration with details.

EdBoto for Education

A chatbot that allows prospective students to browse through various course offerings by an educational institution. The chatbot also provides details on course fee, duration and admission mode per course. Details on interested students are captured and emailed to the team.

Recboto for HR

A chatbot that helps prospective job seekers with details on job openings, recruitment process and organization details. Also, gathers details from interested candidates and sends an email to the HR team.

Insurbot for Insurance

A chatbot that allows customers to learn and choose from different types of policies. The chatbot also provides information on premium based on inputs gathered from the customer.With the help of this Chatbot template Lead information is captured and sent to the team.

TravBot for travel

A chatbot that helps travellers on flight bookings based on information captured on travel dates, choice of airline and seating class. The chatbot also allows to choose a flight for travel and forwards the request to the travel agency for completing the booking.

EcoBot for eCommerce

A chatbot that allows customers to browse through various product categories and products available. The chatbot also allows to choose a product, get additional information and buy.

SchoolBot for Schools

A chatbot that provides information on facilities, accolades, admission process of an educational institution.

AutoBot for Automobile

A chatbot that allows customers to get details on cars, features, prices etc., along with booking a service.We have many more exciting features coming up, stay tuned!

For more on chatbot technology, visit us at Engati.

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